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Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches Mint

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An  alternative stop smoking aid by Nordic Spirit with a menthol and peppermint flavour. Refreshing and satisfying giving you a feeling of tingling freshness, if you love mint and menthol, this is the pouch for you!

Like how vaping is an alternative to smoking, these nicotine pouches are similar in use to chewing tobacco. 

The soft pouch is put in the corner of your mouth and will (for lack of a better description) Secrete flavour and nicotine directly in to your face hole.

The mint comes in 3 strength options. 6mg, 9mg and 12mg.

At first, they will hit you with a strong tingling sensation, this is normal and a result of the higher nicotine content (similar to a throat hit when vaping 18mg juice) but as you go along this sensation will die down. We would recommend the lower strength if it is your first time trying them. 

You can use these as a stop smoking aid, or as a cravings buster in situations where vaping may not be aloud. Such as on public transport or in the office, shopping centres etc. 

Includes: 20 nicotine pouches.

  • Soft white pouch made with plant-based fibre and gum base.
  • Menthol and peppermint flavour blend.
  • Regular (6mg/p), Strong (9mg/p) or X-Strong (11mg/p) nicotine strength.

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