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How to Vape: The Ultimate Guide

How to Vape: The Ultimate Guide

Vaping has continued to rise in popularity over the past few years, and the upward trend shows no sign of slowing down. Whether you’re looking to make the transition from smoking cigarettes, you’ve enjoyed vaping and would like to get into a bit more, or you’re simply curious about the trend, here’s a comprehensive guide on everything to do with vaping.
From getting the right kit, to understanding how your vape works; from choosing the right mod for your lifestyle to dealing with common vaping issues - you’ll find all you’re ever wanted to know about vaping in one convenient place.

1 - Finding the Perfect Kit

There are several different kinds of vaping kit, depending on the experience you’re looking for. The two main ways to vape are e-cigarettes (occasionally called cigalikes) and refillable tank kits. E-cigarettes can be bought from supermarket kiosks and other places where you might find regular cigarettes. These devices have seen a resurgence in recent years thanks to technology advances and new innovative brands like JUUL, Blu and VYPE. These kits can be found in any convenience store, are small and compact, and cannot be refilled, they use disposable pods filled with salt nicotine e liquids. E-Cigarette kits are ideal for a fuss free, convenient experience, but lack in many other areas.

A basic refillable tank kit has two components: the tank, which you fill with an e-liquid of your choice, and the vaping device. E-cigarettes typically have non-replaceable batteries; refillable tank kits typically have replaceable rechargeable batteries. They are longer lasting, provide a more intense vape, and customisable, they allow the user more flexibility and reliability.

All vaping devices have the same basic structure: a battery produces energy which heats up a coil. The coil in turn heats up an e-liquid through a wick, producing the vapor that we breathe.

If you’re just starting out in vaping, a vaping starter kit is probably the best thing for you. A starter kit offers a no-frills, easy-to-use vaping experience for first time users, and is a less expensive option than some of the more complex modified kits, which we will get onto later in this article. Beginner vaping kits tend to be low output and are regulated, with parts that are easy to remove. These types of kits are safe and straightforward, and therefore a great place to start when trying vaping for the first time.

Choosing the vaping kit that’s right for you also means finding one that fits with your lifestyle. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, a device with a long battery life may be the best option. If you’re looking for a regular cigarette replacement, choose e-liquids with a higher level of nicotine. Ask yourself: why do you want to vape? What you find most appealing about vaping? How do you plan on fitting vaping into your lifestyle? Your answers will help guide you towards the right kit for you.

Every vaping kit is slightly different. Read the manual for your kit thoroughly, and get acquainted with how it works, including any safety features.

2 - Choosing Your eLiquid

Part of the joy of vaping is being able to customize the experience by choosing your e-liquid, also known as vape juice. E-liquids are made up of different ratios of PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin). The ratio of PG to VG will affect your vaping experience. Both are safe to use, but they have their differences.

PG is a by-product of petroleum and can be found in a wide range of household products such as baby wipes and shampoo. PG is thinner than VG, which helps reduce the chances of a sticky buildup in your device. It also creates more of a peppery feeling in the throat, which smokers may be prefer as it provides a more authentic experience that is closer to regular cigarettes, and so may be more effective in helping them to wean off smoking. A higher ratio of PG is slightly more likely to produce a burnt taste, but unless you have a sensitivity to PG, you shouldn’t find it uncomfortable to inhale.

VG comes from vegetable oil, and is often found in products such as food and toothpaste. VG is a thicker substance than PG, which means that it can faster lead to a buildup inside your vaping device. It is a gentle, natural substance, and very unlikely to cause a reaction when inhaled. For those who want a more soothing vaping experience, a higher VG to PG ratio may be advisable.

Another aspect of e-liquids to consider is the nicotine content. Nicotine is addictive, but in itself not especially harmful to the human body - it is the tar and chemicals found in cigarettes that do the real damage. Vaping is a simple and easy way to regulate your nicotine consumption, while still enjoy the sensation of ‘smoking’. You can find e-liquids ranging from high nicotine levels (24 mg/ml) to nicotine-free (0 mg/ml). Trying to wean yourself off nicotine? Simply begin with high nicotine level liquids, and gradually work your way down to little or none.

