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Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches are a discreet method of obtaining nicotine when vaping isn’t allowed. Explore our range of nicotine pouch brands from Killa, Velo and Elf Bar, where you’ll discover flavored nicotine pouches; our collection includes the strongest nicotine pouches available within the UK as well as the cheapest nicotine pouches.

Bubblegum Killa Nicotine Snus Pouches
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Grape Ice Killa Nicotine Snus Pouches
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Cola Killa Nicotine Snus Pouches
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Blueberry Killa Nicotine Snus Pouches
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Apple Killa Nicotine Snus Pouches
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Pineapple Killa Nicotine Snus Pouches
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Spearmint Killa Nicotine Snus Pouches
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Mango Ice Killa Nicotine Snus Pouches
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13 Killa Nicotine Snus Pouches
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What are Nicotine Pouches?  

Nicotine pouches, also known as nic pouches, are a quick and easy tobacco-free alternative to smoking. Nicotine pouches are small pouches designed to slip between your lip and gum and gradually release nicotine to help satisfy your cravings. Nicotine pouches are all white pouches without tobacco; they still contain nicotine, but as a nicotine salt rather than containing tobacco.

The nicotine salt formula makes using nicotine pouches without tobacco much safer than even nicotine free tobacco pouches, as the tobacco itself contains thousands of harmful chemicals - they’re also much more pleasant as a nic pouch won't stain your teeth or give you bad breath unlike most tobacco pouch brands.

Using a nicotine pouch also couldn’t be simpler - you’ll never have to worry about the battery dying or running out of e-liquid like you would with a vape, just slip a nic pouch between your gum and lip, and you’re ready to go!

How to use Nicotine Pouches

Using nicotine pouches is as easy as 1, 2, 3! There are no complicated instructions to follow or user manuals needed, just take a quick look at the steps below and you’ll see that they're really that easy.
1 - Remove a nicotine pouch from the container
2 - Position the nicotine pouch between your lip and gum
3 - Enjoy!



Best Brands of Nicotine Pouches

The best tobacco free pouches are made by a few specific nicotine pouches brands, at Grey Haze we stock well known brands, with our range includes the following brands of nicotine pouches: Elf Bar Tacja Nicotine Pouches, Velo Nicotine Pouches and Killa Nicotine Pouches.

Elf Bar Nic Pouches

Elf Bar are more commonly known for their range of disposable vapes and nic salt e-liquids, but have expanded their range to cover nic pouches. Featuring some of the same great flavours, you’ll find that although the Elf Bar nicotine pouches may not give you the same kick as caffeine pouches, they still pack a punch and are amongst some of the best nic pouches that money can buy. 

Velo Nic Pouches

Velo is another manufacturer of top nicotine pouches, with a wide variety of flavours and types of nicotine pouches to choose from. Velo is also one of the only leading brands to produce low nicotine pouches, with many of their best flavor nicotine pouches available in as little as 4mg - which is less than the average cigarette. Some of their bestselling flavours include Tropic Breeze and Ruby Berry, with the berry nicotine pouches being in high demand across the UK.


Killa Nic Pouches

The Killa Nic Pouch range is possibly the best brand for strong nicotine pouches; with some of their mint nicotine pouches, such as the Cold X Mint, being extra strong in flavour. Although their nic pouches don’t just boast strong flavour, they also have some of the highest nicotine pouches with strengths of up to 16mg across all of their flavours.

Most Popular Nicotine Pouches

Popular Nicotine Pouches tend to be either high nicotine pouches, or nicotine pouches with the best flavour. The most popular high strength nicotine pouches are the Elf Bar Tacja Nic Pouches as some of them are available in 20mg nicotine strengths and they have a variety of nicotine pouch flavours.

Velo on the other hand are popular due to their complex nicotine pouches flavors as well as the fact that their nic pouches are amongst the lowest nicotine pouches available, which is ideal for social smokers or anybody looking to reduce their nicotine consumption. Aside from the overall strength, there are a few specific types of snus flavours as well as nic pouch flavours that sell better than others.

Coffee Flavored Nicotine Pouches

Coffee nicotine pouches, also known as coffee lip pouches, are currently one of the most popular flavours to hit the market - with individuals across the globe seeking out coffee flavoured nicotine pouches like the Velo coffee pouches, as well as a few going so far to look for nicotine coffee and coffee snuff pouches too. However, nicotine coffee pouches aren’t the only flavour to rise in popularity in recent years, as fruit flavours are also taking off.

