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  If you're looking for an exceptional e-liquid with a delightful amount of depth and lip smacking sweetness, we know you'll love our range of chocolate flavoured e-liquids. They're rich, creamy and absolutely dreamy! Better yet there are so many to choose from, and they come in all sorts of wacky and wonderful blends, the amount of variety is truly astounding. Due to the sheer amount of sensationally sweet flavours we're sure you'll find something special in this selection. 

   We've got everything from a mild menthol mint chocolate chip ice cream and cheeky chocolate donuts, to slightly more savoury yet just as delicious desserts, such as chocolate mixed with a timeless tobacco, chocolate and hazelnut on toast or even a tasty treat like our wholesome white chocolate coffee! 

    Our astounding assortment of chocolate flavoured e-liquids are ideal as an after dinner delight, but they're also perfect as a pleasant all day vape - despite the sweetness, you won't be getting sick of them any time soon!

   For those that are looking to produce big clouds or use a lot of power - we'd recommend e-liquids with 70% VG or higher; we find these perform better in DTL vapes and will give you the best experience for your device.

   However, if you're not interested in producing dense clouds and use a Starter Kit or low power Pod System - we have a huge selection of 50% VG juices to suit your needs in our Nic Salt and regular ranges.

   At Grey Haze we're committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience; which is why we have so many high quality e-liquids available at ludicrously low prices! Our staff take the time to ensure we only stock tried and tested, superior quality products; because at Grey Haze, vaping isn't just our job. It's our passion.

Titan 10K Disposable Vape
Regular price£17.99£12.99
3 FOR £30
IVG SMART 5500 Disposable Vape Pod Kit
Regular price£12.99£11.95
4 FOR £10
Fizzy Cherry Nic Salt E-Liquid by SKE Crystal
Regular price£3.99£2.95
4 FOR £10
Gami Rare Nic Salt E-Liquid by SKE Crystal
Regular price£3.99£2.95
4 FOR £10
VMT Ice Nic Salt E-Liquid by SKE Crystal
Regular price£3.99£2.95
4 FOR £10
Rainbow Nic Salt E-Liquid by Bar Juice 5000
Regular price£2.95
4 FOR £10
Rinbo Nic Salt by ElfBar ElfLiq
Regular price£3.99£2.95

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