There are thousands of different flavors of e-liquid available - it’s just about finding the type that works best for you. If you’re craving the earthy taste of tobacco, there are plenty of tobacco-flavored juices to satisfy the senses. Prefer something a little sweeter? Choose from fruit, candy, baked goods and desserts, mint, and beverage-flavored e-liquids. Try out a few and find the flavor that does it for you. Everyone has a different palette, so the best type of liquid is entirely subjective.

See the following guides to understand eliquids better.


3 - Filling, Recharging & Coils

Inside a vaping device, the e-liquid is transformed into vapor by the coil and the wick. The coil is heated by the battery-generated energy, which in turn heats the wick. The wick heats up the liquid, and turns it into a breathable vapor. The health of your coil and wick are essential for successful vaping, and this can be ensured by correctly filling, recharging and general caring for your vape.

Filling your own vape is a simple process, and once you’ve done it a few times it will become second nature. When you first open your brand new vape kit, make sure you read the instructions thoroughly. Before you can start vaping, you need to first fill with your e-liquid.

When filling the tank for the first time, you need to prime the coil by dropping the e-liquid onto it and letting it sit for a few minutes. If there isn’t enough liquid in the device, you will get an unpleasant burnt taste in your mouth, and you’ll risk damaging the coil. Make sure you follow the instructions for your specific device when filling it.

If you’re using a rechargeable vaping device, make sure you read the instructions for recharging carefully. Incorrect charging practices can negatively affect your battery health and lifespan. Always make sure you charge your device safely, in a dry, cool place, and be sure to monitor it frequently. Ideally, you should check your battery for damage once a week, as there may be underlying problems that could cause issues for your device, or even pose safety risks.

Batteries should be replaced every 6 months, and it’s important that you dispose of old and damaged batteries safely by recycling them at the appropriate place. Many supermarkets, vape stores and waste disposal places offer dedicated battery disposal facilities.

Coils are what keep your vape device working properly, and you should check the health of your coil at least once a week, especially if you’re a frequent vaper. Vaping kits usually come with multiple coils, so you can try a few out until you find the best one for you. As well as the amount of vaping you’re doing, the type of e-liquid you use plays a big part in how fast your coil degrades. Some e-liquids cause fast degradation; others can prolong coil lifespan. Generally, the sweeter and more flavorsome the liquid, the more it will clog up the coil.

Every time you install a coil, be sure to prime it with e-liquid first, so once the device is switched on it won’t burn out from the dry heat.

4 - Pod Mods & Advanced Vaping

Once you’ve got used to vaping, you may well want to move on to using mods and exploring the world of advanced vaping. So, what exactly are pod mods?

‘Pod mods’ is simply the name given to a wide range of different modifications you can add to your vaping device that will enhance the vaping experience, and customize your vape to fit in with your lifestyle. Pod mods are an advanced vaping tool, of which there are two types:

  • Open System pod mods - these allow easy replacement of your e-liquid with a detachable tank system.
  • Closed System pod mods - these have a custom-made disposable tank that can be removed and disposed of in its entirety.

Pod mods work in the same way as a regular vaping device (i.e. with a coil and wick, which vaporize the e-liquid). Their popularity is due to the fact that pod mods give vapers the chance to create the exact experience they want from vaping; for many, this means achieving something closer to traditional smoking, but without the negative health effects. Pod mods also help vapers produce larger clouds of ‘smoke’, which is great for those who love doing vape tricks, or simply like the sensation of breathing out large clouds. You can read more here.

The rising popularity of vaping means there are always innovative new mods being developed. Mods can be both a practical choice, as well as simply a bit of fun. If you want control over your vaping experience, a pod mod is the best place to start. Once you’ve developed your knowledge of vaping, you can move on to the world of advanced vaping.

