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Aspire Vapes

Aspire have been producing vapes since 2013 and have often set new industry standards in terms of performance, efficiency and style; that’s over a decade of experience in manufacturing and designing vapes that consistently outperform previous models time and again. Aspire Vape have demonstrated a single-minded determination to improve themselves and their products in every way possible, from their functionality to their flavour and every feature in between.

Discover Aspire Vape UK, a leading brand within the Vape Sector that specialises in meeting the needs of their customers, whether it’s MTL Vapes, Vape Pens or Vape Tanks; Aspire have something for everyone. So, whether you’re vaping for the first time, or consider yourself a connoisseur  - shop our Aspire collection for your next best vape.

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Aspire Cyber X Pod Vape Kit
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Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Vape Kit
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Aspire Gotek X Pod Kit
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Aspire Flexus Blok Pod
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Aspire Zelos X Box mod
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Aspire One Up R1 Disposable Vape Kit
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Aspire Tekno Replacement Pod
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Aspire Flexus Q Pod Vape Kit
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Aspire Minican + Plus Pod Kit 850mAh
Regular price£13.99£6.99
Aspire Nautilus GT Replacement Glass
Regular price£2.99£1.00
Aspire Nautilus 3 Tank
Regular price£24.99£18.99
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Aspire PockeX Anniversary Edition Kit
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More About Aspire  

 Aspire is a world renowned brand recognised by Vapers all across the globe for their intuitive designs and user-friendly devices. Established in 2013, Aspire rose in popularity as one of the first manufacturers to mass produce vapes as an alternative to smoking and as a step towards a healthier lifestyle, with one of their best and most popular vapes being the Aspire Pockex Vape - the Aspire Pocket Vape even sells to this day! 

Aspire are known for continually looking for new ways to inspire those around them whilst simultaneously providing their customers with high-quality products that outperform their expectations each and every time, they’ve also proven that they’re able to move with the times by producing their very own Aspire Disposable Vape range.

Aspire’s vast array of products are dedicated to all different types of vapers, from those who have recently switched to vaping, to veteran vapers who have been vaping for so long that it’s become a hobby. Whether it’s MTL or DTL, Aspire Vapes UK have made it their mission to produce the very best Vape Kits on the market.


The Best Aspire Devices & More…

For over a decade Aspire have committed themselves to creating a variety of inspiring Aspire vapes and accessories, with many of their ranges quickly becoming best sellers across the globe within weeks of their debut. These ranges include the Aspire Zelos series, the Aspire Gotek range and the Aspire Flexus collection - although these are just a few of their best; there are tons of other innovative vape pens and kits by Aspire.


Aspire Zelos Vape Kits

The Aspire Zelos series may not have been one of Aspire’s first creations, but it’s clearly one of the best; each and every device in the series is a combination of mature aesthetics paired with modern technology to create Mouth to Lung Vapes that are anything but mediocre.

The Zelos series by Aspire share a few key features; firstly, their simple, ergonomic design makes them the ideal Starter Vape Kits, not to mention their flawless functionality, as each Zelos Vape Kit is compatible with the new and improved Nautilus Coils. This provides Aspire fans with a variety of Aspire Vape coils to choose from, allowing them to tailor their experience to their individual preferences.

As we touched on previously, the Zelos series by Aspire are designed exclusively as Mouth to Lung Vape Kits, and so if you’re an ex-smoker, or have recently made the switch to vaping, the Zelos range is the perfect place for you to start your vape journey and find the right Aspire Vape Kit for you.

You may have heard of the Aspire Zelos series previously, with their well known vape kits such as the Aspire Zelos Nano - a cute little Vape known for its lightweight design, as well as being one of the simplest and smallest Vape Kits within Aspire’s Zelos series.

To summarise, the Aspire Zelos range provides users with an assortment of MTL vapes that are the model of simplicity and sophistication with their contemporary appearance and straightforward settings, the Zelos series are an appealing option for any Vaper seeking versatile Aspire Vape Kits that’ll satisfy their need for nicotine.

Aspire Zelos 3 Vape Kit

The Aspire Zelos 3 Vape Kit is a rugged yet robust Starter Kit that combines a compact body with a reassuring thickness - it’s comfortable in your hand yet its flawless form factor ensures it won’t fall apart. Featuring a 80W maximum power output with a 3200mAh built-in battery and 2A fast charging capability, this is a vape kit that you can vape all day long without worry about regular recharges.

