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  • Do Me A Flavour!

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    The weird and wonderful world of things that shouldn't taste good together, but do!

    Do you want to amaze your dinner party guests by creating some crazy concoctions that actually work? Then we’ve got the perfect graphic for you.

    In this piece, we’ve put together some starters, main courses, desserts and sides that you’ll have never heard, or dreamt of, before. We’ve also outlined the science behind these mad meals, explaining why these puzzling plates work, so you can educate your guest if they need a little encouragement to dig in.

    So, do me a flavour, read on and treat your guests to some dodgy, but delicious, dishes.


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  • 10 gadgets every man needs in 2017

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    10 Gadgets Every Man Needs in 2017

    Need some gifting ideas for your man, your dad, your brother or other lad buddies? Here is a breakdown of some of the most sought after tech gadgets for 2017 which are guaranteed to knock his socks off...

    iPhone 7 £599

    Apple's latest gadget to hit the shelves is their 12MP smartphone: the iPhone 7. Ideal for budding photographers, the wide angle and telephoto cameras have a 2x optical zoom, producing crystal clear photos at the tap of a button. It also features the best battery life (so far), immersive stereo speakers, the brightest display and is splash and water resistant (however, we don't recommend taking it into the shower with you. Perhaps Apple may consider that another time).

    Even the FaceTime app has a 7MP camera, which means you can chat to your mates in HD while they’re in the loo. Winner.

    GoPro Hero 5 £380

    For the travellers, adrenaline junkies and extreme sports fanatics, the GoPro Hero 5 is the latest addition to this series of ground-breaking cameras. The Hero5 is easy to use yet boasts its most powerful features yet; 4K video, voice control, one-button simplicity, waterproof design, touch display, smooth stabilised video, excellent audio and pro-quality photo capture combined with GPS. You can also easily upload footage to your GoPro Plus cloud account for easy access on your phone.

    The mini cam is waterproof to 33ft without a housing and can capture 4K video and 12MP photos in single, burst and time lapse modes - whilst, may I add, filtering out wind noise. Smooth.

    Kanger TOGO Mini 2.0 Starter Kit £20


    There is no better present than the gift of freedom, and giving someone a means of escape for a better life is an opportunity that shouldn't go amiss right? Right. So help your brothers put down their cancer sticks by giving them the Kanger TOGO Mini Starter Kit;  a vaping device which will aid them in quitting smoking. Designed specifically for beginners, the Kanger is ideal for easing smokers out of their dirty habit and into a new, healthier lifestyle filled with deliciously flavoured e-liquids.

    Features include a built-in 1700mAh battery which can be charged via a USB port, simple one button design, 1.9ml e-liquid capacity, replaceable glass tank, leak resistant top fill cup design, compatible with CLOCC atomizer heads, Includes 1 CLOCC NiChrome 1.0ohm atomizer head for 7-15W, a top adjustable airflow valve and more! The starter kit is the beginning of something beautiful.

    Polaroid Snap Instant £64

    For those with a taste for nostalgia, the Snap Instant prints out your photos like a retro polaroid but thanks to digital imaging, it requires no ink whatsoever. This cam is perfect for scrap-bookers or for those of us who like to plaster our walls with memorabilia. Features include the choice of three photo filters: black & white, sepia tone and normal, while Photobooth mode allows you to take six consecutive photos in ten seconds and you can print them with or without the Polaroid Classic border logo. Available in four funky colours; white, black, red and blue, this 10 megapixel handheld camera recreates classic instant photography and won't break your budget.

    Minipresso NS portable espresso maker £50

    I can't get enough of coffee, and though this doesn't sound like the most exciting piece of technology, I can guarantee you that it is worth the hype and excitement. The Minipresso NS can be used in conjunction with standard Nespresso capsules that can be plugged into the top, sealed, before pumping out a perfect single-serving shot of espresso coffee for all those busy bodies out there who crave their quick caffeine fix.

    Playstation VR £349.99

    This one makes a great gift - trust me, I was lucky enough to receive one for Christmas and watching my Gran freak out whilst wearing the headset made the tragic year of 2016 end on a high note. Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are making waves through the gaming world and it's easy to see why; this piece of equipment can literally make you feel like you've been transported to another world - like you're inside the game (Wreckit Ralph springs to mind).

    You can enjoy 360 degrees of movement (a feature rarely available in previous VR headset designs) and 3D audio which emulates 360 degrees of sound so that you can hear all those rustles and footsteps and see what's behind you! *Cue Pantomime call and response moment*. Want the ultimate, immersive gaming experience? It's the Playstation VR for you sir.

