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Super Slim Siberia snus nicotine pouches

Super Slim Siberia Nicotine Snus Pouches

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Introducing the Siberia All White Super Slim Nicotine Pouches - a crisp, cool mint flavoured nicotine pouch by Siberia. These nic pouches contain a fresh feeling with a mellow minty taste, courtesy of the potent peppermint undertones that have been interwoven with the icy coldness. This is a nic pouch with a soothing sensation and an iciness that’ll make you feel invigorated after every use.

The Super Slim Siberia Nicotine Pouches are nic pouches that are completely tobacco free. The Siberia Nicotine Pouches feature an extremely high nicotine content of 24.45mg per pouch in a form similar to a flavoured nicotine salt vape juice. Due to the fact that they’re strong nicotine pouches we’d advise that only those that are used to a high nicotine intake should use them, such as those who were heavy smokers or have frequently used disposable vapes. The Siberia Super Slim Nic Pouches can be used for approximately an hour before needing to be discarded; although you can dispose of it sooner if you feel that your need for nicotine has been satiated.

How to Use Siberia Super Slim Nicotine Pouches:
Remove a pouch from the can and place it between your lip and your gum - it doesn’t matter whether it’s your upper lip or lower lip, so long as it’s comfortable for you. Once you’ve settled the nic pouch against your gum you can leave it there for up to an hour whilst it gently releases nicotine into your system - as well as its pleasant peppermint flavour.

Note: Each can of Siberia Super Slim Nic Pouches come as a pack of 20 pouches.

Siberia Super Slim Nicotine Pouch Features

  • Flavour: Menthol, Peppermint
  • Nicotine Strength: 33mg/g = 24.45mg per Pouch
  • 20 Pouches per Can
  • High Nicotine Content
  • Tobacco Free Pouches
  • Best Suited to Users of Strong Nicotine

Siberia Super Slim Nicotine Pouches Include

  • 20x Super Slim Siberia Nicotine Pouch

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