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If you're looking to get your hands on a sweet yet savoury flavour at a remarkable price; you've come to the right place. 

Our cereal range features some of the most delicious and delectable flavours, that are an absolute joy to vape; we have your traditional style cereals such as Unicorn Hoops by one of the best and biggest brands in the UK right now - IVG. Unicorn Hoops is a new and interesting take on a timeless, classic cereal: Fruit Loops. With subtle yet sweet notes of sugar-coated marshmallows and that unmistakable undertone of sweet fruity cereal-goodness. If this sounds like something you'd enjoy - you're in the right place. 

If IVG's unique yet distinctive take on Fruit Loops isn't for you, don't fret because we have other cereal flavours to choose from! 

If you're interested in a sweet cereal flavour that stands out from the crowd you'll love our O-rangz e-liquid by Twelve Monkeys. This sweet and sumptuous beautiful breakfast flavour consists of smooth citrusy high notes, perfectly complimented by its wonderfully wheaty low notes and finished off with a mild milky cream note. O-rangz by Twelve Monkeys is an easy going appetising all-day vape, especially for those that love their original flavours, with a tongue tantalising twist.

We find that our cereal flavours aren't just for breakfast enthusiasts, they're also perfect for lovers of tea and coffee, as they make for a smooth vape on the side as you go about your morning routine. Whether you're a busy body that needs their breakfast to-go, or you'd simply rather vape it than eat it - we're certain you'll find your ideal flavour to tempt your taste buds and satisfy your senses amongst our range of cereal vape liquids.

Although, if cereal isn't your cup of tea, we have a wide variety of other types of e-liquid to choose from too!

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PB O’Nana by Slurp 100 100ml Shortfill
Regular price£14.99£5.42
2 for £25
Baked Alaska 100ml Shortfil by Chubby Treatz
Regular price£12.49£9.99
2 for £25
Gold Bar 100ml Shortfil by Chubby Treatz
Regular price£12.49£9.99
2 for £10
Irish Charms by Donut King Breakfast Short Fill 100ml
Regular price£12.49£4.99
2 for £15
Salted Caramel by Jord Short Fill 100ml
Regular price£9.16£7.33

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