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What are Pod Mods?

What are Pod Mods?

The vaping world has advanced rapidly, and it is now jam packed full of wonder and innovation, ranging from wacky tanks and units to juice and other accessories. Competition is tight and amongst the numerous manufacturers that rule the industry, we’ve seen products that range from the super-expensive to the downright crazy — manufacturers will try anything which can help distinguish them from one another!

This is partly what draws people to the world of vaping — the devices themselves are seriously cool, and decking them out with your favourite bits and liquids is undeniably fun. There’s always something new to try, whether it’s mods or juice, the possibilities are somewhat endless.

Let's not forget, though, the reason vapes are here to stay is that they offer a safer alternative to smoking. There is no real remaining controversy in the vapour vs tobacco argument. The thing is, vapes have transported themselves away from a mere tobacco substitute to a full-blown entity in their own right and for this reason, many vapers do continue to smoke cigarettes alongside their vapes.

The vape market has responded to this with the pod mod, which, amongst its many quirks and charismas, offers a method of vaping which replicates a smoking habit closely.

Pod Mod Components

Pod Mods are miniaturized vape devices which usually consist of 4 or 5 parts:

  • Replaceable Pod (this houses your e-Liquid, coil and wick).
  • Battery Indicator
  • USB Charging Port/Slot.
  • Main body.
  • On/Off switch.
Vaping pod mod

There are two types of pod mods:

1) Open System

This allows you to refill and modify your e-liquid via a removable tank. Check out our range of Nic Salt E-liquids.

refillable pod mod

2) Closed System

This device needs to be filled with purpose-built disposable tanks.

pod mod

The recent development of pod mods has really disrupted the vaping landscape. Pod mods started off as a bit of a gimmick. They’re vaping devices that are largely not mod-able and generally take a single pod of pre-filled liquid which is disposable or more recently disposable and refillable pods taking salt based nicotine eliquids. At a glance, this seems inferior to a conventional vape in almost every way, so why have they exploded in popularity?

The pod mod is a fun, convenient and efficient alternative to a traditional vape, and it offers something new and different for both long-term and new vapers. Its format promotes short-term use, much the same as cigarette smoking.

How do you use the pod mod?

With the earlier pod mod models, you’d simply load a pod, use the vape and then discard the pod when it runs out. You can then reload another pod or, in some newer models, you can refill them. Pretty simple!

Pod mod devices are usually very small and can fit more easily in a pocket than a conventional vape. They sit somewhere between the kind of e-cigs you can buy from supermarkets and a full-blown vape. The thing is, with pod mods, you get access to quality vapour and many flavours. They’re a professional package and come with professional results owing to components which are much the same as those found in conventional vapes. They have quality builds and don’t skimp out on performance components. This is what has allowed them to bridge a gap in the market between larger vaping units and lesser e-cigs. Pod mods sport good batteries and are housed attractively in metal casings, making them a long-term option for vapers. Many are manufactured by the vape companies that we’re all used to - they’re top quality units that are built to last.

So basically then, pod mods aren’t so different to conventional vapes but when you think about it, their method of use differs from normal vapes.

Pod mods for smokers

Pod mods have gained popularity from those who are moving from smoking to vaping. They can mimic a smoking habit far more closely than a conventional vape. You load up your pod, vape, and then when you’re done, you have the choice of loading another pod. Many might say that this is practically the same as vaping the normal way but with pod mods, you’re dictating the pace of how much you vape over the course of a night by choosing how many pods to carry with you, much the same as cigarettes. Adding to this is the fact that pod mods are often shaped more like cigarettes than conventional vapes. Overall, many smokers believe that a pod mod substitutes a smoking habit more efficiently than a conventional vape.

Not to mention the higher nicotine dosage that salt based nicotine are able to carry without resulting in wheezing or harshness allows smokers to take in more nicotine in one go. Satisfying cravings more efficiently and effectively, and crucially for heavy smokers, it nixes those cravings that appear throughout the day that typically result in some vapers occasionally picking up a cigarette. For some 3mg eliquids just don't cut the mustard, and for many higher nicotine in conventional eliquid and vapes is simply not doable. Salt based eliquids are a god send and compliment pod mods perfectly!

How do they work?

Pod mods work largely in the same way as conventional vapes, and many of the components are similar. The basics are identical — a coil and wick are used in conjunction with a battery to warm up the e-liquid and turn it into vapour. Most pod mods aren’t activated with a firing button, you simply draw from the mouthpiece and inhale your vapour. They’re certainly capable of producing impressive clouds and strong flavours, but vape aficionados might be left wanting. This isn’t the point of a pod mod — they’re designed to pack a punch when and where you need it with minimal fuss or hassle.

When pod mods first entered the scene, they were closed systems which meant you couldn’t use your own flavours, etc. Now, there are tons of models which have refillable tanks or even have tiny built-in tanks. At this stage, pod mods become very closely matched with tiny portable vape models. They’re cost-effective and won’t leave you bored with the available flavours.


Pod mods are simple and effective, and that is their charm. They pack a punch of good quality vape when you need it most. If this sounds like something you need or could benefit from, then you should try them out. If you’re a vaper who puffs clouds all day long, then they’re probably not so useful!

Either way, pod mods look like they’re here to stay. They can be used alone or in conjunction with normal vapes, and they can suit new vapers or can make perfect companions to larger powerhouse units. Pod mods yield an exciting opportunity for smokers who want to mimic the smoking habit closely when they quit. For some, this makes or break their quitting success, but for others, it may be less important. Not to mention, many of simply want an easy-to-use unit, that can be refilled easy, is cheap and easily replaceable. Many of simply can't or no longer want to fiddle with coils, big mods, and coil building.

Pod mods are developing all the time, and we foresee units getting even smaller whilst retaining professionalism in vape consistency, reliability, and usefulness.

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Author: Taz Dean

Taz Dean has had a ten year career in the vaping industry. He has helped build business', develop products and create e-liquid lines globally. As an ex smoker, avid vaper and vaping advocate, he has years of knowledge and experience on aspects of the vaping industry, from the shop floor all the way to distribution . This unique insight helps with his unique perspective and engaging informational content.

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