Aspire Zelos X Vape Starter Kit

The Aspire Zelos X Starter Vape Kit is one of the best and biggest vapes in the Zelos series - featuring a maximum output of 80W and utilising an external 18650 Battery, this is a vape on the very cutting edge of versatility. The Zelos X shares many similarities with the Zelos 3 in terms of its performance and usability, but where it outshines other vapes is in its increased battery life and peerless potential. If you’ve been searching for an Aspire Vape Battery that can rival even the bigger vapes, you’ve found it in the Aspire X Vape in the Zelos range.


Aspire Gotek Pod Vape Kits

The Aspire Gotek series are one of the newer series of vapes by Aspire; but they’re just as popular as some of the older, original series. The Aspire Gotek vapes are a series of Pod Vapes that are known for their phenomenal flavour and their compelling convenience; they’re not just fun, futuristic looking Pod Kits, but also a conscientious decision made by Aspire in an attempt to curb plastic waste created by Disposable Vapes - the Gotek series is Aspire’s way of moving towards a greener, more eco-friendly future through the use of Aspire Vape Pods.

The Gotek Aspire Vape series have been designed as the next best alternative to Disposables and as such they can be used alongside refillable, replaceable Aspire Gotek Vape pods as well as pre-filled pods that are already filled with premium vape juice in a variety of flavours.

Aspire’s Gotek series are all compatible with the Gotek replacement pods; which can be purchased with a standard 2ml vape liquid capacity, or the expanded 4.5ml e-liquid capacity - removing the necessity for constant refills and removing any anxiety about running out of vape juice whilst you’re on the go.

Some of the up and coming Gotek series vapes include the Aspire Gotek S, a stylish pod vape with stunning craftsmanship, as well as the new and exclusive Aspire Gotek X II (2) - a pod vape capable of performing as both a MTL vape and a RDTL (Restricted Direct to Lung) Vape!

Aspire Gotek X Pod Vape Kit

The Aspire Gotek Vape was the first in the Aspire Gotek collection; the Aspire Gotek X Vape Kit is an inhale-activated pod vape that features a 650mAh built-in battery with a 10 - 13W power output. This low powered Aspire pod vape is ideal for MTL vaping, as well as replacing costly Disposable Vapes as not only does it simulate the same sensation, but also costs a lot less than disposables to maintain in the long term.

Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Vape Kit

The Aspire Gotek Pro Pod Vape is one of the new and improved pod kits within the Gotek range and the successor of the Aspire Gotek X Vapr; its crystal-clear e-juice windows makes late refills a thing of the past as you can see exactly how much vape liquid is left inside your pod. The Aspire Gotek Pro Vape Kit also has a larger battery than its predecessors, featuring a 1500mAh built-in battery, that’s nearly 3 times as large as the original Gotek X!


Aspire Flexus Vape Kits

The Aspire Flexus series is another incredible range of products by Aspire; recognised for their next-level configuration and its command of coil technology, bringing you better flavour and bigger clouds than ever before.

The products within the Aspire Flexus series are known for more than just their fantastic flavour though, they’re also popular due to their wide range of features such as adjustable output modes as well as airflow and multiple activation methods. The Flexus series by Aspire are top contenders when it comes to both their flavour and form as an Aspire Pen Vape.

Each and every Pod Kit in Aspire’s Flexus collection features an aesthetically pleasing allure with classy contours and streamlined structures - the Flexus series by Aspire are a range of vapes for every occasion.

As the name suggests, the Flexus series utilises the new and improved Aspire Flexus coils - mesh coils available in 0.6 Ohm and 1.0 Ohm that have been carefully crafted to provide the best performance and full flavour, regardless of how much or how little power you put through them. The new AF mesh coils are also built to last - with users achieving up to 3 weeks before needing to replace their coils.

The Aspire Flexus Series features a wide range of Pod Vapes, from the new and improved Aspire Flexus Peak, to the vivacious Aspire Vape Pen, the Aspire Flexus Stik Vape Kit; although these are but a few of our favourite vapes from the Aspire Flexus range.

