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Pod vape kits are a type of vape kit that has been designed for simplicity and convenience. Pod vapes last longer than disposable vapes and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, as well as styles. Refillable pod kits offer vapers more control over their vaping experience and the chance to select their own e-liquid. Pre-filled pod kits on the other hand are closed pod systems. These pod vapes are great for beginners and new vapers alike, due to their ease of use and wide range of flavours.

If you're looking for a device that uses prefilled pods or refillable pods, you're in the right place. We have one of the biggest ranges of pod devices in the UK. Our online vape shop features popular brands such as Elf Bar, Vaporesso, Smok and more. All at unbeatable prices, too!

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Vaporesso LUXE X Pro Vape Kit
Regular price£27.95£23.75
Smok Novo 5 Pod Kit
Regular price£19.99£16.99
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Uwell Caliburn G3 Pod Kit
Regular price£18.99£16.14
Vaporesso XROS 3 Nano Pod Kit
Regular price£24.99£21.24
Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod Kit
Regular price£9.60£8.64
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VooPoo Argus Pod SE Kit
Regular price£19.99£17.99
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Oxva Xlim Pro Vape Pod Kit
Regular price£23.99£20.39
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Uwell Caliburn GZ2 Pod Kit
Regular price£15.50£13.95
Vaporesso LUXE XR Max Vape Kit
Regular price£39.99£28.04
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Voopoo Argus G Pod Kit
Regular price£24.99£21.24
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Lost Vape Ursa Pocket Pod Kit
Regular price£32.49£27.61
GeekVape B100 Aegis Boost Pro 2 Kit
Regular price£32.10£28.89
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MOTI Play Pod Vape Kit
Regular price£19.99£16.99
Aspire Gotek X Pod Kit
Regular price£9.99£8.49
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Uwell Caliburn Tenet KOKO Pod Kit
Regular price£19.50£17.55
VooPoo Argus P1 Pod Kit
Regular price£20.99£18.89
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Voopoo Doric Q Pod Kit
Regular price£6.99£5.94
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Oxva Xlim C Pod Vape Kit
Regular price£11.50£10.35
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Lost Vape Ursa Nano Pod Kit
Regular price£12.99£11.69
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Vaporesso XROS 3 Pod Vape Kit
Regular price£21.99£18.69

What are Pod Vape Kits?

Vape pod kits, as you might have guessed, are a type of vape that uses a 'pod'. The pod is the part of the vape that holds the e-liquid, and is usually made using plastic. There are two main types of pod kit; closed pod systems and open pod systems.

  • Closed pod systems are pod systems that utilise prefilled pods. They're classed as closed because the pod cann't be opened or refilled.

  • Open pod systems are pod systems that use refillable vape pods. These pods can be opened and filled with your choice of e-liquid. These pod kits can feature either fixed coils or replaceable coils; fixed coils cannot be removed. Instead when the coil burns out the entire pod is disposed of.

What is a prefilled pod vape kit?

A prefilled pod kit is a rechargeable vape that comes with pre-filled pods. These pods have been preloaded with e-liquid which is often in the form of nic salts. Many pre-filled pods are 2ml pods that are available in a wide range of e-liquid flavours; although the majority feature a nicotine strength of 20mg (2%). The nic salts offer a smooth throat hit and intense flavour, which makes these kits similar to disposable vapes.

Pre-filled pod kits are ideal for MTL vaping (mouth to lung vaping) as they contain strong nicotine and often have a tight inhale. The airflow replicates the same sensation as smoking, making them a great choice for those that are looking to switch from smoking to vaping.

There are many examples of this type of vape, but ones that you may have seen before are:

Downsides to using a pre-filled vape is that their compact size means that they often have smaller batteries, aside from this, they also limit your options as the vape pods are already filled with vape juice. This means that you can't select your own e-liquid flavours or decide on the nicotine strength.

What is a refillable pod vape kit?

Refillable pod kits are another type of pod vape. These devices come with refillable pods that can be filled with your favourite e-liquid. The ability to select their own vape juice gives vapers far more control over their vape. They can customise it to meet their needs.

Some refillable pod vapes come with pods that have a fixed coil. This means that the coil can't be taken out or replaced. Instead, when the pod begins to taste burned, the whole thing is disposed of and replaced. Fixed-coil pod vapes need next to no maintenance, and make less mess. Examples of this type of vape include the Vaporesso Xros 4, and the OXVA Xlim Go.

