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Vaping For First Timers - Your Questions Answered

Vaping For First Timers - Your Questions Answered

Vaping for the first time? Explore our comprehensive vape guide, where we answer all of your questions and help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Vaping has gained significant popularity in recent years as an alternative to smoking. If you're just starting your journey to a better, healthier future, it's important to have the right information to make informed decisions. 

This article will serve as your personal guide, providing you with essential tips and insights on purchasing the right vape, understanding the different styles, adjusting settings, selecting nicotine strengths, exploring flavours, and much, much more!


      1. Introduction
      2. What is Vaping?
      3. What is a Vape Kit?
      4. What's the Best Vape for Beginners?
      5. Vape Tips for First Time Vapers
      6. How Do I Inhale a Vape the First Time?
      7. How Much Nicotine is in a Vape?
      8. What’s an Easy Vape to Use?
      9. Why Vaping is Safer than Smoking

What is Vaping?

Starting your vaping adventure reveals a world full of options and opportunity to create an experience that is completely yours. But what is vaping? Vaping, at its most basic, entails inhaling vapour produced by heating a liquid (e-liquid), frequently flavoured, that may or may not include nicotine. It's a modern alternative to traditional smoking, with a wide range of flavours and vape kits to appeal to a wide range of people, from those looking for a smoking cessation assistance to enthusiasts looking to expand their collection.

Vaping for First Timers

What is a Vape Kit?

A Vape Kit typically includes a vape device, as well as a tank or pod to hold the e-liquid, and a charger. Some kits, such as Advanced Vape Kits, also come with additional accessories to enhance your vaping experience - such as an external battery which you can switch out at any time.

What’s the Best Vape for Beginners?

For those stepping into the world of vaping for the first time, the initial choice of a vape can significantly influence their experience. Beginners often look for something straightforward, reliable, and convenient. Pod Vape Kits are a popular choice due to their compact design, ease of use, and affordability.

However, if you’re looking for a specific Vape Kit - we’d recommend the following:

 Uwell Caliburn G3 Pod Vape Kit

The Uwell Caliburn G3 Pod Vape Kit may be the new kid on the block, but it’s also the latest generation of Uwell’s Caliburn series - and demonstrates how Uwell have stepped up their game. The Caliburn G3 features a generous 900mAh battery with a 2A fast-charge capability - it also includes new and improved pods, providing you with better flavour and a smoother inhale. This next-level Pod Vape is perfect for beginners with its straightforward refillable pods and intelligent chip design.

 Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini Pod Vape Kit

Similar to the Caliburn G3 by Uwell, the Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini Pod Vape Kit is a great choice for first time vapers - it’s a MTL inhale activated Pod Vape which simulates the sensation of smoking seamlessly. The Xros 3 Mini boasts a 1000mAh battery that can last all day, as well as intense flavour and a simple top-fill design, so you can top up your pod tank on the go with ease. If you're looking for a quick and convenient vape kit, the Xros 3 Mini Pod Vape by Vaporesso could be the one for you!

Vape Tips for First Timers

With so much information about vapes available, it can be hard for first timers to know where to start - lucky for you, we’ve put together a range of tips to help you through the beginner stages of your journey.

How to Choose the Right Vape

Research: Before making a purchase, research different types of vapes, such as pod systems, pens, mods, or all-in-one devices. Consider factors like size, battery life, ease of use, and customization options.

Mouth to Lung (MTL) vs. Direct to Lung (DTL): Understanding the difference between these two styles is pretty important when choosing  vape for the first time. MTL is similar to inhaling a cigarette, while DTL involves taking the vapour directly into your lungs and immediately exhaling it. Beginners often find MTL Vapes easier and more satisfying

Adjusting your Vape

Start Low and Gradually Increase: If your vape device allows for adjustable wattage, begin with lower settings and slowly increase the wattage until you find your preferred vaping experience. This will help you avoid overwhelming throat hits or burnt tastes.

Experiment with Airflow: Most devices have adjustable airflow settings. Experiment with different levels to find the airflow that suits your preference—tighter draws for MTL and looser draws for DTL.