    Samsung Serif 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV £1199

    Created by world-renowned designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, the Samsung Serif is a work of art. In all its sleek and slimline glory, this technological masterpiece will slide seamlessly into your living room. Packed with smart features such as rapid quad-core processor, 4K Ultra HD picture, Bluetooth, curtain mode (which enables the user to block the screen with vibrant colours during ad breaks so that you can temporarily escape the commercial world), 2 USB ports and built-in sound bars to vibe up that sound quality.

    This 40" screen can be left freestanding on the skinny leg stand that it comes with, or simply rested on top of your chest of drawers using its self supported frame. The Scandinavian style transforms its profile into a capital 'I' shape which will keep your home entertainment system suitably adapted to minimalistic tastes, whilst the otherworldly display will transform your viewing for good!

    Cobra CDR 900 dash cam £179.99

    This cool little wireless dashcam from Cobra is loaded with 1080P/1296P capability, wireless video streaming, a 160-degree viewing angle and a 2.0-inch LCD viewing screen. It's compact, but extremely reliable. The WiFi function allows the user to connect their smartphone and stream or share footage. Using the Cobra Drive HD App, users can also remotely command their device to begin recording as well as control its settings.

    Whether you want to improve the safety of your vehicle or just hope to catch a few You've Been Framed moments that you can send into LADbible, the Cobra dashcam is a gnarly gift for those who love the road.

    Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless £499

    Gone are the days of puny fold out wireless speakers that bounce off your shelf when you crank up the bassline...the Zeppelin Wireless has two 25mm double dome tweeters, a 150mm subwoofer (each with their own amp) and two 90mm midrange speakers. The oval shaped speaker system is fully compatible with Apple Airplay, Bluetooth and Spotify Connect which means that for the first time, the audio kings have opened the Zeppelin experience up to Android users.

    Amazon Fire TV Stick with voice remote £44.99

    And just like that *clicks fingers* the Amazon fire stick transforms your ordinary TV into a smart TV. How does one tiny little memory stick perform such an act I hear you say? You simply plug it into your TV's USB port and you can instantly play Amazon Prime, as well as a whole host of other on-demand services such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer. You can also activate it purely by voice control - cool right? And if that's not going to sell it to you then maybe these three words will: THE GRAND TOUR.

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  • Top tips to stop smoking for good!

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    Reasons to give up smoking

    We've all seen the ad campaigns spread across billboards, centrefolds, TV screens and printed on the packaging of your standard cigarette packet. Blackened lungs, decaying fingernails, yellowed teeth - a real wake-up call. The grotesque imagery used in these advertisements is there to make consumers aware of the risks they are taking every time they light up a cancer stick. Yet somehow it just isn't enough. As with most things that we find ourselves addicted to even though we know it’s not good for us, one little grim reminder of the insufferable consequences sometimes just isn't enough to make us want to stop.

    But if you're looking for a couple more reasons to help you stub out those sticks, read our guide to giving up smoking and see if our top tips contain the motivation you need...

    Do it for your finances. Multiply what you spend on tobacco each week by 52 and figure out just how much you've been spending each year on your dirty habit - imagine what incredible adventures could be had if you used that money for something else. A new car? a holiday? By giving your wallet a break from the cigs, you'll reap the rewards financially and end up happier and healthier!

    Do it for your health. Countless health problems can arise from inhaling tobacco: lung cancer, heart disease, risk of a stroke, cataracts, coughs, wheezes etc. Around 100,000 people in the UK die every year from smoking related diseases. There are enough health risks in our world to avoid; don't go looking for them.

    Do it for your looks. Smoking too much can cause your hair to thin, skin to wrinkle, fingernails to become yellow and brittle, leads to poor dental hygiene, bad breath and stained teeth - the chances are that when you finally put an end to your smoking, you'll not only look better but feel brighter - that's what freedom taste like.

    Do it for your time. How much time do you waste having to roll your cigarettes and then stand outside whilst you smoke them? It may only seem like a couple of minutes here and there but when time is so precious, who can afford to waste it? By smoking you also reduce your life expectancy, so by quitting you are essentially stopping those minutes from being knocked off your life. There really is no greater reward.

    Why is it difficult to stop smoking?

    Tobacco is the world’s single greatest preventable cause of death. The reason it is difficult to stop smoking tobacco is because it contains the alkaloid nicotine, which is highly addictive. It stimulates pleasure centres in the brain which can cause physical withdrawal symptoms if a user discontinues high levels of nicotine intake. Withdrawal symptoms can include cravings, irritability, headaches, sore throat, fatigue and flu-like aches and discomfort. It’s extremely difficult to reduce your nicotine intake while you are still smoking tobacco cigarettes.

