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What are Nic Salts? A Quick Guide

What are Nic Salts? A Quick Guide

What are Nic Salts?

Vaping has come along a long way since the old days of clearomizers and 18mg PG based eliquids, the market trends have moved to sub-ohm devices and VG heavy eliquids to mechanical mods and now starting to shift to pod mods and salt nicotine eliquids. Vaping has always been a tobacco alternative, and every advancement in vaping technology has made vaping a more effective method to drop cigarettes for good. Although pg based liquids worked for some they didn't for many and not until more powerful devices hit the market did vaping have a serious effect. Similarly now, pod mods are having an effect on a market segment we at grey haze found almost impossible to help kick the habit.

These new range of products are smaller, more compact, and thanks to salt based nicotine are more effective in delivering nicotine than ever! So let's get to grips with salt based eliquids and find out just what they are and how they can help you! You can see our range of Pod Mods here.

Nicotine salts are an altogether new type of eliquid, we won't bore you with the jargon, but essentially it allows the use of higher mg nicotine without the harshness and at lower temperatures. This effectively allows one to vape even a 50mg salt nicotine eliquid on a much smaller and typically under powered device successfully. Doing this with regular nicotine would result in a burning and harshness in your lungs and throat. Coupled with the fact the salt nics are more effective in delivering nicotine in to your system, they are completely unrivalled in satisfying your nicotine cravings fast and efficiently, and as a result we at grey haze have found even the most entrenched smokers had a break through once using nicotine salts.JUUL Vapor of the USA were amongst the first companies to develop nicotine salts in there infamous JUUL kit and replacement pods. Since then Nic Salt eliquids combined with a pod mod are on track to become the most popular way to vape, nic salts due to being effective at lower temperatures at higher nicotine strengths and requiring far less power have enabled vape devices to become much much smaller, leading to an influx of new pod mods. Nic salts have enabled a whole new way to vape, and has opened up vaping to completely new type of person. Getting a vape to work effectively no longer requires one to become a hobbyist.

So how can nic salts work for you?

If your a heavy smoker, or a vaper who occasionally smokes, or find yourself going back to cigarettes time after time, then nic salts may just be the thing you're looking for. Sometimes 3 mg VG heavy eliquid in a sub-ohm device just doesn't cut the mustard, we’ve found many of our customers use sub-ohm devices throughout the day, but carry a tiny pod mod as a booster, hitting it occasionally to get nicotine boost and help control their cravings. Heavy smokers can effectively do the same thing.

Many of our customers and almost all our staff now use pod mods alongside their existing vape, we also found many professionals and those who want a fuss free solution using pod mods exclusively due to their portability and compact size. Pod mods are as simple as it gets, simply fill and go, and when your done with the pod, simply throw it away. Nicotine salts mean you no longer need to fiddle with coils, refill clunky tanks and prime them or even chase that illusive all day vape that doesn't make you feel sick after 30 minutes.

Because salt nic eliquids can be used at a much lower power level, a bottle can last 5 to ten times longer compared to a eliquid designed for a sub-ohm device. A 2ml tank of salt nic in a pod mod can easily last a day or more, whereas 30 to 60ml of eliquid per day in a subohm tank is normal. Not only can this save you money, it will save you having to carry around a bulky bottle and mod.

Nic salts are not for everyone though, they are generally high in nicotine and very effective in delivering it in to your system, if your not a smoker or a light smoker, nic salts will fast result in an increase your nicotine dependence, and may cause headaches and nausea for some. Nicotine salts and pod mods are designed for existing vapers and smokers only and not recommended to ever try if you’re not!

You can find our latest selection of nicsalts here and an accompanying pod mod here.

Author: Taz Dean

Taz Dean has had a ten year career in the vaping industry. He has helped build business', develop products and create e-liquid lines globally. As an ex smoker, avid vaper and vaping advocate, he has years of knowledge and experience on aspects of the vaping industry, from the shop floor all the way to distribution . This unique insight helps with his unique perspective and engaging informational content.

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