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Basics Nic Salts

Shop our range of Basics Nic Salt E-liquids - premium 10mg/20mg nic salt e-liquids without the premium price, designed by expert mixologists at Grey Haze.

Basics Nic Salt e-liquids are our take on your favourite flavours - fresh fruits, minty menthols and tasty tobaccos that have been created with quality in mind. We’ve specially designed these premium nic salt e-liquids to ensure that they’re kind to both your pods, and your pocket. 

These blends have been developed with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, so to get the most out of your new nic salts we’d recommend using them with one of our Vape Starter Kits or our range of Pod Vape Kits.

Basics nic salt e-liquids  are available in a variety of strengths, ranging from 10mg to 20mg nicotine salt, all blended to perfection and ready to use straight from the 10ml bottle - premixed for your convenience.

At just £2.49 each, Basics Nic Salt E-Liquids are one of our cheapest premium nic salt e-liquids available - with popular flavours such as Berry Buzz, Grapetastic, and Watermelon, to name just a few

Explore our range of popular nic salt e-liquids, and discover best selling brands such as Elux, Elf Bar and Bar Series -  with so many different flavours and brands to choose from, we know you’ll find something to suit your unique tastes.

Berry Buzz Nic Salt by Basics
Regular price£2.08£1.46
Basics Watermelon Nic Salt E-Liquid
Regular price£2.08£1.46
Grapetastic Nic Salt by Basics
Regular price£2.08£1.46
Mango Ice Nic Salt by Basics
Regular price£2.08£1.46
Mint Blast Nic Salt by Basics
Regular price£2.08£1.46
BLK Reload Nic Salt by Basics
Regular price£2.08£1.46
Cream Cut Nic Salt by Basics
Regular price£2.08£1.46

Being one of the leading vape stores in the UK for the past 8 years, our team of experts have developed their ideal nicotine salt eliquid. Easy on the pocket, but a brilliant range of flavours that balance perfectly, taste, longevity, and impact on coils. 

Basics are created by expert vapers for vapers, an ideal eliquid designed to be your all day vape and vape consistently well with any device, without making you sick or burning out your coils. 

Basics are a range of 7 perfectly crafted Nicotine Salt eliquids, available in 10ml bottle size, 10mg and 20mg nicotine strength. Our incredibly low price of just £1.99 is not a reflection of inferior quality, but a commitment to our customers to provide only the best possible products at the best price possible. Basics are a complex series of flavours, crafted in our facilities alongside other premium brands. 

We designed Basics to accomplish 3 things:

1- To be an all day vape, meaning you can vape it without getting sick of it.

2- To be as good as premium nic salt eliquids but at half the price.

3- To enable your coils to last as long as possible.

We feel like we've accomplished all three, giving us a perfect combination of features that make Basics the best go to nicotine salt brand for any vaper!

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