Other refillable pod kits have replaceable coils. This means that you keep the pod and instead replace the coil when it begins to taste burned. The main difference between the two is that fixed coils are easier for beginners to get to grips with. Replaceable coils are suitable for more advanced vapers instead. Examples of pod kits with replaceable coils include the Uwell Crown X, and the VooPoo Drag X2.

What are the benefits of Pod Kits?

  • Vape pod kits as a whole are much easier to use than vape kits with a vape mod. Many come with pods that don't need to be filled wih liquid, or pods with fixed coils; this means there's a lot less hassle involved in their use.

  • Pod kits tend to be much smaller than other types of vape, too. They're much more portable and don't weigh you down whilst you're out and about or on the go. Their size also makes them great for stealth vaping.

  • Most pod style vapes have pods with mesh coils; the mesh boosts flavour and improves the overall experience. The vapour production is consistent, and the coils tend to last longer.

  • A lot of pod kits are MTL style vapes. This makes them great for high strength vape liquids such as nic salts and bar salts. It also means that they tend to be smaller and they use less liquid, saving you money.

What are the best e-liquids for Pod Kits?

Pod kits with a low power output are better suited to a certain type of e-liquid. Vape juices with a thinner consistency, like 50/50 VG/PG vape juices work best in these devices. The best vape liquids with this ratio tends to be nic salts and bar salts due to their strong flavour and nicotine strengths.

Pod mods on the other hand often have a higher power output. These vapes work best with a liquid that has a thicker consistency, such as a 70% VG liquid or above. These vape juices tend to come in bigger bottles, called shortfill liquids, and are nicotine free. However, you can add nicotine to them through the use of nicotine shots to create a maximum strength of 3mg.

As a rule of thumb, if the vape has a maximum wattage of more than 30W, it will perform best with thicker vape liquids. These types of vapes tend to be sub-ohm vapes with low resistances.
If the maximum power is 30W or less, it's best to stick to thinner vape juices as these vapes usually have coils or pods with higher resistances.

What Kind Of Pod Kits Do We Sell?

We sell a variety of different types of pod kits, you are sure to find the perfect one for you, there are multiple different types of systems which you will find will suite your tastes. Read below for more info on our types of pod kits.

Refillable Pod Kits (Open system)

These are open systems, meaning you can refill with your own eliquids and replace the pods and coils, more like traditional vape kits, these however can differ in appearance drastically from a normal vape kit. They are designed to be much smaller and compact, can look square, or like a pen, and sometimes even be larger with replaceable batteries. These kits can be more expensive initially, but cheaper to run long term.

Pre-filled Pod Kits (Closed system)

Closed systems are pod kits in which eliquid and coils cannot be replaced, the entire pod is disposable and has 2ml of eliquid pre-filled. These products are very small, and normally come in a pen style, for example the popular Juul vape kit is a closed system. Pre-filled pod kits are very easy and simple to use, you normally purchase a 5 pack of pods and replace the pod in the vape whenever the eliquid run-outs, there are no settings or extra features. These kits are simple and cheap to purchase initially.

Sub-Ohm Pod Kits

Sub-ohm pod kits are the same as larger vape kits, in that they have a tank with replaceable coils, one or two replaceable batteries (sometimes non-replaceable). The difference is in the style of tank, which would be exclusive to the vape and not interchangeable between different mods. The tank would be of the pod type and made of plastic and be a compact form factor. Sub-Ohm pod kits, although they have the same features of vape kits, can be more compact and aesthetically better to carry and look at than vape kits. Vape kits normally have a large tank on the top, with a glass tank and 510 connection, meaning you can use it with any vape you like as long as it carries a 510 connection.

Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are the trending product of 2021, super simple and easy to use, no recharging or refilling. Once you're done, you just recycle it and open the next one. It has everything you need all in one easy form factor and can last anywhere from a day to a week. Most go by amount of puffs, you can buy disposables that can do 300 puffs all the way up to 3000 puffs!

Why Choose Grey Haze?

Since it first started trading Grey Haze has dedicated itself to supplying vapers with the very best products from across the UK and beyond. Our high quality vape kits, liquids and accessories are some of the cheapest in the industry, because we understand the importance of a budget-friendly range. We also stock all of the most popular and best selling brands so customers have all they need, right here.


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