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Best Vape Tanks of 2024

Best Vape Tanks of 2024

Vape tanks are a crucial part of any vape kit - they’re the section that hold your vape coil and e-liquid and turn it into a vapour. Vape tanks can make or break your experience when it comes to vaping as a good vape tank can provide you with fantastic flavour and just the right amount of cloud, which makes each and every puff an absolute pleasure. A bad vape tank on the other hand can have the opposite effect, leaving you frustrated at the lack of flavour and poor performance.

It’s so important that you pick the right type of vape tank for your style of vaping, not just because you want the maximum enjoyment out of it, but also because picking the wrong tank vape can lead to potential problems in the future such as leaking. What are the different types of tanks though? Keep reading to find out everything you could possibly need to know about vape tanks, including which tank vapes are the best vape tanks.

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Best Vape Tanks
GeekVape Zeus Sub Ohm Tank
Best Vape Tank for Flavour

Zeus Sub Ohm Tank by GeekVape

  • Top Refill System
  • Sub Ohm Tank
  • Leak Resistant Design
  • Comes with 2 Mesh Zeus (Z Series) Coils
Innokin Endura Prism Apex Tank
Best MTL Vape Tank

Endura Prism Apex Tank by Innokin

  • Top-Fill E-Liquid System
  • Stepped Adjustable Bottom Airflow
  • MTL Tank
  • Protective Metal Casing
VooPoo PnP X Pod Tank
Best 510 Vape Tank

PnP X Pod Tank by VooPoo

  • Bottom-Fill E-Liquid System
  • Full 360° Adjustable Airflow
  • MTL/DTL Tank
  • Long Lasting Coils
Sakerz Master Tank by Horizontech
Best Vape Tank For Not Leaking

Sakerz Master Tank by Horizontech

  • Top-Fill E-Liquid System
  • Adjustable Top Airflow
  • DTL Tank
  • Upgradeable E-liquid Capacity
Zlide MTL Tank by Innokin
Best Vape Tank For Nic Salts

Innokin Zlide MTL Tank

  • Top Fill Design
  • Bottom Adjustable Airflow
  • Protective Mteal Case
  • Mesh MTL Coils
Sakerz Sub Ohm Tank by HorizonTech
Best Vape Tank For Nic Salts

Sakerz Sub Ohm Tank by HorizonTech

  • Top Fill Design
  • Top Adjustable Airflow
  • Expandable E-Liquid Capacity
  • Mesh Coils
Nautilus 3 Tank by Aspire
Best Vape Tank For Nic Salts

Nautilus 3 Tank by Aspire

  • Slide Top-Fill Design
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Compatible with all Nautilus BVC Coils
  • Suitable For MTL/RDTL Vaping

1. Zeus Sub Ohm Tank by GeekVape

Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank By GeekVape

The Zeus Tank by GeekVape is (in my humble opinion) the best sub ohm tank so far. I tested this tank with the GeekVape Aegis Legend Zeus vape kit; I started with the 0.4 Ohm Zeus coil that comes with the tank at its lower wattage (50W) to get a feel for what this tank was capable of - and colour me surprised! Even with a high VG shortfill vape juice - Lychee Citrus Chill by Seriously Nice (one of my all time favourite flavours from Doozy Vape Co) - the Zeus Sub-Ohm still performed perfectly. The flavour was incredible, however, I did find that it took 10 - 15 puffs before the flavour really hit its peak intensity.

After around 30 puffs I bumped the wattage up to its maximum power (60W). The tank produced more vapour and the flavour increased in intensity slightly, the vapour also felt a little warmer at its higher wattage too, which could be great for those that prefer dessert flavoured e-liquids.

The coil lasted for around 8 days before I needed to replace it - I could have comfortably used it for probably another 2 - 3 days, but I’d noticed that the flavour was starting to drop off in intensity, so replaced it. However, that means you could get up to 10/11 days out of one coil, so long as the vape juice you’re using isn’t super sweet.

Refilling the Zeus tank was also an absolute doozy (see what I did there?) - the Zeus features a top refill system - just a little twist and the top can be removed, revealing 2 fill ports beneath. Why 2 ports you ask? Having two ports reduces the risk of e-liquid bubbles forming whilst you’re refilling your tank, which is an issue I always seem to have with Smok tanks, which then causes my juice to overflow and go everywhere.
The top airflow system was an interesting choice but other than leak resistance it didn’t seem to make much difference that I could notice -  I actually left the kit on its side and there was no residue or e-liquid beneath it after.

All in all the Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank by GeekVape is an all round incredible tank that’s perfect for clouds and full flavour. A great start to the list, and if you’re a cloud chaser yourself I know you’ll enjoy this tank as much as I have.