Aspire Flexus Q Pod Vape Kit

The Aspire Flexus Q Pod Vape Pen is a game changer in the world of Pod Vapes; it can reach from 0% to 80% charge in just 10 minutes, making it one of the fastest charging Pod Kits in the Aspire Flexus Vape series. The Aspire Flexus Q vape also features a 700mAh built in battery and three different wattage modes, which when paired with its adjustable airflow allows the Aspire Flexus Q Vape Kit to provide both a MTL and Sub Ohm style draw.

Aspire Flexus Blok Pod Vape Kit

The Aspire Flexus Blok Pod Vape Kit is a pocket friendly Pod Vape that’s been designed for those who are looking for a pod device with a longer lasting battery; featuring a 1200mAh battery and a 12W -18W power output, the Flexus Blok by Aspire is a Pod Vape packed full of potential. Whether you’re looking for a MTL Vape or a DTL Vape, the Flexus Blok can do it all. Shop the Flexus Aspire Vape today for your chance to get your hands on this amazing new Aspire vape.


Aspire Vape Accessories

Aspire produces a number of different accessories to compliment their variety of Vapes, whether you’re looking for an Aspire Vape Tank, Aspire Vape Pod, spare glass or an Aspire Vape Coil; Aspire have attempted to produce a range of accessories that are not only easily accessible, but also compatible with many of their collections. From their Replacement Pods to their wide range of Replacement Coils, Aspire have put care and consideration into each and every accessory that they produce to ensure that they provide their customers with the best possible experience.

Each of Aspire’s Vape Tanks includes a 50 connection pin, ensuring that their Tanks can be used alongside multiple Kits and Vape Mods, so whether you prefer a slighter style such as a Vape Pen or something bigger like a Box Mod, you can still use your favourite Aspire Tank to its full potential.

Aspire Nautilus 3 Vape Tank

The Aspire Nautilus 3 Vape Tank is one of the best selling tanks within the Aspire collection, featuring a fully adjustable airflow and seamlessly supporting Mouth to Lung Vaping, this is a Vape Tank for those seeking a similar sensation to smoking. Due to the MTL nature of the Nautilus 3 Vape Tank we’d recommend using it alongside 50/50 VG/PG Vape Juices such as Nic Salt Vape Liquids for the best flavour and smoothest inhale.

Aspire Cleito Exo Sub Ohm Vape Tank

The Aspire Cleito Exo Sub Ohm Tank is a tank designed with DTL Vapers in mind; this groundbreaking tank has been reinforced with stainless steel in several sections in order to reduce the risk of breakage when dropped or knocked, it also features the new and improved dual-airflow system to provide you with a silky smooth inhale each and every time. The Aspire Cleito Exo Tank uses high-power coils and as such works best with thicker vape juices such as 70% VG Shortfill E-Liquids

Aspire Replacement Coils and Pods

Aspire have produced so many different vape kits and tanks that it’s a wonder there’s anything left to invent; and yet somehow, they’re always improving. Due to the wide variety of Aspire Vape Pens, Pod Vapes and Vape Tanks available in Aspire’s vast collection, they’ve also developed a range of coils and pods to go with them.

As the Vape Sector is constantly growing and changing, so too are brands like Aspire, it’s this continual drive to do better and be better that leads to new interesting and innovative products as well as endless opportunities for improvement. These improvements have lead to breakthroughs in coil technology, helping to enhance flavours and efficiency in both pods and coils.

Aspire’s most popular pod and coil ranges include the Gotek Pods, refillable pods that are compatible with the entire Gotek range, as well as the Aspire TSX Pods, which are compatible with the Aspire Cyber range, including the Cyber S and Cyber X and the Nautilus Coils. Aspire’s replacement pods are designed to slot seamlessly into your Aspire Pod Kit -  simply fill them with e-liquid and they’re ready to go!

