Vape Starter Kit

We offer a wide range of vape starter kit products ideal for existing vapers and new beginers alike! There are so many reasons to leave cigarettes behind and replace them with ecig starter kits. For example, the health benefits are enormous: instantly cut out hundreds of toxins and the tobacco associated with smoking cigarettes and pick up one of our starter kits instead.

All our vape kits and  eliquids have plenty of vapour and flavour, plus variable nicotine levels to satisfy those cravings and to allow you to reduce your nicotine intake over time. Although ecig stands for 'electronic cigarette', vaping is NOT smoking and our vaping starter kits are a great way to help you quit.

When you first start vaping with one of our starter kits, you may want to pick a juice with a high level and slowly cut down over time. Also, when you see how much money you can save by vaping with a starter kit instead of smoking, you will be very pleasantly shocked! At Grey Haze we only sell the highest quality ecig kits to ensure that you enjoy vaping from the get go. If you need any help with choosing your kit or need any vaping advice,  contact us and our friendly staff will be happy to guide you choose the perfect vape starter kit.