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Vaping has swept across the globe in all its glorified culture, and now we are seeing the healthier alternative to tobacco smoking, as a romanticised hobby through the lens of a camera. Vape photography has flooded the online universe with abstract and artistic shots from mods and devices, to vapers and their clouds; capturing the hazy beauty and mystery of those impressive e-cigarette exhales. With easy access to quality smart phone cameras, it seems it is possible for anyone to be able to snap up a good shot - but for us, its all in the editing.

It can be rather difficult directing a chain of smoke - they arent easy models to work with as you can imagine. So those using photo enhancement programs to edit their shots into beguiling and powerful imagery are generally the people captivating our attention the most! In no particular order, here are our top 7 vaping photographs from the internet

Instagrammer @asalijeprett takes phantasmagorically sinister imagery through the eyes of his camera, often dressing his muses in masks or hiding parts of their faces with the plumes. The talented cloud capturer uses lighting and contrasting effects to bring a menacing mood to his mystifying images.

A beautiful Asian woman with a high fashion hair cut and stunning facial features exhales what looks literally like a breath of life. Her gentle poise and subtle elegance portrays a magical yet ominous feel, whilst the stretched strings of her cloud suggests dispersion, as if her vapour has control of its growth. Chilling.

One of our favourites is this enigmatic image of an affluent gentleman anonymously sculpting his identity with the shape of his vapour. The silhouette however, seems to flourish into a wild cloud, giving the illusion of fiery hair. I envision a nervous antagonist visiting this fictional character for a dark favour in exchange for something of powerful value. Photographs that build stories are generally the most bewitching.

We all recognise the beautiful reference here to the vaping trick nicknamed The Jellyfish, and though obvious to those in the industry, those who havent familiarised themselves with this terminology may see it in an entirely abstract light. Which sort of makes this even more alluring.

I love the quirkiness of this image, shot by Logan Zillmer as part of his 365 project. Capturing surreal scenes of gentleman trapped in alternate universes, this picture illustrates the magic of human creation, as the man blows his vaping cloudinto an actual cloud. Exhibiting great imagination.

To me, this image plays on the idea that vaping is significantly healthier for your body than traditional smoking. The use of natures wild flower forming from the models vapour is a sign of prosperity and life, illuminating the idea that by vaping we can stomp out harmful tobacco cigarettes.

The use of colour in this photograph is strikingly eye-catching. The seemingly ordinary set up of the shoot suggests a hidden meaning as to why this young female is being engulfed in wisps of enchanting pink smoke. “There may be a great fire in our hearts, yet if no one ever comes to warm himself at it, the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke. - Vincent Van Gogh


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