Cheap Vape and E Cigarette Mods For Sale

Vape Box Mods or APVs (advanced personal vaporisers) are a step-up from basic e-cigarettes and allow you to create a vaping experience that’s unique to you.


Cheap Vape and E Cigarette Mods For Sale

These advanced vape pen devices give you maximum control of your vape settings, allowing you to experiment with larger smoke plumes, enhanced flavour, and hotter temperatures - more closely mimicking that of a cigarette...and then some!

Whether you’re just starting to look at regulated box mods, or you’re ready to move onto sub-ohm vapes, Grey Haze’s range has everything you need to help you up your vaping game. Get more out of vaping and experiment with new flavours and up your vape power.

Take a look at our stunning range of high-quality box mods and start building your perfect vape kit. If you would like to look at our further subcategories, just hover over the e-mods that catch your eye to view more options.

Grey Haze can hook you up with all the leading vape mod brands like AsMODus, Desire, and Ultroner.

If it’s big clouds you’re after, regulated mods let you safely crank up the wattage to give you the power boost you need. Our extensive range of regulated box mods offers you features like firing cut-offs, which will protect your battery and coils from overheating.

And, for all the advanced cloud chasers out there, we also stock a wide selection of unregulated mods (aka mech mods). These mechanical mods offer you total flexibility in the power and atomisers you use, to help you create the perfect throat hit. Check out our stunning range of vape mods now.