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  What do we mean by a "cool" e-liquid? A Cool e-liquid is any flavour that has menthol, mint or coolant added to it. This coolness can make for a minty, fresh feeling vape without being overwhelming or over the top. The coolant offers a crisp icy inhale that'll leave you longing for more. There are seemingly as many Cool e-liquids as there are stars in the sky; with these flavours ranging from your simple yet sumptuous Blackcurrant Menthol or Cherry Menthol to much stronger and sweeter flavours such as Energy Ice or Arctic Berries.

   If frozen fruits take your fancy, we'd recommend brands such as Yeti, Evil Cloud or Seriously NICE as these are certifiable connoisseurs of Cool. If subtly is your style you'd do well with smoother, softer brands,  such as IVG, Beyond, or Nasty Juice; whilst these brands are undeniably full of flavour, they tend to use less coolant and menthol than the others. 

   Alternatively, there are a number of divine dessert flavours that also use menthol or coolant, such as Heaven Haze - this is a brand that knows what they're doing! Their irresistibly creamy countenance is perfectly complimented by the mellow menthol hit - a perfectly fulfilling freshness.

   Our range of Cool E-liquids come in all shapes and sizes - we have something to suit everyone. Our 50/50 range is ideal for any individual using a mouth-to-lung device to curb their cravings; but we also have 70% VG and 80% VG e-liquids available for those using Direct-To-Lung devices that require thicker e-liquid.

   If you can't find the flavour for you amongst our assortment of Cool E-Liquids, don't forget you can also purchase QuickNic Cool Ice 18mg Nicotine shots. These Nicotine shots can be used in conjunction with any of our shortfill (50ml or 100ml) e-liquids to give them that cool feeling. However, bear in mind that these will also add Nicotine to your E-liquid.


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