    The lifestyle can also become an addiction in itself. Social smoking is a big reason why so many people turn to the habit in the first place, and find it difficult to quit when everyone else around is enjoying it. Routine and 'cues' are often a cause for someone to find it difficult to quit, as they're used to their 'breakfast smoke' and perhaps thoroughly enjoy getting a midday break at work by being able to step outside and light up. It's all about self discipline and breaking away from that normality you've created with your smoking.
    You may also, actually just enjoy smoking and feel too weak to be able to give it up - your body is used to the nicotine and you may not have the drive yet to do something about it. In order to take the first steps to stopping, you have to be 100% committed so that you have the strength to follow it through successfully!

    What happens to your body when you stop smoking and what to expect

    So if you've decided to take the plunge and sacrifice your cigarettes for a healthier and more beneficial lifestyle, then you'll need to be cautious about how you go about it. Within the first twenty minutes of quitting, you'll notice that your heart rate will begin to drop back down to a normal level and after two hours, your blood pressure will do the same. Around twelve hours after quitting, the carbon monoxide levels in your body also lower whilst the oxygen in your blood increases.

    48 hours after quitting, your nerve endings will begin to repair meaning your sense of smell and taste will start to improve. After three days the nicotine that you last inhaled will now be completely out of your system - hoorah! But it also means that experiencing withdrawal symptoms at this point is highly likely. Within around three weeks, your body will be able to tolerate more physical activities (such as running, or even going up stairs) without you feeling out of breath.

    Different ways to stop smoking

    Cold turkey (low success rate) - In three days, a quitter’s nicotine level will drop to zero and within two to three weeks, all physical withdrawal symptoms will cease. However, during this time period the quitter is more likely to relapse and cave in due to their body craving the nicotine that has been so quickly eliminated from their system. Using a nicotine replacement system is a far healthier, safer and more efficient way of eventually getting your body used to lower levels of nicotine before stopping altogether.

    Hypnosis or behavioural therapy - Hypnotherapy may sound like a daunting alternative, but success rates have indicated that multiple-session hypnosis is 10 times more successful than going cold turkey. Hypnosis works on the psychological side of smoking, rather than the physical addiction of it. The desire to smoke, after having done so for a long period of time, is now embedded in your subconsciousness - it can be hard to give it up when your mind and body have become so tuned into this regular pattern, so hypnosis is all about rewiring.




    What support is available? Don't be afraid to take a trip to your GP and explain that you want to quit smoking - they'll have an abundance of solutions to talk you through so that you can find the right one for you. Face to face counselling, quit kits, web forums, apps, nicotine reduction methods, self-help groups etc. are all examples of what can be used to aid your decision.

    Distract yourself - Many people find using stress toys or 'fidget cubes' helpful in supporting their psychological need to quit smoking as it distracts the mind from wanting a cigarette in their hands. Finding new hobbies will also help to distract your mind from cravings - why not start a physical activity such as swimming or going to the local gym, where you cannot possibly smoke, in order to not only keep you busy but help your fitness improve too.



    Nicotine reduction methods - You've probably heard all about these very common methods of quitting by measurable nicotine reduction such as chewing gum, nicotine patches, and vaping. These all help to eliminate the user from experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms and ease them into a nicotine-free lifestyle. Vaping is a modern phenomenon which has assisted thousands of people in their quest to quit smoking, meaning that those who struggle with relapses can still get a hit of reduced nicotine, with the added bonus of a more palatable taste from the e-liquids you can vape through your e-cigarette. Vaping has actually been proven to be more effective than gums and patches, due to the culture and lifestyle that has grown with its popularity, plus the physicality of having the device in your hands. Also - if a 20-a-day smoker switches to vaping, their savings can be in excess of £2,000 a year. 


    Set goals - Every year I begin by writing a list of things I want to achieve, places I want to go and things I wish to experience by the end of it. I set myself written goals because if I have them physically in front of me, then there is no denying or ignoring them. Set yourself weekly targets and keep them on a tally or logged in a smartphone app - whatever works for you, but record how long you've gone without smoking so you can see a tangible and physical indication of success in front of you. It'll keep you motivated to stay smoke free for sure!

    Write a personal plan and stick to it

    You may want to devise a Quit Plan for yourself. Start this by setting a quit date - are you getting married in the summer and want to have pearly whites and fresh breath for your special day? If so, you'll want to be quitting at least 4 weeks beforehand in order to reap the benefits and see a difference. Get that goal date in mind and mark it in BIG letters on a calendar so that there's no escaping.

    Choose your reasons for quitting and turn them into a motivational poster, or scrawl the reasons on sticky notes or labels that you can post somewhere that you'll see them every day, as a constant reminder not to give up. Knowing your triggers will also help you to stay in control, so develop a list of things that cause you to want to smoke and work out a way you can either avoid them, or fill the void with something else. For example; if you're feeling stressed or anxious and you would usually turn to smoking, introduce a stress ball to squeeze or a pen and pad to doodle with until you can feel your anxiety levels lowering. You'll be amazed at how wonderfully lost you can find yourself  getting with a biro.

