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Vaping can get a little complicated at times, so we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you on your way! 

Although it may seem daunting once you know the basics it can be relatively easy to find the perfect vape for you. Remember if you don't find something you like, you must try and test different flavour combinations with your vape, everyone has different tastes, and there are thousands of flavours out there, finding the right one can take time, but don't give up!

You can call in to our offices or send us a message with an outline of what you're looking for, we'll be happy to help you toward the perfect set up for you!

Below you can find a list of frequently asked questions beginners normally ask. Once you've had a good read pop over to our starter kit section linked on the left, all the different kits and variants will make more sense!

Do I need a mod or a kit?

If you don't currently have an electronic cigarette then a kit would be the best way to go, as it has all the components to get you started minus the batteries and eliquid if needed. A starter kit can also be more cost effective and the atomizer is normally designed to work very well with the mod. Buying a vape mod alone can be done if you already have an atomizer or if you want to purchase a mod and atomizer separately. This can be done if you want a more expensive or quality set up.

What's the difference between a kit and a pod mod?

A pod mod is essentially a starter kit, the reason we differentiate is because pod mods use a different type of eliquid called a salt nic, and pod mods dont have the same features of vape the same way a regular vape kit does. A mod is much lower powered then a typical vape kit, is much smaller and the salt nic eliquid has a much higher percentage of eliquid. Salt Nic's are much more effective in allowing absorption of nicotine meaning with a pod mod you don't need power a regular vape has to achieve a similar hit.

What's salt nic?

Salt nics are a type of eliquid, they are normally around 20mg in strengths and used exclusively in pod mods, or at much lower wattages than regular eliquid. Nic Salts allow the vaper to smoke much higher nicotine percentages without the harshness in the throat that typically happens when smoking high nicotine in regular freebase nicotine.

What's a nic shot?

Eliquids containing nicotine are no longer legal to sell in bottles larger than 10ml. This means any larger bottles are now nicotine free, however manufacturers now leave some room on the bottle for you to add around 10mls of a nicotine eliquid. This nicotine booster is sold separately in a 10ml bottle size and if added to a 60ml short fill bottle will result in a 3mg eliquid.

Do eliquids contain nicotine?

Also known as e-juice, but really the most appropriate term is ‘refill liquid’.

Not all e liquids contain nicotine, you can find eliquids with and without nicotine on our website, any bottle larger than 10ml will be nicotine free in the UK. You can either vape it as is, or add a 10ml nicotine shot to the bottle to turn it in to a 3mg eliquid.

What's a short fill?

A short fill eliquid is a nicotine free liquid with some spare space in the bottle to allow you to add your own nicotine. A short fill can be vaped with or without nicotine, its entirely up to the user. All short fills are nicotine free.

What's an RTA/RDA?

An RTA/RDA are rebuildable atomizers, meaning you must build and install your own coils and wicking materials. These are normally only for advanced users, and can be dangerous to use for new users.

What's a sub-ohm tank?

A sub-ohm tank is a tank with a coil head with a resistance below 1 ohm. A sub-ohm tank will generally produce much more vapour and provide a warmer more flavourful vape experience. Sub-ohm tanks are normally used with low nicotine eliquid, and a high VG percentage. Sub-ohm tanks are also paired with box mods as they are more demanding on batteries and require higher wattages to vape to their full potential.

My vape tastes burnt!

If your vape tastes burnt, it normally means your coil is burnt out, this can happen for a variety of reasons, sometimes if you fire the mod without enough eliquid in the tank, the coil will burn out, it can also occur over time as the coil degrades and gets clogged. Simply changing the pod or coil will resolve this issue. You must also ensure you wick and prime your new coils so they don't burn out immediately.

Whats a box mod?

A box mod or a vape mod, is an electronic cigarette battery mod, and generally refers to larger mods that fit 2x 18650 or 1x 19650 batteries. Electronic cigarettes used to come with pen style batteries, when larger replaceable battery were developed they were called box mods due to their larger size and general shape. Although now box mods and vape mod are now one of the most popular ways to vape, and what most people picture when they think about an ecig.

Can I get help to choose?

Yes! You can use the live chat to contact one of our sales reps or simply call in to talk to our customer service team, they will help you find exactly what you need.

Whats pg/vg?

PG stands for propylene glycol and VG stand for vegetable glycol, this is the base ingredients of eliquid. PG is generally a much thinner substance and carries flavouring well, VG is much thicker is sweet and produces much more vapor. The ratio will be different depending on which type of device the eliquid is designed to be used with. E-liquids for sub-ohm tanks will have more VG ratio, eliquids for pods and pen style ecigs will have 50/50 or more PG heavy ratio.
So there you have it - all the details you need to get started. This beginner’s glossary barely scratches the surface of vaping culture but that's a good thing – you don't need to know the pros and cons of sub-ohm vaping to get started and there's lots more to learn as you discover your own preferences when it comes to PVs and ADVs (‘all day vape’ – a vaper’s favourite flavour). Click here to see our range of starter kits, and once you're up and running, Grey Haze will be available to assist you with  all your vaping requirements.

What kind of vape devices are there?

There are dozens of types of vape devices out there, each suitable for a different type of smoker. Small compact devices that use high nicotine salt nics, to large sub-ohm devices with dual or even triple batteries, please check our vape kits collectionto read more and see all the different devices we stock. You can also see our guide to vaping devices.

How often should I change my coil?

Coils can be changed as often as you like, they can be changed when you notice a decrease in flavour, or until they completely stop working! Normally the user will be able to tell from the taste and type of vape they are getting when is best for them to change the coil. The longer you use a coil, the more it will degrade, coil can be used anywhere from one week to 4 weeks.

How do I add nicotine to my short fill eliquid

Any bottles larger than 10ml will not contain nicotine, to add nicotine to these larger bottles you must purchase a 10ml nicotine shot, once added to the larger eliquid bottle it will become a 3mg eliquid. Larger eliquid bottles normally have enough space to 10ml of nicotine to be added, however you must ensure the bottle in a shortfill or there won't be enough space. On most eliquid bottles you can simply pop the easy fill top off and pour in the contents of the nicotine shot, replace the easy fill top and thoroughly shake the bottle before use.