The Mechanical Mod

Also known as a mech mod, this is an unregulated tube mod which allows battery power to flow freely into the device, delivering a raw current to the atomizer. This allows the user more control over the level of vapor produced, but is less safe than regulated mods. Mech mods have been around for as long as vaping has, and is staple favourite of advanced and experienced vapers. Although mech mods can go out of favour for a time, they are always popular, and we often see a resurgence in useage. Mech mods are some of the most innovative, and beautifully designed devices out there, stunning pieces, from brands like Avid Lyfe, VGOD, and Dotmod, push the boundaries in design and innovation.

Mech mods take a lot of practise to start using and can be incredibly dangerous if used inappropriately

The Box Mod

Vape Box Mods come with a large battery section, and means you can vape for longer without having to recharge. Box mods are also larger than a traditional vaping device, and allow users to switch around the atomizer, the tank and the battery with ease. Box Mods are our speciality at Grey Haze, when vapers want something a little more from their starter kit, they'll generally get a nice shiny new box mod to start! Box mods come in many battery configurations, including dual, triple, single. 18650 batteries are the most popular type although 20700 and 21700 battery mods are also gaining popularity.

Box mods allow the user a much longer battery life, and depending on the technology being used a much better vape experience. Leading manufacturers like VooPoo, Lost Vape and Asmodus provide cutting edge technology in their box mods allowing the user more functionality and a better user experience in allowing them to tailor their vape experience more.

The Rebuildable Atomizer

For advanced users, this means you can build your own coil, and customize your vaping experience as much as you like. Rebuildable atomizers are a staple for advanced vapers, as they give better flavour, more vapour production if that's what you want, and you can build your coils to refine the vape experience to exactly how you like it! Not to mention you save a lot of money without there being any replacement coils, you just need time, patience, and some skill to build and install the coils.

Rebuildable atomizers can come in many forms, two of the most popular are tank atomizers and dripping atomizers, each have their own benefits and cons, but both are a great way to vape.

5 - Common Vaping Issues

When you first start vaping, it’s totally normal to expect some teething issues, but these can be overcome in time. Some of the most common issues associated with vaping are:

    • Coughing - this is a natural reaction to the feeling of vapor against the back of your throat. It will take some time to adjust, but any coughing should pass after a week or less.
    • Dry mouth - another natural reaction to vaping, it can be helpful to sip water intermittently while you vape.
    • Vaper’s tongue - if you vape frequently, you might find that your tongue becomes desensitized and you can’t pick up on the e-liquid flavor as much you once did. This is normal, and can be rectified by simply taking a break from vaping for a week or so.

If you get ill, experience a sore throat or develop a cold, it’s not the vape! Some vapers tend to blame their device for getting sick, but this is nothing to do with vaping.

If you are using a vape to help quit regular smoking, it will take time for your body to adjust to the absence of cigarettes, as well as to this new kind of inhalation. Sometimes, the effects of vaping have to get worse before they can get better, so give your body time to adjust. Many people experience no negative side effects from vaping, and can enjoy it straight away.

So far, there is no evidence to suggest that vaping has any long term negative impact on health, but remember that vaping studies are in their infancy. Whatever your lifestyle or vaping preferences, make sure you vape responsibly, and if you experience any serious issues, quit vaping for a while and consider seeing a medical professional.

There you have it: all the information you could possibly need to know about how to vape, and what sort of products are available to you. Have fun exploring the world of e-liquids and mods, and enjoy the benefits of vaping as an alternative to smoking. Whether you vape socially, or enjoy it as a solo activity, there is a whole world of possibilities to be explored, tricks to learn and flavors to be discovered. We can’t wait to see how the vaping culture continues to grow in the years to come.


Author: Taz Dean

Taz Dean has had a ten year career in the vaping industry. He has helped build business', develop products and create e-liquid lines globally. As an ex smoker, avid vaper and vaping advocate, he has years of knowledge and experience on aspects of the vaping industry, from the shop floor all the way to distribution . This unique insight helps with his unique perspective and engaging informational content.

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