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Free Pod Salt With MTL Kits

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Free Pod Salt With MTL Kits

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free delivery

on all orders above £20


We stock a massive range of e liquid flavours from around the world, from fruity to sweet we ensure our customers have the largest comprehensive list of e liquid flavours to choose from! Using our all new e liquids filtering system, you can find a vape juice that will fit your needs, be it nicotine salts, for your pod mod or just that perfect flavour you can vape all day every day. We sell everything from big brands and premium eliquids to budget vape juice! We also stock nicotine free shortfill and TPD compliant multipacks, simply put, we have everything you'll ever need! Not to mention we stock 60+ flavours from our in house range of vape liquids, available in 30 ml 60 ml and 120 ml bottles, available in either 50/50 or 80/20 PG/VG! 

You can find e liquids in a wide variety of e liquid types, you can filter from the sidebar or browse from the mega menu above. We stock Nicotine salts, 50/50 eliquid, shortfill eliquid, including our in house special ranges such as our high vg e liquids. We also stock replacement pods for your pod kits and DIY flavour concentrates! You can also check out our e liquids clearance section for amazing deals!

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  • Koala Nic Salt by Big 5 Juice Co

    Koala Nic Salt by Big 5 Juice Co


    Current Price £3.49

    This is the perfect brew for a proper coffee taste, double shot, 2 sugars and served EXTRA CHILLED!! 50/50 VG/PG 10ml

More About E Liquids

There's always an all day vape out there for every vaper. Trying new and exciting vape liquid is the best way to find yours. Not to mention vapers tongue is real, and to stop yourself from getting bored with the same e liquids, you need to try new and fresh vape liquid to keep you interested! Your preference will also change depending on your vape kit, some vape juices will taste remarkable with a particular vape, whereas with other vape kits it won't be to your liking. Trying and testing is key to finding the perfect vape juices. Use our e liquids finder to find the perfect vape juice, be it fruity or custard, not to mention we now carry a whole range of shortfill e liquids, big bottles designed to bypass TPD restrictions. At grey haze we don’t just cater for sub-ohm vapers we also carry a whole range of high nicotine 50/50 vape juice perfect for compact starter vape kits, as well as nic salt e liquids designed for pod kits.

What are the best e liquids? 

It's a question we all want to know. And it's an answer no one can give you because what tastes good to one person may not taste as well for another. That being said, we do have suggestions of which flavour you should try first if you're new to vaping and need some advice on where to start. Our top-selling e liquids are from brands like Dinner lady, Nasty Juice, Evil Cloud and Vampire Vape, they're all amazing! You will definitely be able to find something that suits your needs and pair perfectly with your vape kit, among our wide selection of vape juice.

What types of e liquids are available?

With such a large variety of e liquids available, it can get a little confusing, and each type of vape kit does require a different type of vape juice. To make your life easier, we've broken down the different types of e liquids currently available.

High VG e liquid (80/20, 70/30):

High VG e liquid (VG stands for vegetable Glycerin) is normally thicker than other e liquids, it provides a sweeter flavour and produces thick, dense clouds of vapour thanks to its higher content of vegetable glycerine. This type of eliquid is one of our bestsellers, and is normally only available in large nicotine free bottles that you must add freebase nicotine shots to. High VG eliquids are designed to work best in sub-ohm vape kits, such as the Smok T-Storm or the Voopoo Drag 2.

50/50 e liquids (High PG)

50/50 or high PG e liquids are higher in PG or propylene glycol. PG is a thinner consistency than VG and carries flavours much more clearly. These types of eliquids provide less vapour production but an increased amount of flavour production. 50/50 eliquids are also ideal for high nicotine eliquids and mostly come in 10ml form. These types of vape juice flavours are ideal for compact starter kits or vape pens, with reduced airflow, as the vape juice is thinner, use in so ohm tanks may lead to leaking issues. Vape kits labelled as MTL (mouth to lung vaping) will are designed for this type of vape juice. They also go together great with higher nicotine strength.

Nic Salts (Nicotine salts)

Nicotine salts are created for use with pod kits, although they can be used with MTL kits also. Pod kits are designed specifically for Pod kits, as they can balance vapour production, throat hit and a smooth vape to provide maximum nicotine delivery without making it uncomfortable. Any pod kit or MTL kit will be able to take Nicotine salts, but remember if you're used to a good throat hit, then stick to 50/50 eliquids and nicotine salts will diminish this effect.

What nicotine strength do I need?

We supply a large range of eliquid and nicotine strengths. Our 10ml bottles can contain from 3mg to 20mg of nicotine, and our larger bottles are nicotine free, although by adding nicotine shots you can get up to 12mg of nicotine in these products. Simply use the filter function to browse by nicotine strength.

How much nicotine you will need to stop smoking effectively will depend on how much you are currently smoking. We recommend being conservative at the start and if you need more you can always buy a higher strength. A 6mg vape juice with a sub-ohm kit or a 18mg eliquid with an MTL style kit is normally great for most starters. You can move your way down to nicotine free as you go along.

What are nic salts?

The newest trend in the vaping industry is nicotine salt eliquids. These are formulated with a higher level of nicotine than traditional eliquids and designed to closely mimic cigarettes. The high nicotine content means you can vape less without feeling nauseous, helping you to reduce your intake of nicotine gradually. Nicotine salt eliquids have been shown to be more satisfying for smokers looking to quit or cut back on smoking, as well as those who prefer a stronger throat hit from their eliquid. Nicotine salts are less harsh on the lungs and throat at higher nicotine levels, making vaping at these strengths significantly more comfortable.

What are shortfills?

Due to TPD regulations, nicotine cannot be sold in containers larger than 10ml. Therefore, larger eliquid bottles are completely nicotine free, and are not full to the top, they have some free space for you to insert your own nicotine shots. These bottles are called short fills, and enable you to continue purchasing large bottles of eliquid. With our shortfill e liquid range, you can have 0 mg, or add nicshots to give you 3 to 6 mg of nicotine strength. (e.g 60ml bottle 1 x nic shot = 3mg 2x nicshot = 6mg) See our guide's section for more details on short fills.

What does 50/50 mean?

What is 50/50 eliquid? It's a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (PG/VG). As the name suggests, it has an equal ratio of PG to VG. This blend creates the perfect balance between throat hit and vapour production for many vapers. If you're not sure what kind of juice to get, 50/50 might be your best bet! 50/50 eliquids generally come in 10ml bottle size and are available in higher nicotine strengths such as 3, 6, 12 and 18mg. They differ from nicotine salts in that 50/50 eliquids can be very harsh on the throat and lungs at high wattages and higher nicotine levels.

What is PG/VG?

PG or Propylene Glycol is a colourless and odourless thin liquid that has been used in multiple solvents, medicines, and food for decades. In the e-liquid, PG helps carry flavour as well nicotine to your mouth!

VG or vegetable glycol is VG is a natural liquid extract from plant oil. It can be distinguished by its thickness and exceeding the vapour production of PG, which is also food safe as it's been used for sweetening foods in the past to produce impressive clouds when heated with an electronic cigarette.