  • The Zeus tank didn’t leak at all; not even a drop.
  • Absolutely unbeatable flavour from the Zeus mesh coils.
  • Refilling the tank was as quick and easy as can be.
  • Coils had the potential to last for up to 10 days each.


  • The vapour got warmer as I increased the wattage
  • It took 10 - 15 puffs break in the coil and get the best flavour

2.Endura Prism Apex Tank by Innokin

Innokin Endura Prism Apex Tank

The Endura Prism Apex tank by Innokin is an incredible piece of kit, and is hands down the best mouth to lung tank available right now. I tested this tank as part of the Innokin Endura Apex starter vape kit using a 50/50 VG/PG nic salt vape juice (Pink Lemonade by Bar Series).

The 0.8 ohm Prism S coil that came with the kit is perfect for mouth to lung vaping, it wasn’t too flavoursome whilst still providing more than enough flavour to satisfy my cravings. Although it did take a while for the coil to break in and start producing the amount of flavour that I expected from a nic salt vape juice. The coils, despite the fact that they’re not mesh coils, produce a consistent amount of vapour that’s suited to MTL vaping - and they also last quite a long time, I managed to get just a little over two weeks out of the 0.8 Prism S coil before it needed to be replace.

Also, with the adjustable airflow located at the bottom of the tank you can achieve the perfect draw; this is because the airflow is stepped, showcasing a series of holes that give you the chance to pick just the right amount for your individual preferences. I chose to leave the airflow almost wide open most of the time, as I’m used to sub ohm vaping, however I did try each of the different airflow options to get a real feel for the tank and how well it simulates the sensation of smoking - which would be really well if I’d opted for a tobacco flavoured e-liquid.

Filling the tank was quick and easy; all it took was a turn of the plastic cap at the top of the tank to undo it, showing the e-liquid port beneath. The port was relatively wide for a MTL tank, with it being plenty big enough to fit the nozzle of my 10ml vape juice in. However, I do have slight reservations about the top of the tank. I didn’t face any problems whilst testing the tank, but the fact that the top is made of plastic has me concerned that its threads could be damaged quite easily, especially if you accidentally cross-thread the lid when resealing it.

Overall though I really enjoyed using the Endura Apex tank and feel that it definitely deserves the #1 MTL tank spot, and #2 on my list overall. If you want a tank that you can personalise to your preferences, you need to get your hands on one of these!


  • Stepped airflow for customisation and personalisation.
  • Easy to fill up due to the large refill port at the top of the tank.
  • Choice of two different coils for MTL or MTL/RDTL experiences.
  • Capable of simulating the sensation of smoking.


  • Threads at the top of the tank seem like they could be quite fragile.
  • The flavour took a few minutes to come through properly.

3. PnP X Pod Tank by VooPoo

VooPoo PnP X Pod Tank

The PnP X pod tank by VooPoo is a little different to other tanks as it’s classed as a pod due to its bottom fill design and plastic outer casing. The clear plastic shell is likely what makes the PnP X one of the cheaper vape tanks, but it also makes it much more durable as it’s far less likely to break when dropped than other tanks - making it not just the best 510 tank, but also the best cheap vape tank too!

I tested the PnP X pod tank with the VooPoo Drag S2 for the full experience; starting with the 0.3 Ohm PnP X coil at 32W. The flavour produced by the PnP X coils was pretty good - not as good as the Zeus, but still good none the less. I used the same vape juice to make it a fair test and found that the PnP X coils took longer to reach their peak flavour strength, but they did last a little longer than other DL coils i’ve used in the past. VooPoo boasts that a single pack of their new PnP X coils can last for up to 90 days, but i’m not so sure about this  as the coils that came with the pod tank lasted for around 14 days each, which implies that a full pack would last for around 70 days, not 90.

The PnP X Pod tank is still suitable for both MTL and DTL vaping as it’s compatible with a wide range of VooPoo PnP X coils, so no matter which style of vaping you prefer, the PnP X pod has got you covered. Although this pod kit can be used for MTL and DTL vaping, the coils that it comes with suggest that it caters more towards sub ohm vapers than mouth to lung.  

Refilling the PnP X tank was a bit of a pain, as unlike the #1 and #2 ranked tanks, it doesn’t feature a top-fill system and instead needs to be removed from the device to uncover the rubber stopper that covers the refill port. However the 360 degree airflow more than makes up for this slight convenience as it means that you’re not limited in your level of airflow customisation!

I got on with this tank really well and would definitely recommend it to DTL vapers, although there are better tanks out there for MTL vaping.


