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Nicotine Shots

Nicotine shots allow you to add nicotine to a shortfill eliquid or a liquid larger than 10ml which does not contain nicotine. Due to TPD regulations introduced in 2017, eliquids cannot contain nicotine in a container larger than 10ml and a maximum strength of 20 mg. Nicotine shots allow the user to add nicotine to their larger eliquid bottles. For example, a 50ml shortfill eliquid with a nicotine shot will make it a 60ml 3 mg eliquid.

We stock a variety of nicotine shots, from plain nicotine shots to those with included menthol for an extra icy effect to different pg/vg combinations. 

Please refer to our short fill guide for more information here.

Nic Nic Nicotine Salt Shot
Regular price£1.49
PlusSolt - SOLT Nicotine Shot
Regular price£1.99£1.59
Plusnic Nicotine Shot 18mg / 100VG
Regular price£1.99£1.00
Just Nic It 50/50 18mg Nicotine Shot
Regular price£1.99£1.49
NicIt Up 7030 70VG Nicotine Shot
Regular price£2.00£1.49
Plusnic Nicotine Shot 18mg / 70VG
Regular price£1.99£0.99

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