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OXVA is a rapidly ascending star in the e-cigarette industry, founded by Justin Lai and a team of fervent professionals. The word "OXVA" is a combination of "OX," which stands for strength and dependability, and "VA," which is related to vaping. This name perfectly expresses their goal to provide high-quality, high-performing products. Innovation, user connectivity, and exceptional quality are key priorities for OXVA. The XLIM series is one of their many products that was created with the best flavours and simplicity of use in mind. OXVA strives to be the most reputable name in vaping, a goal they are rapidly reaching.
Oxva Xlim Replacement Pods 3 Pcs Pack
Regular price£6.37£5.41
Oxva Xlim Pro Vape Pod Kit
Regular price£19.99£16.99
Oxva Xlim V2 Pod Kit
Regular price£14.54£12.36
Oxva Xlim SE Bonus Kit
Regular price£18.33£13.33
Oxva Xlim C Pod Vape Kit
Regular price£16.66£7.92
OXVA Origin Mini Kit
Regular price£33.33£27.49
OXVA Xlim SQ Pod Kit
Regular price£16.66£14.16
OXVA Origin 2 Vape Kit
Regular price£29.16£14.99
OXVA Velocity LE Vape Kit
Regular price£37.49

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