  • Authentic flavour from the PnP X coils
  • Can be used for MTL and DTL vaping
  • Can be used with almost any vape mod that features a 510 connection
  • Full 360 degree adjustable airflow for more control


  • Coils don’t seem to last as long as implied
  • You have to remove the tank from the device to refill it

4. Sakerz Master Tank by Horizontech

Sakerz Master Tank By HorizonTech Sub-Ohm Tank

The Sakerz Master by Horizontech is a sub ohm style tank that’s perfect for high powered vape kits. The Sakerz Master is capable of creating huge clouds that are exploding with pure flavour and it’s highly consistent; even when the coil is coming towards the end of its lifespan the Sakerz Master will still put out big cloud puffs without fail. However, my favourite thing about this tank is the fact that it appears to be completely leak proof.

I’ve vaped this tank for a few weeks on end, and not once has the Sakerz Master spilt so much as a drop of e-liquid, making it the best vape tank that doesn’t leak. I believe the reason behind the Sakerz Master’s leak resistance is it’s top-airflow system, as when it’s sat upright there’s simply nowhere for the vape juice to go, which prevents e-liquid buildup, and therefore stops it from leaking too. However, I also left the tank on its side for most of the day and it still didn’t leak; I believe the only time it might is if you put the wrong type of vape juice in it, like a high PG vape liquid.

Refilling the vape tank was easy peasy, as you’d expect from a top-fill tank - just unscrew the top and fill it up with your favourite vape juice. Another great thing about this tank though is the fact that you can upgrade its e-liquid capacity! TPD compliant vape tanks are limited to 2ml at the time of purchase, which can be a real nuisance when you’re using a powerful vape that gets through vape juice like there’s no tomorrow. Thankfully there’s a 4.5ml bubble vape glass available for the Sakerz Master that you can fit yourself; this means you don’t have to refill your tank as often, even when using it on full power. You can find the replacement vape glass here.

Lastly the top airflow makes quite the difference in the way that this tank vapes; it’s hard to describe, as it doesn’t make the tank airier or more powerful, but it definitely feels different - in a good way.
If you’re looking for the best sub ohm tanks for efficiency or that don’t need to be refilled frequently, take a look at the Sakerz Master tank as it can be made into one of the biggest vape tanks around.


  • You can upgrade the e-liquid capacity for less frequent refills
  • Doesn’t leak even after being left for hours
  • Produces thick clouds which are perfect for sub ohm vapers


  • Gets through vape liquid quite quickly due to its high power output
  • Removing the glass it comes with can be a bit fiddly

5. Zlide MTL Tank by Innokin 

Innokin Zlide MTL Tank

At #5 on the list is the Zlide MTL tank by Innokin - an amazing little mouth to lung vape tank that would be at home on any low powered vape kit or mod. The Zlide may not seem like much at first glance, but let me tell you, it is packed full of pleasant surprises!

The first thing you need to understand about the Zlide vape tank by Innokin is that it’s quite different to other MTL tanks - for a start, it uses mesh coils. Mesh coils are known for producing superior flavour, and thanks to the fact that the Innokin Z coils use a low wattage they’re best for 50/50 vape juices such as nicotine salts - this makes the Innokin Zlide MTL tank the best vape tank for nic salts liquids.

I tested this theory for myself by pairing the Zlide with one of the new Elux nic salt liquids - the Cherry Sour Raspberry flavour. All I can say is WOW! I know it’s also a testament to the quality of the liquid, but I could taste each and every individual flavour in the vape juice when I used it with the 0.48 Ohm PLEX3D mesh coil. I really didn’t expect such amazing flavour from a MTL vape tank, I was completely blown away by it.

Aside from the incredible flavour, the Zlide also boasts a very handy metallic casing that protects the glass but also leaves room for the glass to still be visible - this means you can keep an eye on your e-liquid levels, and the tank has extra protection against drop damage.

I quite liked the design of the fill system on this device - rather than having to remove the top to refill it, instead you simply slide the top open. This means not only can you open your vape tank one handed, but you don’t need to try to juggle your vape juice and the lid of your vape tank at the same time. The only slight downside is the rubbery seal that covers the fill port - although it’s necessary to prevent leaking, it can get in the way slightly when you’re trying to refill your tank. It wasn’t a major issue though, which is why the Zlide MTL is still at #5 on my list!
If you want to stick to using your favourite flavoured nic salt or bar salt vape juice then this is the best vape tank for you.


