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Call at 0121-306 9294 9am to 5pm GMT Mon - Fri
Free Pod Salt With MTL Kits

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Free Pod Salt With MTL Kits

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free delivery

on all orders above £20

Mix & Match 3 for £10 Disposable Vapes Disposable Vape

Explore our extensive range of Mix & Match disposable vape kits. When purchasing disposable vape kits in bulk you will get the lowest price in the UK. Our range of disposable vapes in the 3 for £10 offer includes Dinnerladys popular pod, the Beco Mate and the innokin Ifrit S range! With huge selection and great flavors on offer, you are bound to find something you like in these disposable options.

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Disposable Pod kits are all the rage in recent years. At Grey Haze, we helped introduce the world to this innovative device by helping create and distributing the world's first disposable vape; Stig Pod! Read our FAQ below for some frequently asked questions about disposable vape pods. Don't settle for just any vape, when you can switch to a disposable! Consider our one and done formula: each pod is made of FDA-Registered materials and contains vegetable glycerin and polyethylene that provide a tasty vapour. Perfect in public or casual usage; all you need to do is purchase it, use it, throw it. There's no mess and it’s easy to simply throw them away when you're finished! Disposable pod kits bring taste and convenience together for a powerful experience.

What are disposable vapes?

Disposable vapes are tiny, compact, easy to use, and with battery and coil technology advancements vape absolutely incredibly well. Devices like the Geek Bar are almost a phenomenon, selling hundreds of thousands of units per day! They're just that good! Disposable vapes normally come in 20 mg strength and can last a day up to 2 days with moderate usage depending on the battery size. Disposable vapes are super affordable and easily replaced.

Essentially the same as a regular vape, in that they contain an atomizer, battery and eliquid. Disposables have no recharging or refilling ability, once you're done with it simply put it in the recycling bin or send it back to grey haze to be recycled.

What are the benefits?

Disposable vapes are convenient, easy to replace, and the perfect supplement to your daily vape mod! Disposable vapes are taking the vaping world by storm, and are the best-selling items at grey haze! At grey haze our staff normally always carry a disposable pod along with their normal vape kit, for vaping on the go, or a high strength backup for those stressful situations! Disposables provide a fuss free simple solution for vaping in certain situations, simply pick it up and vape.

What should I do with used disposables?

All disposable vapes should be disposed of correctly and recycled wherever possible. We are glad to take back any customer's disposable vapes for proper recycling. Simply send them back to our address and label the packet 'Recycling @ greyhaze', our address can be found in the about us page in the footer of the website. You can also recycle your disposable vapes anywhere you can recycle your batteries.

How long do they last?

Most disposables are around 600puffs, this capacity is capped in the UK due to TPD regulations not allowing more than 2ml of eliquid in one device. Bigger devices are most likely illegal and may also contain more than the legal limit of 20mg of nicotine, so beware of where you purchase your disposable vapes! A 600 puff device will last a full day with constant use or up to a week when used along with a rechargeable vape, this is obviously dependent on your usage. Most of our customers have found theirs last anywhere from 1 day to 3 days on average.

How much nicotine do they contain?

Most disposable vapes contain the legal limit of 20 mg of nicotine, you can also buy devices with 10 mg and less.

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