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Celebs who Vape

Celebs who Vape

I’m sure we’ve all heard somewhere down the grapevine about Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘controversial’ vaping habits, caught on camera at the 2016 SAG Awards. After winning his SAG Award for his groundbreaking performance in The Revenant, it was surprising that what the digital world was discussing, was his electronic cigarette. Many took to Twitter to discuss either their disgust or support for the actor’s decision to whip an e-cig out of his expensive dinner suit during an awards ceremony. Some claimed that seeing such an influential star hitting the vapour was enough encouragement to make them quit smoking and do the same, whilst others expressed their concerns for his health and the inappropriateness of blowing smoke at such a prestigious event.

There’s no doubt that having famous endorsers will help to expand a culture, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing happen in the world of sweet smelling clouds! Celebrities and icons are turning to e-liquid powered devices to aid their journey of putting down those tobacco filled cancer sticks once and for all. American pop singer and global sensation, Katy Perry has also taken up vaping and was spotted on several occasions in 2015 using the purple Ego Twist pen.

Zayn Malik, a former boy band member-gone solo from One Direction, has also been seen smoking an e-cig. Other celebrities include Robbie Williams, Jack Black, Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell, Snoop Dogg and Charlie Sheen - who even created his own brand called Nicosheen (top notch points for creativity there) after he received numerous fines for smoking inside his tour venues.

Of course, back in 2010 we saw Katherine Heigl vape on the David Letterman show where they discussed the health benefits of turning to vape and putting down the tobacco. Katherine admitted she began smoking at the age of 25 and since then has tried numerous methods of quitting including Chatax, gums and patches. However, the comedic actress explains with a winning smile how vaping using her atomiser has cut traditional cigarettes out of her life for good! If you have got questions about vaping then this is the right place to learn more.

Other famous faces who vape include:
• Rihanna
• Miley Cyrus
• Lindsay Lohan
• Cara Delevingne
• Robert Pattinson
• Vanessa Hudgens
• Paris Hilton
• Johnny Depp
• Isla Fisher
• Jack Nicolson
• John Cusack
• Britney Spears
• Ron Wood
• Nick Clegg
• Tom Petty

Many of these celebrities claim that their reason for making the switch is so they can still ‘smoke’ whilst on tour and indoors, however, others like Simon Cowell have said their use of vaping devices help them to quit smoking all together. Lindsey Lohan claims that her father sent her an e-cigarette starter kit in order to encourage her to quit tobacco - hey, they make great gifts even for the rich and famous! Vaping has also been making small cameo scenes in Hollywood films, such as 2010 thriller The Tourist, starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Depp’s character Frank Tupelo, puffs on an e-cigarette on a public European train - highlighting the harmlessness of the ‘secondhand smoke’.

Fortunately, our world is forever expanding as more and more people realise the good that vaping can bring to your once harmful habit. There is a huge following of supportive celebs and it can only continue to develop!

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Author: Taz Dean

Taz Dean has had a ten year career in the vaping industry. He has helped build business', develop products and create e-liquid lines globally. As an ex smoker, avid vaper and vaping advocate, he has years of knowledge and experience on aspects of the vaping industry, from the shop floor all the way to distribution . This unique insight helps with his unique perspective and engaging informational content.

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