Fruit Flavored Nicotine Pouches

Fruit nicotine pouches are available in a wide variety of different blends which is one of the reasons as to why they’ve become so well known - from citrus nicotine pouches like the Lemon Mango Tacja Nicotine Pouches, to nicotine pouches with flavor based on berry blends like Blueberry Killa Nicotine Pouches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Nicotine Pouches?

The best nicotine pouch is one that suits both your individual needs and taste; whether it’s no nicotine pouches or the strongest nicotine pouch, what’s right for others may not be right for you. We recommend taking a look at the different nicotine pouches UK wide as well as the different flavours and see what appeals to you. It;s also worth considering the nicotine pouches strength before deciding on the best nicotine pouch brand.

Can I bring Nicotine Pouches on a plane?

Nicotine pouches are smokeless and vapourless, so there aren’t any restrictions when it comes to taking them with you on your flight; you can take nic pouches in both your hand luggage or your hold luggage, it’s entirely up to you. There also aren’t any regulations on taking your nic pouches into another country, as they don’t contain tobacco - although we’d always advise checking the laws in regards to nicotine products in your destination country, just in case.

Can you use nicotine pouches on a plane?

One of the benefits of nicotine pouches is that they can be used in areas where smoking or vaping are forbidden, such as on a plane or at the airport. So if you're in need of nicotine mid-flight, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you can curb your cravings with our range of nic pouches.


What is the strongest nicotine pouches?

The strongest nicotine pouches available in the UK are 20mg which you can find in brands such as the Elf Bar Tacja, although some other countries sell significantly stronger nicotine pouches. The strongest nicotine pouches in US range as high as 50mg per pouch, which is more than twice the strength of UK brand nicotine pouches, with the highest mg nicotine pouches in the UK being 20mg, which is the legal limit for tobacco and nicotine products across the UK.

How much nicotine in snus?

The Snus nicotine content varies based on which brand, with the snus nicotine mg reaching as high as 52mg per pouch, which is some strong snus. However you can purchase low nicotine snus and nicotine free snus outside of the UK. The snus flavor can also have an affect on how strong the snus mg seems, with some types of mint snus seeming stronger than other snus flavours such as coffee snus or snus pouch flavours.

How much nicotine in dip pouches?

The amount of nicotine in dip tobacco portions can vary greatly as most dip tobacco products come as loose tobacco with the user deciding on the size of their portion themselves. The average can of dip weighs approximately 34g and contains around 144 milligrams of nicotine per can; this means that each gram of dip tobacco contains an average of 4mg of tobacco.

How old to buy nicotine pouches?

As with any other type of nicotine or tobacco product within the UK, you must be of at least 18 years of age to purchase nicotine pouches and will likely be asked for a form of photo ID if you appear to be under the age of 25. Nicotine is an addictive substance and so its sale and distribution is regulated by UK law, making it illegal to sell to minors.

How much do nicotine pouches cost?

The nicotine pouches price will vary depending on the brand, although the majority of nicotine replacement pouches cost an average of £6 per pack. However at Grey Haze we pride ourselves on our amazingly low prices, which is why our Killa nicotine pouches cost as little as 2.95 per pack, and our Elf Bar Tacja pouches cost just £3.39 per pack!

What are tobacco-free nicotine pouches?

Tobacco-free nicotine pouches are the healthiest nicotine pouches as they don’t contain any tobacco or its subsequently harmful chemicals. Tobacco-free pouches contain either a synthetic type of nicotine or a nicotine salt based formula - the only harmful chemical in non tobacco snus is the nicotine itself as it is a highly addictive substance.

How do I find cheap nicotine pouches?

The best way to find the cheapest nicotine pouches is to shop around for the best deals before deciding on which ones you’re going to buy - although realistically it’s unlikely that you’ll find cheaper nicotine pouches anywhere else with our cheapest costing just £2.95!

What are the different types of nicotine pouches?

There are two main types of nicotine pouch -  those that contain a nicotine salt based flavour derived from natural tobacco leaves, and those that contain a synthetic nicotine. There are also many different types of flavours and strengths available in nicotine pouches, with our collection ranging from as low as 4mg all the way up to 20mg.


For more information on nicotine pouches you can check out our blog - A beginner’s guide to Snus and Nicotine Pouches. Alternatively you can contact a member of our Customer Service Team with any queries you may have via telephone, email or using our live chat service.

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