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Mouth to Lung (MTL) Vape Tank

Explore our range of Mouth to Lung Vape Tanks; a range of Vape Tanks that combine convenience with discrete clouds and intense flavour. Mouth to lung vaping is an ideal option for ex-smokers, fans of flavour and anybody that’s searching for a seamless inhale that’s similar to smoking traditional cigarettes. 

Unlike Sub Ohm Tanks, MTL Tanks are designed to be inhaled into the mouth and then drawn into the lungs, which as you may have guessed from the name. This, and the fact that Mouth to Lung Tanks use high resistance vape coils, which are ideal for e-liquids containing higher concentrations of nicotine, such as nicotine salts and 50/50 VG/PG vape juices, makes MTL Vape Tanks and MTL Vape Kits a natural choice for ex-smokers that are looking to simulate the sensation of smoking in terms of both mouthfeel and nicotine satisfaction. 

With more than a dozen different Mouth to Lung Tanks in our collection, from leading brands such as Innokin, Geek Vape, Aspire and Lost Vape - what are you waiting for? Pick up your MTL Tank today and experience flavour and a satisfying cigarette-style inhale like never before!

Lost Vape UB Lite Tank
Regular price£11.99
Innokin Endura Prism Apex Tank
Regular price£9.99£7.50
Innokin Go Z Tank
Regular price£4.99£2.99
Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank
Regular price£24.99£18.99
Innokin Prism T18E Pro Tank
Regular price£11.99
Innokin Zlide MTL Tank
Regular price£18.99
Innokin JEM Tank
Regular price£6.99
Innokin Z Force Tank
Regular price£23.99£12.00
GeekVape Z MTL Tank
Regular price£20.99
Innokin Zenith Pro Tank
Regular price£26.99£23.99
Vaporesso GTX 22 Tank
Regular price£13.99£10.50
STNG MTL RDA by Wotofo
Regular price£18.99

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What is Mouth to Lung Vaping?  

Mouth to Lung Vaping, or MTL Vaping, is a style of vaping that’s commonly associated with smokers and ex-smokers when they first start vaping, as drawing the vapour first into the mouth before drawing it into the lungs simulates the sensation of smoking and feels more natural for them than Direct to Lung vaping.

As you may already know, MTL Tanks utilise a high resistance vape coil, which allows them to produce a modest amount of cloud rather than the large, thick clouds created by Sub Ohm Tanks and Advanced Kits. These high resistance coils also produce less power and use less vape liquid than coils with a low resistance, which makes them ideal for vape juices containing a balanced ratio of VG and PG such as 50/50 Vape Juices and Nic Salt e-liquids.

Mouth to Lung Vape Tanks can be a little harsher on the throat, depending on what type of nicotine e-liquid you use with them, due to this they provide a more pleasant throat hit for those that have recently transitioned from smoking to vaping - this is part of what makes them the perfect choice for ex-smokers who are looking for a healthier way to get that quick nicotine fix, without the worries or negative side effects associated with tobacco use.

mouth to lung vape

Is MTL Better or DTL?


If you’re looking for a Vape Kit or Vape Pen that’ll produce a discrete amount of vapour which allows you to stealth vape whilst also satisfying your cravings for strong nicotine, Mouth to Lung would be the best option for you.


if you prefer thick clouds, powerful potential and an inhale that draws directly into your lungs, you might prefer a Sub Ohm style vape which uses thicker e-liquid with lower levels of nicotine - you can even go nicotine-free if you choose not to add nicotine shots to your vape.

Benefits of Mouth to Lung Vaping

There are a whole host of benefits to Mouth to Lung Vaping:

Firstly, Mouth to Lung Vape Tanks and Mouth to Lung Vape Kits tend to cost a lot less than their Sub Ohm counterparts, Advanced Vape Kits. So if you’re always the kind of person that follows the latest trends and loves trying out the latest MTL tanks, you can - and it won’t cost you a small fortune to do so!
Secondly, MTL Tanks can save you some money in other ways - due to their high resistance coils, they offer reduced power and so Mouth to Lung Tanks don’t use as much vape juice as DTL tanks. This means you don't have to refill as frequently or purchase vape liquids as often either, which could save you mega money in the long term!
Thirdly, MTL Tanks low resistance coils don’t just use less e-liquid either - because they require less power they actually use less battery too, so you don’t need a high powered mod to utilize their full potential - the coils in an Mouth to Lung Tank also tend to last longer due to their low power consumption, allowing you to enjoy your favorite flavors for longer without having to replace your coil!
Lastly, not only will you be able to enjoy your favorite vape flavors for longer, but you’ll also be able to taste them better - MTL vapes perform better with high PG vape liquids such as Nic Salts and 50/50 Vape Liquids. PG is a better flavor carrier than VG, so high PG e-liquids feature more intense flavors than thicker liquids such as Shortfill E-Juices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you take a Mouth to Lung hit?

A: MTL Vape Tanks are designed to have a similar inhale style to standard cigarettes - this means that you first draw the vapour into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs. The main difference between the way that you inhale on a cigarette and a MTL Tank is the length of the draw - MTL Tanks are intended for longer, consistent inhales to maximise flavour, whereas with cigarettes you usually take much shorter inhales.

Q: What E-Liquid do you need for Mouth to Lung Vaping?

A: For Mouth to Lung Vaping we recommend vape juices with a balanced blend of VG and PG such as 50/50 Vape Liquids. This can be anything from freebase nicotine E-Liquids to Nicotine Salt E-Juices - just so long as they contain no more than 50% VG. For this reason we wouldn’t recommend most Shortfill Vape Liquids, as they often contain 70% VG or more, making them unsuitable for Mouth to Lung Vapes.

As well as performing better in MTL Tanks, vape juices with a higher concentration of PG also have a slightly harsher feeling on the throat, which is similar to smoking a cigarette, so they’re a great substitute for transitioning smokers that are looking for the same physical sensation as cigarettes.

Lastly, the majority of MTL Vapers choose MTL devices due to the fact that they’re trying to quit smoking and want something that feels as close as possible to smoking a cigarette; including the strength of the nicotine. So MTL Vaping is the perfect style for ex-smokers as 50% PG E-Liquids often contain higher concentrations of nicotine - even as high as 20mg in some cases, which is better suited to MTL devices and the needs of an ex-smoker.

MTL Vape Tanks are also a great option for those coming away from Disposable Vapes, they replicate the same feeling and can use the same types of salt nicotine liquids found in disposables - they also cost less in the long term as each 10ml bottle of vape liquid is the equivalent of 5 disposable vapes!

Why Buy MTL Tanks from Grey Haze Vape Store?

At Grey Haze we’re all about providing you with the best products including the best Mouth to Lung Tanks, which is why we have over a dozen different Mouth to Lung Vape Tanks available; from mini MTL tanks like the Innokin Zenith Pro Tank, to the mighty MTL Vape Tanks like the Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank, we’ve got something to please every preference.

If you’re still stuck on which style suits you, take a look at our Vape Guides for more information. Alternatively you can contact a member of our Customer Service Team with any questions or queries that you may have.

Although if you simply can’t wait you can pop down to one of our Birmingham Based Stores where you can talk to one of our experts face to face about all of the best MTL Tanks! 

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