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Siberia Nicotine Pouches

The Siberia Nicotine Pouch range is a collection of small nicotine pouches that have been designed as a discreet method of obtaining nicotine when you need it most; they’re tobacco-free and don’t produce any smoke, ash or smell - perfect for when you need a quick nicotine hit in locations where smoking or vaping aren’t allowed.

Siberia Nicotine Snus Pouches are all about the intense, icy mint experience, which each of their nicotine pouches intended to provide you with a memorable minty experience that’s unrivalled in terms of both flavour and form. From the Original to the Super Slim, each type of nicotine pouch has been carefully crafted to offer you a consistently cool blend from the first moment, until the last.

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Siberia Nicotine Pouches

The Siberia Nic Pouch comes as a can of 20 nic pouches and are available in a range of sizes from Ultra Slim and Original! The Siberia Nicotine Pouches also come in a variety of nicotine strengths to suit your needs from 18.15mg to 24.75mg - this allows you to personalise your experience to your own unique preferences. The nicotine within Siberia Nic Pouches is intended to be released gradually over the period of an hour to provide you with a satisfying level of nicotine that lasts.

For those looking for a smokeless nicotine experience, Siberia Nicotine Pouches offer a modern and covert substitute. These carefully crafted and manufactured nic pouches provide nicotine users with a smokeless option by delivering a controlled dose of nicotine without the need for tobacco or vapes. 

The Siberia brand places a strong emphasis on quality, using only the best ingredients to produce consistently pleasant results. These carefully curated pouches are appropriate for a variety of situations. Siberia Nicotine Pouches offer a cutting-edge, sophisticated, and dependable smoke-free nicotine experience for individuals who value satisfaction and safety.

Siberia Nicotine Pouches

What are Siberia Nicotine Pouches?

Siberia Nicotine Pouches are a discreet and smokeless substitute for using nicotine. These premium ingredients-filled pouches provide precise nicotine doses without requiring burning. Users can enjoy the effects without smoke or vapour by inserting a pouch between their gum and upper lip - although some may prefer to place the pouch between their gum and lower lip (it’s a matter of personal preference). 

Siberia promotes a contemporary approach to nicotine consumption by providing a range of strengths to accommodate personal tastes. For people looking for a discreet and practical way to get their fix of nicotine in places where smoking or vaping might not be allowed, the pouches offer a discreet and functional alternative.

How to use Siberia Nicotine Pouches

Using Siberia Nic Pouches is incredibly easy, and very similar to using Snus (but without the use of tobacco).

Step 1 - Carefully open the canister containing the Siberia Nicotine Pouches.
Step 2 - Gently extract a single pouch, taking care to avoid damaging it in the process.
Step 3 - Position the pouch comfortably between the upper lip and gum.
Step 4 - Allow the nicotine to be gradually absorbed into your system until you achieve the desired level of satisfaction.
Step 5 - Dispose of the used pouch responsibly.

How much nicotine is in Siberia Nicotine Pouches?

Siberia Nicotine Pouches contain 33mg/g of nicotine per can of 20 nic pouches; however due to the difference in the size of these pouches, some types of Siberia Nic Pouches contain more nicotine per pouch than others.

  • Siberia Ultra Slim Nicotine Pouches - 18.15mg per Pouch
  • Siberia Super Slim Nicotine Pouches - 24.45mg per Pouch
  • Siberia Original Nicotine Pouches - 24.75mg per Pouch

Are Nicotine Pouches addictive?

Siberia Nicotine Pouches contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance, due to this they can be addictive and frequent use can lead to addiction. We’d recommend only those who already use nicotine products should use Siberia Nicotine Pouches because of this - and only if they are of 18 years of age as older, as nicotine is a restricted substance and it is illegal to sell to minors.

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