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What are Nic Salts? A Quick Guide

What are Nic Salts? A Quick Guide

The vape industry is in a constant state of flux; just 5 years ago mechanical mods and sub ohm devices were all the rage and the vast majority of PG based vape juices were 18mg freebase liquids. Since then, we’ve seen a sudden increase in the amount of new vapers, with pod kits and mouth to lung vapes becoming more and more popular as vapers demand convenience, simplicity and enhanced flavour. You may have also noticed that disposable vapes have had a significant upsurge in popularity, with more disposable vape kits being sold than ever before - this is largely due to the creation and distribution of nic salts UK wide; but what are nic salts? 


What is ‘Nic Salts’?

Nic salts, also referred to as nicotine salts are a relatively new type of e-liquid that have been designed to provide vapers with intense flavour and a smooth throat hit, even at higher nicotine strengths. 

Nic Salts vs Freebase

Due to their well known smoothness, if you’re vaping nic salts 20mg you’ll still be able to enjoy the experience. Nic salts juice lacks the harshness that traditional nicotine vape liquids, such as those containing freebase nicotine, can cause when there’s higher levels of nicotine present. Whether it’s ElfLiq nic salts or Elux Legend nic salts, you know that if you vape nic salts it’s going to be a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

What’s the difference between Nic Salts and E-Juice?

It’s not just the smoother inhale that makes nicotine salts such as the IVG nic salts and Elux nic salts so popular - nic salts are also absorbed into the bloodstream much quicker than other types of nicotine, regardless of the strength, so even 5mg nic salts or nic salts 10mg will provide you with the same almost-instant satisfaction as a 20mg nic salt. Also, the majority of nicotine salt liquids are 50/50 nic salts, which mean that they an be used in many different types of low power vape kit, from pod kits to vape pens, although the best vape for nic salts tends to be a mouth to lung vape as these provide the best performance with vape juices containing high concentrations of PG. 

The Best Nic Salts

There’s a huge variety of nic salts available these days, so finding the best nic salts UK wide isn’t as easy as it may sound - however, there are a few brands that stand head and shoulders above the rest for their quality, selection and performance. We can understand that some might be tempted to opt for cheap nic salts such as the £1 nic salts they may have seen advertised on the high street, but they don’t hold a candle to the following three brands as cheap vape liquids are often made using inferior ingredients, leading to poor quality and a poor taste.

SKE Nic Salts

SKE Crystal nic salts have really taken off in the last couple years, largely due to the fact that their range of disposable vapes is in such high demand. However, with the Crystal nic salts you can now enjoy all of the same incredible flavours in the form of a nicotine salt vape juice, allowing you to tailor your experience and gradually lower your nicotine intake with their 10mg nic salts.

Elf Nic Salts

Elf Bar nic salts are another high quality and incredibly popular brand of nic salts liquid; there are more than 20 different ElfLiq nic salts flavours to choose from, each with their own unique taste and nuances. If you enjoy the Elf Bar disposables you’ll love the Elfbar nic salts range.

Lost Mary Nic Salts

The Maryliq Nic Salts by Lost Mary are another best selling brand of nic salts that have been inspired by single use vapes - Lost Mary nic salts liquid feature flavours that are based on their original single use vapes, the Lost Mary BM600 disposable vapes. The Maryliw nic salts offer customers the opportunity to vape their favourite flavours for longer without having to worry about spending a fortune as they would on throwaway vapes over the same period of time.

How to use Nic Salts?

Many of our customers and almost all our staff now use pod kits alongside their existing vape, we also found many professionals and those who want a fuss free solution using pod mods exclusively due to their portability and compact size. Pod mods are as simple as it gets, simply fill the pod with your nic salts e liquid and you’re ready to go - and when you're done with the pod you can throw it away! Using nicotine salts with a pod vape also means you no longer need to fiddle with coils or refill clunky vape tanks too!

Because salt nic eliquids can be used at a much lower power level, a bottle can last 5 to ten times longer compared to a eliquid designed for a sub-ohm device. A 2ml tank of salt nic in a pod mod can easily last a day or more, whereas 30 to 60ml of eliquid per day in a sub ohm tank is normal. Not only can this save you money, it will save you having to carry around a bulky bottle and mod.

Best wattage for Nic Salts

As nicotine salts tend to feature a higher ratio of PG and a thinner consistency we’d recommend a wattage range between 10W and 30W for nic salts; as such the best coil for nic salts and best vapes for nic salts tend to be those with an optimal wattage range between these power levels. Mouth to lung vape kits are often the best vape kit for nic salts as they have the most suitable coils and power output.

Are Nic Salts better?

Nic salts are not for everyone; they are generally high in nicotine which isn’t suitable for all vapers - however, they are very effective in delivering nicotine into your system, providing faster relief and a boost in satisfaction.

If you're not a smoker, nic salts could potentially result in an increase in your nicotine dependence and nicotine dependence can cause headaches and nausea for some - this is why nicotine salts and pod mods are designed for existing vapers and smokers only.

Nic Salts vs Juice

Nic salts can be used in a wider variety of vape kits as they’re so versatile; they’re also much more pleasant to use than freebase nicotine juices as they are capable of producing stronger flavour and containing stronger nicotine without affecting the quality of the liquid. Vape juice such as shortfill vape liquid on the other hand usually contains a high concentration of VG, making the juice much thicker and limiting the selection of vape devices that you can choose from. This is the main difference between nic salts and e liquid.

Ready to buy nic salts? You can find our collection of nic salts here where we stock a wide range of nicotine strengths, from as low as 3mg nic salts, all the way up to 20mg nic salts. We also have a huge variety of nic salt brands at Grey Haze, including Riot Squad nic salts, Dinner Lady nic salts and Vampire Vape nic salts.

Author: Taz Dean

Taz Dean has had a ten year career in the vaping industry. He has helped build business', develop products and create e-liquid lines globally. As an ex smoker, avid vaper and vaping advocate, he has years of knowledge and experience on aspects of the vaping industry, from the shop floor all the way to distribution . This unique insight helps with his unique perspective and engaging informational content.

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