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Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches

As soon as you open a can of Nordic Spirit pouches the pleasant smell envelops you in its cool, soothing embrace. Unlike other brands of nic pouches, Nordic Spirit have committed themselves to developing nicotine pouches that not only satisfy your need for nicotine, but also your craving for an enjoyable taste experience. Nordic Spirit UK has put a lot of time and consideration into developing their nicotine pouches in order to provide their customers with a discreet method of obtaining the nicotine that they need, whilst also being able to enjoy every moment of their use.

Whether you’re considering using Nordic Spirit to quit smoking, or you’re looking for a temporary alternative to vaping, Nordic Spirit Snus is where it’s at - there’s a Nordic Spirit pouch for each and every palate, ranging from the stunning Nordic Spirit Spearmint to the milder Nordic Spirit Mint and the exciting Nordic Spirit Elderflower.

The nicotine pouches Nordic Spirit have released are an excellent way to wean yourself off of cigarettes or other tobacco products as the Nordic Spirit nicotine is the perfect balance between strong enough to curb your cravings but not so strong that a heavy smoker would further their addiction. Also, with so many flavours available, why wouldn’t you choose Nordic Spirit.

What is Nordic Spirit?

Nordic Spirit is a brand known for producing some of the best nicotine pouches, which are a modern alternative to both smoking and vaping. Nordic Spirit nic pouches are small, soft pouches that are completely free from tobacco and don’t produce any smoke or vapour when used - this makes them a discreet way to obtain nicotine anytime, anywhere.


What is Nordic Spirit used for?

Nordic Spirit are used to satiate your need for nicotine anywhere and at any time - even in areas where smoking and vaping have been prohibited such as airports, on public transport and in bars and restaurants. How? Nordic Spirit gradually releases nicotine into your bloodstream without the need for combustion or the production of vapour, unlike traditional cigarettes and vapes.


How to use Nordic Spirit?

With Nordic Spirit how to use them is fairly straightforward; start by removing a pouch from the tin. Place the pouch in your mouth between your gum and upper lip, although you can place it beneath your lower lip if that’s more comfortable for you. Let the pouch sit there whilst it gradually releases nicotine into your system - which can take anywhere from 10 - 60 minutes. Once your nicotine craving has been satisfied, remove the nicotine pouch and dispose of it appropriately.

Nordic Spirit Flavours

There are a variety of Nordic Spirit strengths and flavours available in our collection:

  • ✅Elderflower Nordic
  • ✅Spirit Spearmint Nordic Spirit
  • ✅Mint Nordic Spirit
  • ✅Watermelon Nordic Spirit
  • ✅Mocha Nordic Spirit 
How long does Nordic Spirit last?

One pouch can last as long as 60 minutes, however, you don’t have to use them for this long unless you wish to. Nordic Spirit can be used for as little as 10 minutes once damp - that’s all it takes to start absorbing into your body.

How many pouches in Nordic Spirit?

There are 20 pouches in each can of snus Nordic Spirit, so you can enjoy up to 20 pouches before you’ll need to purchase another can - although depending on usage we’d recommend buying another tin of Nordic Spirit when you have 8 pouches remaining, to prevent you from accidentally running out.

How much nicotine is in Nordic Spirit?

The Nordic Spirit mg varies depending on which Nordic Spirit strength you choose. For instance the Nordic Spirit extra strong contains 11mg of nicotine, whilst the Nordic Spirit strong features 9mg of nicotine and the Nordic Spirit regular has just 6mg of nicotine and the regular Nordic Spirit mini boasts 3mg of nicotine per pouch.

Does Nordic Spirit work?

Absolutely! Nordic Spirit is a great alternative to using tobacco products as it provides you with the nicotine you need, without the harmful side effects of smoking. If you’re unsure we’d advise taking a look at a Nordic Spirit review for real feedback on their effectiveness. Nordic Spirit reviews from those who have used it to either quit smoking or cut down on their tobacco use can help to inspire you by showing that others have used it to quit smoking, so you can too!

Where to buy Nordic Spirit

Unfortunately there’s no such thing as free Nordic Spirit, but you can buy Nordic Spirit right here with Grey Haze! Our Nordic Spirit price is practically unbeatable with prices as low as £3.50 per can of 20 pouches!

Is Nordic Spirit safe?

Any products containing an addictive substance such as nicotine should be handled with care, however, Nordic Spirit health risks are extremely limited, so they’re generally considered as safe, especially as they don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals found within tobacco products such as cigarettes.

Is Nordic Spirit Snus?

There is no tobacco listed within the Nordic Spirit ingredients, so no, they are not classed as snus. Nordic Spirit is 100% tobacco free, whereas snus may be of a similar shape and size to nic pouches, it contains finely ground tobacco leaf that is intended for oral use, and so it still contains many of the same harmful chemicals that are found in cigarettes.

Is Nordic Spirit better than smoking?

If you’re wondering ‘are Nordic Spirit bad’, rest assured that they are much safer and better for you than smoking cigarettes or other products that contain tobacco. Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are completely free from tobacco, which makes them much safer - they’re also much much discreet and can be used in almost any location and at any time! Nordic Spirit is also much more convenient, as there’s no need for you to find a lighter or go through the process of having to stand around with a cigarette in hand - simply pop a pouch in your mouth against your gum and you’re all set!

Is Nordic Spirit better than vaping?

Nordic Spirit nic pouches are believed to be just as safe as smoking, however, they are more convenient and easier to use than most vapes, aside from disposable vapes. Nordic Spirit can be used in places where smoking and vaping are forbidden, making them a great substitute for vaping wherever you are, whether it be a restaurant, airport or even on the plane itself!

Can Nordic Spirit cause cancer?

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are completely tobacco free, which means they do not contain any carcinogenic or cancer-causing chemicals, unlike snus and other tobacco goods. There have been several studies on the effects of nicotine pouches, and so far no evidence has been found to indicate that nicotine pouches are linked to cancer in any form. So, the answer to does Nordic Spirit cause cancer is a firm no, there is no evidence linking cancer to nordic spirit or any other brand of nic pouch.

Is Nordic Spirit bad for your gums?

Nordic Spirit does not cause gum disease or harm the gums in any other way, however the nicotine within Nordic Spirit can irritate preexisting conditions such as gingivitis, and should be avoided by those who are already suffering gum irritation or recession. 

Nordic Spirit side effects

The Nordic Spirit nicotine content can cause several unpleasant side effects for those who are not used to nicotine. Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches side effects can include:

  • ✅Headaches
  • ✅Dizziness
  • ✅Nausea
  • ✅Heavy Breathing
  • ✅Loss of Balance
  • ✅Rapid Heart Rate
  • ✅Hypertension
  • ✅Diarrhoea

If symptoms persist please consult your GP immediately and take the Nordic Spirit pouches with you when consulting them.


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