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Red Aniseed – Craft Shots by Grey Haze 200/50ml Concentrate

Red Aniseed – Craft Shots by Grey Haze 200/50ml Concentrate

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Our take on a vape classic, Red aniseed is a stunning flavor with a rich red berry and aniseed infused mix and a hit of menthol.

Please read the description before purchasing

A 250ml bottle with 50ml of pure flavor concentrate. Perfect for vapers who want to mix their own liquids and fully customize their vaping experience, if you want a super thick VG/PG ratio, or a thinner 50/50 or even if you prefer using AG. Craft shots provide that pure flavor behind the blend.

Each Craft Shot can be paired with a ready to go 70/30 mix Kit at an additional cost. This kit contains the VG, nic shots and a spare bottle to help with mixing. 

Starter Kit Includes:

  • 1x 250ml Craft Shot (Containing 50ml Of Concentrate)
  • 1 x Empty 60ml bottle
  • Nicotine Shots 
    • 3mg x 4 Nic shots
    • 6mg x 8 Nic shots
    • 12mg x 16 Nic shots
    • 16mg x 20 Nic shots
  • 250ml VG Base (Not included with 16mg Starter Kit)

Our Craft Shots contain 50ml of concentrate. You will require 250ml mixture in total to create a vapable eliquid.

Follow the instructions to complete the desired result:

  • For 0mg
    • Simply pour the VG base in to your craft shot bottle to the shoulder of the bottle. Mix thoroughly, final mix is ready to vape immediately or you can steep for best results. You can hold back on our VG base and use 30% PG for a 50/50 mix
  • For 3mg
    • For a 3mg final mix, you will need 4 x nicotine shots, pour four complete nicotine shot bottles in to your craft shot bottle, and top the rest up with VG base up to the shoulder of the bottle. Mix thoroughly and steep if required. Y ou can hold back on our VG base and use PG for a thinner mix.
  • For 6mg
    • For 6mg you will need 8 x nicotine shots, pour all the bottles in to the craft shot bottle, top the rest of the bottle up to the shoulder with VG base, mix and your ready to go. 
  • For 12mg
    • For 12mg you will require 16 x nicoshots, you can top the rest of the bottle up with VG base for thicker mix or PG for a thinner combination
  • for 16mg
    • You will require 20 x nicotine shots, and no VG base. Simply pour all 20 Nic shots into the bottle and shake thoroughly.

Please note if you need to adjust PG/VG levels you can replace our VG base with some of your own PG to thin the mix. For example adding half VG base and half PG to get a 50/50 mix. You enter the values into an e-liquid calculator for in depth ratios.


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