    Don’t quit quitting

    At the end of the day, the only person that can help you, is yourself. You have to stay strong, positively influenced and completely driven to make this dramatic life change. However, it doesn't hurt to get others involved too! A great tip for quitting is to make others aware of your decision so that the social pressure adds to your motivation. Perhaps you could even find a loved one to quit with you, so that you can exchange tips and tricks with one another to stay on top. Whatever floats your boat, go for it, there will be no looking back and you'll be forever grateful that you made this decision NOW, rather than later. Good luck folks, we wish you all the best as you head into your new healthier lifestyle!

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  • Grey Haze – Black Friday Blog

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    Black Friday is nearly upon us once again! It’s the one day of the year when civilised retail conventions crumble; the one day it seems to become acceptable to wrestle rival shoppers to the ground to grab the last item on the shelf and save yourself a few quid.

    At Grey Haze this year, we’re keeping it civilized and simple:
    15% off all vaping equipment and 20% off all liquid. Stock up on your favourite juices at lower prices, and take the opportunity to try out some great new flavours or pick up some discounted gifts for the other vapers in your life.

    Head to our website on Friday 25th November or pop into one of our stores in Birmingham or Nottingham to get hold of some bargains while stocks last – we guarantee there will be no stampedes or riots, just great prices and our friendly staff who will be on hand to help you with any vaping questions you may have.

    As if that’s not enough, we have more Black Friday shenanigans – we’re also running our legendary Mystery Box promotion. Grab one of our boxes for £20, £50 or £100 and you’ll be rewarded with a surprise collection of fantastic vaping goodies, including liquids, equipment and other gifts. With the RRP of your stash exceeding what you pay, you really can’t go wrong with this deal.

    We look forward to seeing you in store or online this week!

    The Grey Haze Team

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  • Winter E-liquid Flavours From Grey Haze

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    The best part about Christmas day used to always be the presents when you were a kid. The excitement of not knowing what Santa had brought you was enough to keep 8 year old me awake at night! Though as you get older it progressively becomes less and less about the gifts and more about the quality time with the family. And the food of course.

    Christmas dinner is the ultimate, and year after year I regrettably ladled a ridiculous amount of food onto my plate that I secretly knew I wouldn’t be able to finish, but you know, you still give it a good go. For the past few years I’ve gone without a pudding on Christmas day because I’ve managed to overcrowd my stomach so much, and though my family would sit there licking their lips and saying “mmm, you’ve really missed out here sunshine” I didn’t mind because it meant my piece was saved for supper (when I really appreciated it). However, this year I’ve discovered a way that I can indulge in a sickly sweet dessert after my meal without having to skimp on the bacon wrapped sausages.

    Enjoying a vape after a meal is a great way to put off sugary cravings (hell I guess it could even aid your winter diet..if there is such a thing) so here’s our pick of winter e-liquids that are perfect for after your Christmas dinner…





    Our in-house e-liquid and part of the Grey Haze cloud chaser range, this creamy custard is ideal for your after dinner vape! Of course, still feel free to indulge in some actual custard, we aren’t saying that it will fill you up - but the intense flavour is one to be reckoned with! 100% VG base.





    We are big fans of custard flavoured e-liquids, and this Evil Cloud edition is one of our favourites. Yellow Belly is a rich and smooth vanilla custard. It’s been highly recommended by our customers too!


    3.  VGOD - VNGEL


    Our tastebuds are tingling just thinking about the zesty sweet strawberries and whipped cream! Using several types of wild strawberries, this e-juice encapsulates the tart taste of woodland strawberries with juicy field berries. Expertly blended on top of a signature base to exploit all the flavours, enjoy the refreshment of the fruit with a creamy dessert topping!






    Nothing says British sweet treat like a classic jam scone! Encompassing rich raspberry jam and the doughy crumbly taste of the scone, it’s a knock-out flavour that would satisfy Scrooge during the festive season!


    5. 2 DIE 4 - THE REFUGE


    Indulge your senses with a blast from the past - Grandma’s famous apple pie, with flaky homemade pie crust housing her iconic gooey cinnamon apple filling! It’s a hit of nostalgia for those who enjoyed their granny’s sugar filled baking.




    Lush is a creamy sweet banana vape, stacked on a crunchy bed of Graham crackers and smothered in caramel. For a warm, homely taste from desert inspired e-juices, The Refuge do the best!


    If you don’t yet own an vaping device, whack e-cigarettes onto your Christmas wish list and get a loved one to treat you! Then perhaps the magic will return to the gift giving!

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