SIGELEI Technology Co. Ltd specialises in R&D, marketing, and full service in electronic cigarettes. At the forefront of the electronic cigarette industry for over 5 years, Sigelei has established itself as one of the best known and trusted brands in the market. Over the last few years Sigelei were one of a few companies to produce some of the best quality tube mods such as the ZMAX. Building on the success of their line of VV/VW tube mods and the experience that comes with it, Sigelei in subsequent years have established themselves as market leaders in the production of box mods.

Sigelei have consistently produced high quality, reliable and functional box mods. We at Grey Haze have been huge advocates of Sigelei's equipment for many years for exactly this reason: Sigelei have proven themselves as undoubtedly one of the best box mod manufacturers in the world. Sigelei e-cigarettes are perfect for advanced vapers.

Their mod boxes feature distinctive high power, good battery life and rich functionality. Sigelei electronic cigarettes are especially popular among cloud chasers. Once you've bought your new equipment, why not check out our range of Flawless e juice , also designed with the advanced vaper in mind?

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