Aspire Nautilus Replacement Coils

The Aspire Nautilus replacement Coils are a diverse range of coils designed for exclusive use within Aspire’s Zelos and Nautilus series of Vape Kits, such as the Zelos 3 or Zelos X that we mentioned earlier. Each of the Nautilus coils features a low wattage range that’s ideal for MTL Vapers, from as low as 7 Watts up to 28 Watts. Check out the full range below:

0.3 OhmA 0.3 Ohm Nautilus Mesh coil designed for MTL or RDTL vaping with a wattage range of 23 - 28 Watts
0.4 OhmA 0.4 Ohm Nautilus 2S coil designed for MTL or RDTL vaping with a wattage range of 23 - 28 Watts
0.7 OhmA 0.7 Ohm Nautilus 2S Mesh coil designed for MTL or RDTL vaping with a wattage range of 20 - 25 Watts
0.7 OhmA 0.7 Ohm Nautilus 2 coil designed for MTL or RDTL vaping with a wattage range of 18 - 23 Watts
1.0 OhmA 1.0 Ohm Nautilus Mesh coil designed for MTL vaping with a wattage range of 13 - 15 Watts
1.6 OhmA 1.6 Ohm Nautilus BVC coil designed for MTL vaping with a wattage range of 7 - 11 Watts
1.8 OhmA 1.8 Ohm Nautilus BVC coil designed for MTL vaping with a wattage range of 10 - 14 Watts

Aspire Flexus AF Meshed Coils

The Aspire Flexus Mesh Coils are another particularly popular range of Aspire coils, used primarily within their Flexus series Pod Vape Kits, as well as a few others such as the Aspire Riil X.

The Aspire Flexus Mesh coils have been designed for both MTL (Mouth to Lung) vaping as well as RDTL (Restricted Direct to Lung) Vaping and as such they’ve produced two different types of coil so that their customers can either enjoy denser clouds with more flavour or more discreet clouds with a tighter draw.

Aspire Flexus 0.6 Mesh Coils

The Flexus 0.6 Mesh Coils by Aspire are MTL coils with the ability to act as RDTL coils due to their 15 - 18W power output and high quality mesh materials. The 0.6 Mesh Coils produce thicker vapour and an intenser flavour than the 1.0 Ohm.

Aspire Flexus 1.0 Mesh Coils

The Flexus 1.0 Mesh Coils by Aspire are primarily designed for MTL Vapers with a lower power output of 12 - 15W; the 1.0 Mesh Coils provide users with a similar sensation to smoking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Aspire a good brand?

A: Aspire makes nothing but good vapes, although there are a few that stand out above the rest for either their flavour, their battery life, or their overall performance. If you’re looking for the best vape for you, it’s important that you first know what type of vape you’re searching for. If you’ve recently switched to vaping or looking for a cheaper alternative to cigarettes we’d recommend the Aspire PockeX Pocket AIO Starter Vape Kit. It’s a slim MTL Vape Pen that’s perfect for switching from smoking thanks to its smooth draw and simplistic style.

Q: Is Aspire a safe brand?

A: All of Aspire’s products feature various different safety systems to ensure that their products meet strict standards in line with UK Law; all Aspire Vape Kits UK wide feature inbuilt safety features such as Overheat protection, Overcharge protection and protections against electrical discharge. You can read more about Aspire’s commitment to producing safe products here.

Q. How to use Aspire Flexus Vape?

A. Using the Aspire Flexus vape is pretty straight forward compared to some of the other vapes on the market right now. Remove the pod from the top of the vape and insert your Flexus AF Mesh Coil. Once your Coil is inserted, pull down the small silicone bung on the side of the pod and fill the pod with your chosen e-liquid. For this type of vap we'd recommend using a vape juice with a high PG concentration such as a 50/50 e-liquid or a nicotine salt vape juice. When you've filled your pod with vape liquid you can slot it back into the the Flexus battery - wait 30 seconds to a minute to ensure your coil is fully saturated with e-juice before you switch the vape on. Switch your Aspire Flexus Vape kit on by pressing the button 5 times in quick succession. Once your Aspire Flexus is switched on you can either inhale on the mouthpiece to activate it or hold down the button as you inhale. Enjoy!

Q: What are the best Aspire Vapes?

A: Aspire release new products all the time in order to keep up with their growing community and the ever changing nature of the Vape Industry, although the top 5 vapes recently released by Aspire and widely considered the best aspire vape are as follows:

Aspire Cyber X Vape Kit
Aspire R1 Vape 
Aspire Fluffi Pod Vape Kit
Aspire Veynom EX Vape Kit
Aspire Proteus Neo

Bear in mind that although these are largely considered the best Aspire Vape 2023, every taste and preference is different, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for here there are many more vapes in our Vape Aspire collection, from the Bear Aspire Vape which is a collaboration with Bear Pro Max using the Aspire R1 Disposable Vape, to the Aspire Vape Pockex and many more!

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