Understanding Nicotine

Tailored Nicotine Strengths: Nicotine strengths typically range from 0mg to 20mg. Beginners transitioning from smoking may find 6mg to 12mg suitable, while heavy smokers might start with higher strengths. Gradually reduce nicotine levels over time to minimise dependency.

Don't Underestimate Nicotine Salts: Nicotine salt e-liquids offer a smoother throat hit and higher nicotine concentration, making them ideal for MTL vapers. However, be cautious as they can be more addictive due to their potency.

Exploring E-Liquid Flavours

One of the joys of vaping is the diverse range of flavours available. Experiment with different e-liquid flavours, such as fruit, dessert, menthol, or tobacco, to find your favourites - it’s also a good idea to choose the right type of e-liquid for your vape. MTL Vapers perform best with 50/50 VG e-liquid, whilst Sub-Ohm Vape Kits are best used with 70% VG vape liquids, such as shortfills.

Quality Matters

Ensure you purchase e-liquids from reputable brands to ensure safety, consistency, and quality. Read reviews and check for third-party lab testing to validate the authenticity of ingredients.

How to Inhale Vape for the First Time

How Do I Inhale a Vape the First Time?

Inhaling from a vape for the first time can be a unique experience, distinct from traditional smoking. The technique of inhalation plays a pivotal role in determining the overall vaping experience. There are primarily two methods of inhalation, which we mentioned previously, MTL & DTL.

MTL is similar to the smoking inhalation process. It is done by first pulling the vapour into the mouth and then breathing it into the lungs. MTL kits are intended to assist this type of vaping by providing a tighter draw and concentrated flavour.

DTL, on the other hand, is distinguished by direct vapour inhalation into the lungs. It's prevalent in sub-ohm vaping, when the coil resistance is less than one ohm. Enthusiasts use this method because it produces denser clouds and is better for those looking to reduce their nicotine intake.

How Much Nicotine is in a Vape?

The nicotine content in a vape depends on the e-liquid used. E-liquids come in various nicotine strengths, allowing vapers to choose according to their preferences and needs. For those transitioning from smoking, selecting an appropriate nicotine strength is crucial to satisfy cravings while avoiding overly potent doses.

Nicotine strengths are usually measured in milligrams (mg) or as a percentage. For instance, an e-liquid with 3mg of nicotine is the equivalent of 0.3% nicotine or 3 milligrams of nicotine per millilitre of liquid. Vapers can choose from low, medium, high, or nicotine-free e-liquids depending on their requirements and their choice of vape kit.

What’s an Easy Vape to Use?

One of the easiest types of vape to use is the Disposable Vape - these vapes don't require any maintenance such as refilling, recharging or cleaning.

Simply unbox this single-use vape and inhale on the mouthpiece to activate it. Disposable Vapes have become incredibly popular within the last few years due to their simplicity and convenience. 

Check out our blog to discover a list of the best Disposable Vapes - we’ve included everything from the new Dinner Lady Fuyl Disposable Vape to the well-known Bloody Mary BM600.

Why Vaping is Safer than Smoking

First and foremost, vaping eliminates the harmful combustion process associated with traditional smoking. When you light a cigarette, it undergoes combustion, releasing thousands of toxic chemicals, including tar, carbon monoxide, and carcinogens. 

In contrast, vaping involves heating e-liquids that typically contain nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavourings. This process produces an inhalable aerosol, commonly known as vapour, which significantly reduces the exposure to harmful chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Vaping eliminates the combustion-related risks, making it a healthier option for those looking to satisfy their nicotine cravings without the detrimental effects of smoking.

Remember that knowledge, safety, and responsible use are your trusted friends as you enter this vivid domain - if you have any questions or concerns, contact one of our experienced members of staff. We’re always happy to help.

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Author: Taz Dean

Taz Dean has had a ten year career in the vaping industry. He has helped build business', develop products and create e-liquid lines globally. As an ex smoker, avid vaper and vaping advocate, he has years of knowledge and experience on aspects of the vaping industry, from the shop floor all the way to distribution . This unique insight helps with his unique perspective and engaging informational content.

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