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IQOS Heets

IQOS HEETS are tobacco sticks designed for use with the IQOS 3 Duo Starter Kit and the newer IQOS Originals Duo Starter Kit. The legacy IQOS system heats the tobacco in the HEETS sticks to create a tobacco vapour rather than burning the tobacco as cigarettes do. This produces a less harmful alternative to smoking for people who still want to enjoy the taste of tobacco. These Heets IQOS have produced are sometimes known as IQOS 3 Duo Heets or IQOS Originals Heets as they work in both Tobacco Heating Systems.

The IQOS system consists of three parts: the IQOS holder, which heats the tobacco; the IQOS charger, which charges the holder; and the IQOS Cleaning Tool, which helps to keep the holder clean and free of debris. The IQOS system is available in a variety of colours, and the HEETS sticks come in a range of flavours. You can browse the collection below for our selection of tobacco stick flavours.


IQOS HEETS Amber Tobacco Sticks
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IQOS HEETS Blue Tobacco Sticks
Regular price£5.99£5.95
IQOS HEETS Green Tobacco Sticks
Regular price£5.99£5.95
IQOS HEETS Mauve Tobacco Sticks
Regular price£5.99£5.95
IQOS HEETS Russet Tobacco Sticks
Regular price£5.99£5.95
IQOS HEETS Sienna Tobacco Sticks
Regular price£5.99£5.95
IQOS HEETS Sienna Caps Tobacco Sticks
Regular price£5.99£5.95
IQOS HEETS Teak Tobacco Sticks
Regular price£5.99£5.95
IQOS HEETS Turquoise Tobacco Sticks
Regular price£5.99£5.95
IQOS HEETS Yellow Tobacco Sticks
Regular price£5.99£5.95

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Explore the IQOS Heets range

IQOS Heets UK have developed a vast range of different IQOS Heets flavours for tobacco enthusiasts to enjoy; whether it’s a rich roasted tobacco, a smooth nutty tobacco or a cool minty menthol tobacco, you can buy IQOS Heets in practically any type of tobacco you can think of! Below we’ve written a list of each different type of IQOS 3 Duo Heets flavour with a brief description of their flavour profile, to help you pick the best IQOS Heets for your Heets IQOS device.

Classic Heets

The classic Heets feature a variety of traditional tobacco tastes in a range of different strengths, with the IQOS Heets strength ranging from mild to bold.

  • IQOS Heets Yellow - The IQOS Yellow Heets are a light and mellow tobacco blend with a mild taste.
  • IQOS Heets Amber - The Amber Heets IQOS blend are a mild balanced mix of roasted tobacco tones.
  • IQOS Heets Teak - The Teak IQOS Heets are a regular rounded and nutty tasting tobacco blend.
  • IQOS Heets Sienna - The Sienna IQOS Heets are a regular smooth  type of tobacco with woody undertones.
  • IQOS Heets Russet - The Russet IQOS Heets are a bold IQOS Heets flavour featuring a rich and full-bodied tobacco taste.

Menthol Heets

The IQOS Heets Menthol range provides users with a series of menthol and minty tobacco blends that soothe the senses or offer a bracing blast of chill.

  • IQOS Heets Turquoise - The Turquoise IQOS Heets are a mild refreshing tobacco blend with a mellow menthol aftertaste.
  • IQOS Heets Green - The IQOS Green Heets are a well balanced blend of tobacco with spearmint overtones.
  • IQOS Heets Sienna Caps - The Sienna Caps IQOS Heets offer customers the choice of classic tobacco or menthol with just one click.
  • IQOS Heets Blue - The IQOS Blue Heets are an intensely bold peppermint flavour tobacco with cool minty notes throughout.

Aromatic Heets

The Aromatic range of IQOS Heets are a collection of fruity tobacco Heets IQOS flavours for fans of flavoured tobacco.

  • IQOS Heets Mauve Wave - The purple Heets IQOS, also known as Mauve Wave Heets are a mix of menthol with wild berries and tobacco tones.

With so many different IQOS Heets types  to pick from we’re sure you’ll find a flavour of tobacco sticks to suit your unique tastes. 

Note: Please do not try to use Heets for IQOS Iluma; devices such as the IQOS Iluma don't use IQOS Iluma Heets, they use TEREA tobacco sticks.

