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High VG Liquids

High VG e-liquids are a type of vape juice with high concentrations of Vegetable Glycerin (VG), usually with a ratio of 70% VG to 30% PG, or higher. These vape juices are ideal for sub ohm vapers using powerful direct to lung devices, especially if they enjoy thick, flavoursome clouds.
The majority of high VG liquids are available in 50ml or 100ml shortfill bottles with a nicotine strength ranging between 0mg (nicotine free) to 10ml juices in 3mg or 6mg nicotine. Our collection of high VG vape juice includes a number of popular brands, including best sellers such as Dinner Lady, Vampire Vape, Doozy and IVG with every type of flavour available, from desserts to fruits, menthols and traditional tobaccos - there’s a flavour for each and every taste in our range of VG vape liquids.


2 for £20
A$AP Grape by Nasty Juice - Short Fill 50ml
Regular price£15.99£11.95
2 for £20
Acai Pomegranate by Bloom Short Fill
Regular price£14.99£11.95
4 FOR £10
All Day Grape - Vampire Vape Eliquid 10ml
Regular price£3.99£2.95
2 for £15
Apple & Peach by Bar Series Short Fill 100ml
Regular price£11.99£8.95
Apple Berry Ice Dripp Short Fill 100ml
Regular price£12.99£6.95
Apple Blackcurrant by SQZD - Short Fill
Regular price£17.99£8.95
Apple Bomb - VGOD Short Fill 50ML
Regular price£14.99£8.95
Apple Bomb Iced - VGOD Short Fill 50ML
Regular price£14.99£8.95
Apple by Fantasi Short Fill
Regular price£10.99£3.95
2 for £25
Apple Chews by Doozy Legends Short Fill 100ml
Regular price£14.95
3 FOR £10
Apple Cranberry by Yeti Salts E-Liquid 10ml
Regular price£3.99£1.99
2 for £20
Apple Cranberry by Yeti Short Fill 100ml
Regular price£17.99£11.95

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