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Free Pod Salt With MTL Kits

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Free Pod Salt With MTL Kits

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free delivery

on all orders above £20

MTL Kits And Vape Pens

There are vape pens, vape mods and vape kits.  Vape pens were originally designed to resemble the size of cigarettes, so they could easily camouflage as one. The vape pen is probably the most discrete and simple vape devices you can buy today.

Most vape pens are 'MTL' which stands for mouth-to-lung inhale and exhale of vapour into your lungs just like a normal cigarette where it's harder to take deeper drags with bigger draws than an open tank/open airflow vape pen.  Open airflow tanks or vape mods allow you to take bigger draws and more air flow. But with that comes lighters wallets, because these types of devices usually require more e liquid than MTL vape pens such as sub-ohm vape kits.

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  • Innokin Adept Zlide Kit

    Innokin Adept Zlide Kit


    Current Price £28.99

    With a internal 3000mAh battery, the Innokin Adept Kit brings a powerful and long-lasting MTL vape. The Innokin Adept is designed with IP67 waterp...

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  • Oxva Xlim Pod Kit

    Oxva Xlim Pod Kit


    The OXVA Xlim pod kit is a mouth to lung throat hit and a performance beast. Powered by an internal 900mah battery and reaching up to 25W, the kit ...

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  • Elf Bar FB1000 Pod Kit

    Elf Bar FB1000 Pod Kit


    Current Price £16.99

     The Elf Bar FB100 is a compact mouth to lung style device that allows you to refill the tank with your own juice while getting the ease of use of ...

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  • Aspire Finixx Pod Kit

    Aspire Finixx Pod Kit


    Current Price £24.99

    The Aspire Finixx is a pod kit is a high powered sub ohm pod mod intended for intermediate to advanced vapers.  Powered by a single 18650 battery (...

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  • Smok Thiner Pod Kit

    Smok Thiner Pod Kit


    Current Price £18.99

    The Smok Thiner is an interesting little Mouth to Lung pod system. With a design that is similar to the pods that were on the market 2-3 years ago,...

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As vaping trends change year-on-year, we have noticed sub-ohm vaping, massive vapour production and high-powered box mods, falling out of favour in favour of smaller lower powered systems, utilizing nicotine salts or 18 mg 50/50 eliquids.

Starting with Vape Pens / MTL kits

An MTL kit is the ideal place to start vaping, easy to use, brilliant to vape, a low profile vape that won't attract attention!

Vape pens are extremely popular because they're discreet, slim, and stylish. They can be used as a stepping stone between disposable e-cigs or advanced kits for users looking to enjoy hassle-free vaping with access to eliquids of all kinds! The battery lasts long enough that you won't have trouble using your vape pen throughout the day. With a massive range of vape pens, this collection carries mostly MTL style, although you can see more types of the menu above. 

Read more below for more information in our FAQ section, alternatively check out our guides to brush up on your vaping knowledge or just learn how to get started!

What is an MTL vape pen?

MTL vape pens are vape kits with a reduced airflow system, unlike sub-ohm vape kits, which typically have much larger airflow capacity. Reduced airflow results in the usage of a much smaller coil, lower power output, and in turn much less vapour than a sub-ohm system.

A vape pen that is designed for both mouth to lung (MTL) vaping and direct lung (DL) vaping would most likely be referred to as 'all-in-one' vape kits. All in one vape kits usually have either one or multiple atomizer styles built into them, so you can choose your preferred vaping style without having to buy separate vape kits. These types of vape pens are popular among beginners.

What are the benefits of an MTL vape?

MTL vape pens, or mouth-to-lung vape kits, offer a different experience to vape kits that use sub-ohm coils. This is because vape pens use higher nicotine levels, which results in a stronger hit and more realistic smoking sensation.

Mouth-to-Lung Vaping is a very popular trend in vaping right now because there are a few advantages that come from vaping this way, including flavour production — which tends to be much better when using an MTL vape kit. MTL vape pens also have smaller air flow, creating a draw tighter draw more similar to normal smoking. This enables the user to get a satisfying hit.

MTL vape pens work best with higher nicotine eliquids, meaning you can absorb more nicotine, giving you a more satisfying vape and a much better hit. Many ex-smokers and new vapers prefer MTL vaping because of this reason.

MTL vape pens are also easier to use, cheaper and require less maintenance — once a vape pen has been assembled it can be used immediately.

Vaping MTL also provides better flavour production, which makes MTL vape pens great for flavour connoisseurs who want to enjoy vaping their favourite vape juices in a MTL kit.

If you haven't tried vaping yet or want to try something different from your usual sub ohm tank, try an MTL vape pen!