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Free Pod Salt With MTL Kits

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Free Pod Salt With MTL Kits

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free delivery

on all orders above £20

Vape Starter Kit

We offer a wide range of vape starter kits ideal for existing vapers and new beginners alike! There are so many reasons to leave cigarettes behind and replace them with vaping kits or vape pens. We stock a huge range of starter vape kits, each with different features and specifications, ideal for every kind of person. Check out the specs on the models and find the perfect starter kit for you! Vape starter kits are generally smaller, easier to use, if you need something more advanced head over to our advanced vape kits section from the main menu. 

We sell every kind of vape device on the market! Be it an MTL vape pen, or a new and cool vape pod, to huge and powerful vape mods! You can see more from our range of vape kits in the mega menu above.

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  • Innokin Go S Pen Kit

    Innokin Go S Pen Kit


    Current Price £14.50

    With a constant 13w output this pocket friendly pen kit by Innokin pushes some huge flavor with all day battery life. Powered by a built in 1500mAh...

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How to start vaping

All our vape kits and eliquids have plenty of vapour and flavour, plus variable nicotine levels to satisfy those cravings and to allow you to reduce your nicotine intake over time. Although ecig stands for 'electronic cigarette', vaping is NOT smoking and our vaping starter kits are a great way to help you quit.

All our starter kits are easy to pick and start using immediately. Simply add the one with features you like to your basket, and go over to the eliquid section and find an e liquid that you think you will love!

There are a wide variety of starter kits available in our store. Although they are classified as starter kits due to their ease of use, there are many different types of e cigarette starter kits. Starter kits are available as vape pod kits, MTL kits, and even sub ohm kits. These devices will normally have fewer features and customisability than more advanced kits.

Grey Haze is your one-stop shop for all the newest, best vape kits. We have taken great care in choosing and testing each product, so you can experience a smooth vaping journey with us! Vaping has become more popular over time as people are looking to switch from traditional cigarettes, and we’ve always been here ready when they do. Whether it's advice on which starter kit will suit you best or just general guidance about e-cigarettes and vaping. Just send us over an email or call in, and we'll get back to you with expert advice to help you find the best vape starter kit. You can find information to get you started in our Guides.

Want to upgrade?

Once you've got to grips with vaping and have decided whether a stronger flavour or cloud chasing is more your thing. You can take an in-depth look at our huge selection of box mod and advanced vape kits for users that are looking to step up from beginner level e-cigarettes. You'll find options like adjustable wattage box mods and variable airflow sub-ohm tanks and more vape devices. So it's easy to decide what kind of experience suits you best! And don’t worry – if larger batteries aren't really what fits into budget constraints right now either, then grey haze has something available no matter how much money someone has available. We'll have something ready for you, without breaking the bank.

If you don't fancy buying a box mod or tank separately then you can head over to our advanced kit collection to find even more vape kits, with advanced features, better quality, and a superb vape experience.


Keep reading for more information in our FAQ section Below.

What are vape kits?

Vape kits are personal vaporizers that use a battery and coil head to vaporize nicotine eliquid. We sell plenty of beginner kits ideal for every type of person. From quick and easy ones to kits made with more flexibility in mind. Vape kits generally come with a rechargeable battery, a disposable vape is normally the only type to come without this feature. There are many types of vape kits, this collection will feature devices we feel are ideal for the beginner.

Which vape it kit is best, which and e-liquid should I buy?

We sell a large range of e cigarette starter kit, finding the perfect one for you may seem complicated, if you're struggling simply send us a message or call in for more info. A brief outline of some of the kits we sell, and their benefits, are as follows:

The Sub-ohm kit — produces plenty of vapour, has a great hit and makes has wonderful dense flavour. This type of kit will work ideally well with shortfill eliquids which are primarily 70/30 PG/VG ratio or thicker eliquid. They have a lower nicotine level at around 3 mg to 6 mg depending on how many nicotine shots you decide to use in the bottle.

The vape pen — This is a smaller vape kit, with a much tighter draw, more similar to a cigarette. This type of kit will work well with 50/50 eliquids, which normally come in 10ml bottles and range from 6 mg to 18 mg in nicotine strength, these kits are simpler to use with fewer features and geared towards first timers. Very effective and durable kits, these can also be used with nicotine salt eliquid. One of the most popular kits to help quit smoking.

The pod kit — Pod kits are the latest trend in vaping, they are tiny, compact, yet powerful kits, that utilize nicotine salts to produce an effective experience, with a longer battery life. These kits are generally very underpowered compared to the above, but make up the difference by using nicotine salt eliquids that are around 20 mg in strength. This enables it to give a consistent and powerful hit similar to the above without using as much battery life. Pod kits can now also come in the sub-ohm form factor for extra versatility.

How much will a vape kit cost?

A vape starter kit can cost typically from £20 to £80, however you can pick up a closed pod system or disposable vape for under £10! A cost-effective way to get started. Depending on which features you require, a quality electronic cigarette with decent features can start normally from around £20, also don't forget to factor in the cost of eliquid which start from £4 to £20 depending on brand and bottle size.

How much do I need to know to get started?

Starter kits are very well-made, and built to be as easy to use as possible, generally the most you will need to know if how to change the coil and refill the eliquid. We have a comprehensive guides section you can read, in order to get started with the basics. However, starter kits are easy to get started with and the included manual or a YouTube video will get you started in no time.