What is the difference between IQOS and Heets?

Heets are a range of tobacco sticks designed for use with IQOS bladed heated tobacco devices. Heets sticks for IQOS do not contain a heating blade within them and so are designed for heated tobacco systems such as the IQOS Originals and older bladed models of the heat not burn devices. IQOS is the name of the brand that manufactures the Heets for IQOS UK.

IQOS Heets Review

For more detailed information on IQOS Heets, including price comparisons, flavour ratings and which Heets flavours I thought were best, take a look at our Heets IQOS review where I talk about trying Heets for the first time and what I thought about the smell, flavour and price! My Heets review covers everything you could possibly need to know about IQOS tobacco sticks as well as a few interesting facts I learned along the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are IQOS Heets?

AIQOS Heets are a type of tobacco stick containing a specially blended tobacco rolled into a small stick that can be inserted into an IQOS heated tobacco device containing a bladed heating element. As IQOS Heets are heated rather than burned they don’t produce smoke, ash or tar and create significantly less smell than ordinary tobacco found in cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Q: How do IQOS Heets work?

AIQOS Heets work by inserting the Heets tobacco sticks into an IQOS heated tobacco device. The heated tobacco system heats up the specially blended tobacco using a bladed heating element, rather than burning. This process produces an inhalable aerosol containing nicotine as well as the true tobacco flavour the ex-smokers may crave. Due to the fact that the Heets are gradually heated rather than burned they produce significantly less of the carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarettes and they also don’t produce any smoke, ash or tar.

Q: How to use Heets without IQOS?

ADue to some of the components used to create Heets, they cannot be used without an IQOS heated tobacco device. We would strongly advise against trying to use Heets the same way that you would cigarettes as it could be potentially harmful to your health.

Q: How much nicotine is in IQOS Heets?

AAccording to IQOS each Heets tobacco stick contains 0.5mg of nicotine, which is around the same amount as the average cigarette. However, this information is based on the aerosol produced by the Heets rather than the tobacco within the sticks themselves. Each Heets tobacco stick contains approximately 4.6ml of nicotine within the stick itself but only approximately 0.5mg of this comes from the aerosol emitted.

Q: What happens if you smoke Heets without IQOS?

AWe would highly recommend that you avoid attempting to smoke Heets like you would a cigarette as using Heets without an IQOS Heets device can be potentially hazardous as they’re not intended to be smoked. Not only would combustion release all of the same hazardous chemicals as a cigarette, but you’d also be inhaling chemicals from the foil-lined paper that surrounds the Heets stick, which would be notably worse for your health.

Q: Are IQOS Heets safe?

AIQOS have stated that their IQOS Heets tobacco sticks are up to 95% safer than smoking cigarettes as their specially formulated Heets sticks are meant to produce significantly less carcinogens and carbon monoxide than traditional cigarettes. However it’s important to note IQOS Heets sticks for IQOS still contain real tobacco and so some carcinogens are still released - they also contain nicotine which is an addictive substance.

Q: Are IQOS Heets the same as a vape?

A: IQOS Heets are not the same as a vape. A vape heats up e-liquid and turns it onto an inhalable vapour that’s composed of just 4 main ingredients, which is a much cleaner and safer method of smoking cessation. IQOS Heets on the other hand contain real tobacco that is heated to produce an aerosol that contains nicotine as well as other potentially harmful substances. Although IQOS Heets are stated as being safer than smoking, they still use real tobacco.

Q: IQOS Heets UK Price

AThe IQOS Heets price within the UK can vary from store to store, but they cost an average of £6 per pack of 20 tobacco sticks. You can buy IQOS Heets online so long as you are of a legal smoking age within your country or state; if you’re not of legal smoking age you will not be able to buy Heets IQOS is a tobacco product and so is a restricted substance - the same rule applies to both IQOS and Heets.

Q: How long do IQOS Heets last?

AIQOS Heets last for approximately 6 minutes per tobacco stick or 14 puffs; IQOS Heets have been designed to replicate cigarettes as closely as possible, and so each tobacco stick lasts for approximately the same amount of time as a typical cigarette. So if you get through 10 cigarettes a day, a pack of 20 Heets will last you 2 days. If you’re a heavy smoker and get through a pack of cigarettes a day, you pack of 20 IQOS Heets will last you for the same amount of time.

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