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How Long Will An E Cig Cartridge or Refill Last?

If you have just purchased and electronic cigarette that takes a cartridge or a liquid then you maybe wondering how long your investment is going to last you.


Many people are attracted to e cigarettes and vaping as a way to save money rather than smoking. The concept of a “refill” sounds like a promising and inexpensive way to smoke rather than buying fresh packs of cigarettes each day. Many smokers are used to watching our precious money literally burn up in front of our eyes. Here is a guide on how long you should expect a fresh cartridge or tank of juice to last you.

How Long Should E Cig Refill Cartridges Last?



E-Cig Cartridges

One of the absolute best features of the e-cigarette is the cartridge refill packs. Not only can you have them in almost any flavour you can imagine, but they do last and last. It is very difficult to say how long an e cig cartridge will last. It depends heavily on the model of the e cigarette and also the heaviness of the user. A good estimate is that the typical lifespan of a refill cartridge is roughly equivalent to 25 traditional cigarettes. And since the refill cartridges are so small, it’s not even a pain to carry your next one if you’re near the end of the first. Of course, the best smokeless cigarette refills contain a new heating element or atomizer to make sure each puff is as easy and flavourful as the first.




E Liquid Refills

Generally speaking a 10 ml bottle of e liquid should last between 4 to 7 days but again this is very dependent upon how often you vape.  Put simply, an average smoker of 15 cigarettes a day using a 10ml e-liquid won’t need to replace the liquid for about a  week. One E-liquid is about equivalent to 100 cigarettes. If you do the maths then a 20 pack of cigarettes is around £7.  Based on smoking about 20 a day that is as much as £50 in one week! Save money, your health and give yourself a rich array of e liquid flavours to try.


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