  • Protective metal case reduces risk of damage from dropping tank
  • Amazing flavour thanks to the mesh coil
  • Simple slide refill system for easy tank refills


  • Rubber seal can sometimes get in the way of refilling the tank
  • Metallic case means you can’t expand the e-liquid capacity

6. Sakerz Sub Ohm Tank by HorizonTech

Sakerz By HorizonTech Sub-Ohm Tank

Nearing the end of my list is the Sakerz sub ohm tank by HorizonTech! The Sakerz is a work of art with machine-precise carved design and creative colour schemes. The Sakerz, like many of the tanks on my list, features a simple, straightforward top fill design that allows you to fill your tank with your chosen vape juice with ease - a twist of the top loosens it enough to be removed so that you can access the port beneath where you insert your e-liquid.

The coils that come with the Sakerz tank are powerful mesh coils that are ideal for direct to lung vapers as they’re capable of producing large clouds that are rich in flavour, and if you choose, nicotine too! Due to the wattage that the Sakerz coils run at, it’s best if you use this tank with a high VG liquid, like those that contain 70% VG or more. Whilst testing the tank I found that the coils lasted for around 7 days each, give or take a little - this is quite a good lifespan for a coil, but isn’t the longest lasting that I’ve come across.

As with the other HorizonTech tank on our list, the Sakerz e-liquid capacity can be upgraded to allow it to hold more vape liquid. It comes with a 2ml glass as standard due to TPD regulations, but a 4.5ml bubble glass can be purchased separately that allows you to expand the capacity - this means you can enjoy extended vaping sessions too without worrying about running out of vape liquid. This feature is especially convenient if you lead a busy life and don’t always have time to top up your tank when you’re on the go.

There are currently two different coils that are compatible with the Sakerz tank, which when coupled with the adjustable airflow it allows you to tailor your vaping style further so that you can achieve the perfect experience that suits your needs as well as your personal taste.

Unfortunately the Sakers only made it to #6 on the list because aside from its vapour production and upgradeable capacity, it doesn’t boast any other stand out features - however, sometimes simplicity is best, which is why i’d still recommend this vape tank to any DL vapers who are looking for a straight forward vape tank to get them started.


  • Powerful tank that’s great for those that enjoy big clouds
  • Larger capacity vape glass is available for purchase separately
  • Adjustable airflow gives vapers more control over the vaping experience


  • Coils only lasted for about a week each

7. Nautilus 3 Tank by Aspire

Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank

Last, but certainly not least on my list, is the Nautilus 3 vape tank by Aspire - although I didn’t save the best for last in this case, that doesn’t mean that the Nautilus 3 isn’t worthy of appreciation.

Firstly, the Nautilus 3 is compatible with a huge range of Nautilus coils - with some able to be used at wattages as low as 7W! This makes the Nautilus 3 one of the very best mouth to lung tanks, as it’s compatible with more than 5 different coils, and approximately 2 thirds are dedicated to low wattage vaping. Some of the coils for the Nautilus 3 are mesh coils, which also means that you can enjoy full flavour whilst still be able to appreciate a similar experience to smoking in terms of the power produced and the tightness of the inhale. This leads me on to my next point.

The Aspire Nautilus 3 tank also features a precise airflow control mechanism with several different airflow inlets that vary in size. When I tested the 0.7 Ohm Nautilus coil (the mesh version) I tried out each of the airflow inlets, and although I didn’t expect much, I found that there was a significant difference between them. The larger airflow inlets are suited to both mouth to lung vaping as well as restricted direct to lung vaping, whilst the smaller inlets for the airflow are much more restricted and were only really suitable for MTL vaping.

Although this clearly wasn’t my favourite tank, as I already mentioned I sway more towards DTL vaping and powerful vapes, I could still appreciate the consideration and thought that had gone into producing this vape tank. It’s clear that Aspire have worked hard to create a vape tank that appeals to all different types of vapers, which is why they’ve made it so versatile and included customisable features into its creation.
My final verdict on this tank is that it’s better suited to MTL vapers with a little more experience as it has a lot of potential that first time vapers may not be able to make full use of.



  • Compatible with a wide variety of coils, kits and mods
  • Can be used for both MTL and RDTL vaping
  • Adjustable airflow gives you more control over your experience


  • Better suited to vapers with a little more experience to make use of its full potential


Have you tried out any of these vape tanks before? Do you have a different idea of what makes the best vape tank? Let us know in the comment section below - and don’t forget that you can purchase each of these tanks at Grey Haze!

Now that we’ve covered the basics of the two main types of vape tanks it’s the bit you’ve all been waiting for - my list of the best vape tanks! Vape tanks aren’t quite as popular as they used to be, with more and more vapers turning to all in one systems such as pod kits, so there are less vape tanks being produced now than there were a few years ago - due to this I've forgone the usual top 10 and stuck to a top 5 list of the best vape tanks instead.

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