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Heated Tobacco Products - Heat Not Burn

Heated Tobacco Products - Heat Not Burn

Heated Tobacco is a kind of e-cigarette that produces only aerosol instead of smoke by heating the processed tobacco to give you a cig-a- like experience

Research shows that in 2022 , 22.3% of the global population used tobacco, 36.7% of all men and 7.8% of the world’s women. It is clear that many individuals like smoking, but not everyone is aware of heated tobacco. Heated tobacco is a form of tobacco called HTP that is heated instead of burned. It is considered the more pleasurable method of smoking.

If you are one of those individuals not familiar with HTPs or Heat Not Burn tobacco. This guide will help you understand all the basics about HTP, including how to use it and its advantages and disadvantages.

What is Heated Tobacco?

IQOS 3 Duo Heat Not Burn

A Heated tobacco product (HTP) or Heat-Not Burn is a tobacco product that heats the processed tobacco leaf at a lower temperature than a traditional cigarette. It allows the user to inhale nicotine into their lungs.

Some People believe that it is a more convenient way to consume tobacco. These products have been around for decades, with the first recorded use dating back to 1988. In recent years, heated tobacco devices have experienced a resurgence in popularity, especially in Japan and other Asian countries.

Many alternatives to tobacco products are available in the market today. But the most popular type is the IQOS, made by Philip Morris International. The IQOS utilises tobacco leaves to produce vapour that contains nicotine. Others include Ploom and Glo, which uses tobacco-derived nicotine solutions.

If you're looking for a less harmful alternative to smoking, heated tobacco could be a good option. Be sure to research and choose a product that is right for you.

History of heated tobacco

These products have a long and rich history, dating back to the 1960s when tobacco companies started to create smoking alternatives. Later, an American Tobacco company named RJ Reynolds launched the 1st HTP in 1988. But this product did not gain global success because most users disliked the taste and found it complicated to use.

In 1998 Philip Morris launched an electrically heated tobacco product called Accord, and later in 2007, they introduced Heatbar, which was very similar to Accord. It was around the size of a mobile phone and was said to heat the tobacco differently than burning it. Some people used the Accord or Heatbar, but most continued with traditional cigarettes.

However, it was not until Phillip Morris International (PMI) developed and produced its IQOS brand of HTPs. This technology earned widespread popularity in 2016 when the IQOS launched their 1st device in Japan, it has become available in 68 markets worldwide, and 13.2 million adult smokers have already switched from traditional cigarettes.

In recent years, heat-not-burn has come back with new technology, and many smokers find it more satisfying to consume tobacco. Heated tobacco is available in various forms, including pre-packaged sticks, loose-leaf tobacco, and even electronic cigarettes.

Heated tobacco vs burning tobacco

Heated Tobacco Products Vs Cigarettes - IQOS - Heat Not Burn HTPs became increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. HTP presents several benefits over conventional cigarettes, including an average of 98% less carbon monoxide (CO) and reduced exposure to deadly chemicals. They are offering a more satisfying nicotine experience. But what exactly is the difference between heated tobacco and burning tobacco?

Burning tobacco produces smoke by igniting the tobacco and releasing the chemicals contained within them. HTPs, on the other hand, heat the tobacco without burning them. This process releases nicotine and other chemicals but produces far less harmful results than burning tobacco.

How to use the heated tobacco products

HTPs are a relatively new tobacco product that is gaining popularity in many parts of the world. This product operates by heating tobacco sticks with electricity, producing a vapour to inhale. It contains nicotine, chemicals, and other tobacco particles in traditional tobacco smoke.

Only a few brands of heated tobacco products are available on the market. Each device has specific instructions on how to use it. Generally speaking, you will need to insert a tobacco stick into the heating device and turn it on. It will heat the tobacco stick until it produces a vapour, which you inhale.

You can use these products as a reduced-risk alternative to traditional cigarettes. If you want to switch from smoking cigarettes, give the product a must-try. Heated tobacco creates less waste than cigarettes, and they don't require the usage of lighter, fluid, or batteries like some e-cigarettes do.

If you're thinking about trying out a Heat Not Burn product, read the instructions carefully before you start. And always remember to practice smoke-free habits.

IQOS Duo 3 Heat Not Burn
There are a few different ways to use heated tobacco products. But there is a common method for almost every product. For example, if you want to use IQOS Originals Duo, you have to follow these:
  1. Remove your charged IQOS holder from the IQOS pocket charger
  2. Insert the Heet Stick into your IQOS holder
  3. Press the IQOS holder’s On button for 2 seconds, then the IQOS Holder button led will turn green
  4. When the IQOS Holder LED remains solid, you can enjoy your Heets Stick for up to 14 puffs or approx 6 mints
  5. The IQOS device will vibrate and show pulsing light when only two puffs or 30 seconds remain. Now, as you have used your Heet, you can pull out the used Heet Stick and dispose of it.
  6. To remove the Heet Stick, slide the cap upwards and then pull out the used Heets tobacco stick.

Benefits of heated tobacco

These products are reduced-risk alternatives to traditional cigarettes, offering several benefits for users and the environment. Here are a few advantages of heated tobacco:

1. Heated tobacco products produce far less waste than cigarettes. Cigarettes create mountains of waste each year, but HTP makes very little waste material.

2. Heated tobacco products do not burn tobacco and produce an average of 98% low carbon monoxide and much lower levels of other harmful chemicals than traditional cigarettes.*

3. An HTP is a more cost-effective option in the long run. You will save money on buying new cigarettes and won't have to pay for expensive smoking-related.

If you are looking for a less toxic, more environment friendly, and affordable alternative, heated tobacco products are the right choice for switching.


Heated Tobacco products are less harmful than regular cigarettes, but the reality is that they are not harm-free. Here's a look at some disadvantages of heated tobacco:

1. It contains some toxic chemicals, although at lower levels than a traditional cigarette.
2. Release higher levels of nicotine than regular cigarettes, but excessive use can have adverse effects.
3. Are not the safest alternatives to smoking cessation methods such as nicotine replacement therapy or prescription medications.
4. It does not reduce the risk of developing smoking-related diseases. The reduced harm studies need more data and time.
5. Heated tobacco studies are still in their infancy.

If you're looking for a way to quit smoking, you may find many verified safe and effective methods. Talk to your doctor about which option is right for you.

Should I try heated tobacco?

The debate over whether or not heated tobacco is less harmful than cigarettes has been ongoing for years. Most studies have shown that it poses little or no risk compared to smoking cigarettes. However, some experts have suggested that there may be some associated risks if you are a heavy smoker.

There are also concerns about the safety of heated tobacco products in general. Some experts believe that the heating process may cause some chemicals in the product to become more concentrated and possibly cause harmful effects.


Heated Tobacco products heat tobacco instead of burning it, so there is smoke, ash or a bad smell. HTPs have lower exposure to harmful chemicals than traditional cigarettes. On the other hand, they contain nicotine, an addictive substitute.

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