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Elux Legend Nic Salt E-Liquid

Discover Elux Legend Nic Salt E-Liquids; premium nic salt vape liquids in 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths with a 50% PG ratio ideal for intense flavour.

Browse our Elux Legend Nic Salt Vape Liquids; developed and produced by leading vape manufacturer: ELUXTech. Elux Legend nic salts have risen in popularity due to their well known collection of Disposable Vapes.

Elux e-liquids contain nicotine salts, developed to provide you with a smooth throat hit and intense flavour. Elux nic salts come in 10ml bottles with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, best suited to MTL devices and low-powered Vape Kits; they also feature 2 different nicotine strengths, 10mg and 20mg.

Meticulously crafted to offer you the very best experience and influenced by some of the best Disposable Vapes and their famous fruity combinations, Elux Legend E-liquids are available in a wide range of different flavours. Elux ensures there’s something to suit every individual taste, with popular best selling flavours including Tiger Blood, Mr Blue and many more!

Shop Elux Legends nic salt vape liquids and discover your next all-day vape; or if Elux e-liquids aren’t what you’re after, take a look at some of our other big brands such as ElfLiq, Bar Series and Bar Juice -  we promise you won’t be disappointed by these unbeatable brands.


More on Elux Legend Nic Salts

EluxTech, a leading manufacturer in the vape industry are one of the fastest growing brands within the last few years, specialising in producing high quality e-liquids and devices that provide their customers with next-level experiences and intense flavours.

EluxTech’s latest innovation is the Elux Legend Nic Salts; inspired by their range of disposable devices but in the form of 10ml e-liquids and featuring all of the same great flavours.

If you’re looking to move away from Disposable Vapes the Elux Legend nic salt vape liquids could be your first step as they feature the same popular flavours as the Elux Legend 3500 Disposable Vape Bars, but in a variety of nicotine strengths.

Elux Legend Nic Salts Nicotine Salt E-Liquids Vape Liquids

Elux Legend Nic Salt E-Liquid Flavours

There are currently more than 25 different flavours in the Elux Legend nic salts range; which can make it difficult to pick a favourite. We’ve helped narrow down the selection by listing their top 10 best flavours:

  • Blueberry Cherry Cranberry

  • Bright blueberries, rich red cherries and crushed cranberries

  • Cherry Lime

  • A riot of red cherries combined with zesty lime for a citrus twist

  • Grape Berry

  • A delicious grape and mixed berry blend

  • Gummy Bear

  • A popular gummy bear candy blend - sweet and fruity

  • Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

  • A smooth exotic blend of kiwi and passionfruit with light guava notes

  • Mr Blue

  • A bright berry blend featuring blueberry, blackberry and raspberry

  • Pink Lemonade

  • A vibrant citrus blend with red berry notes

  • Rainbow

  • A mixed fruit candy flavour reminiscent of well known sweet treats

  • Strawberry Raspberry Cherry

  • A trio of familiar fruits; sweet strawberries mixed with red cherry and raspberry

  • Tiger Blood

  • Multiple mixed fruits paired with an exciting energy drink

    Elux Legend Nic Salts Nicotine Salt E-Liquids Vape Liquids

    Elux Legend Nic Salt Features

    • 10ml Nic Salt E-Liquids
    • 50% PG Ratio perfect for Pod Kits
    • Contain Nicotine Salts for smoother flavour and faster satisfaction
    • Available in 10mg and 20mg Nicotine Strengths
    • Child-proof Cap
    • Made in China

    Elux Legend Nic Salt FAQs

    Q: How many puffs are in one bottle of Elux vape liquid?

    A: One 10ml bottle of Elux Legend Nic Salt vape juice can last for up to 3000 puffs, providing you with consistent great flavour and nicotine satisfaction the entire time. Each bottle of Elux Legend nic salts is the equivalent of approximately 5 disposable vapes, which tend to give you up to 600 puffs per device.

    Q: Are Elux 3500 vapes illegal?

    A: Elux 3500 Disposable Vapes are illegal in the UK if they contain nicotine, due to the amount of nicotine-containing e-liquid within the device (10ml), and UK Law states that they’re only allowed a maximum of 2ml. However, nicotine free Elux 3500 vapes are legal as there are no restrictions on the amount of 0mg vape juice contained in them.

    If you want to use the same great flavours that you love for longer, with nicotine, the best substitute would be the Elux Legend nic salt vape liquids.

    Q: Are Elux nic salts better?

    A: Nicotine salts are the most efficient nicotine delivery method as they’re absorbed into the bloodstream much quicker than traditional freebase nicotine e-liquids, and they provide a much smoother inhale too. Using Elux nic salts is also a much more cost effective option than using disposable vapes, as they’re cheaper and last much longer than disposables. They also feature the same great flavours as their disposable range and come in various nicotine strengths.

    Q: Can you use Elux nic salt vape juices in any vape?

    A: Elux Nic Salt vape juices perform best when used alongside low powered vape kits such as MTL vapes or Disposable Vape Kits such as the Innokin Endura S1 Pod Vape Kit or the Aspire R1 Pod Vape Kit. This is due to the fact that Elux e-liquids contain higher concentrations of nicotine and feature a 50% PG ratio, which are ideal for these types of vape kits. However, we would advise against using them in powerful vape kits such as Sub-Ohm Vapes; these are best used with Shortfill e-liquids instead.022.

    Q: Can you buy Elux Vape Juice?

    A: Yes, as you can see Elux have produced their own range of vape juices based on their best Elux flavours; this means you can vape all of your favourite flavours but in the form of nic salt vape liquids! However, as Elux Vapes and Elux e-liquids contain nicotine, which is a highly addictive substance, you must be 18 years old or older to purchase them.

    Q: What’s inside Elux Legend nic salts?

    A: Elux Legend e-liquids use the highest-quality ingredients,of which there are 4 main ingredients: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), Salt Nicotine and Artificial Flavourings. These igredients are found in almost all Vape Liquids.

    Q: What’s the best nicotine strength in Elux Legend Vape Liquids?

    A: The best nicotine strength in Elux Legend nic salt vape liquids depends on a number of factors. If you’ve recently switched from smoking to vaping and consider yourself a heavy smoker, we’d recommend the 20mg (2%) nic salts. We’d also recommend the 20mg Elux Legend nic salts if you were previously using Disposable Vapes, as they tend to be the same nicotine strength.

    If you were a light smoker or are looking to reduce your nicotine intake the best nicotine strength for you would be the 10mg or 1%.

    Q: Can I use the Elux Legend nic salt e-liquids to refill Disposable Vapes?

    A: No, disposable vapes, also known as single use vapes, are classed as “closed pod systems”. This means that they’re not designed to be refilled and that there’s no easy or reliable way to refill them with your own e-liquid. Elux Legend nicotine salts are best used with refillable pod kits that feature a pod or tank made to hold your e-liquid.

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