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Best Nicotine Pouches of 2024

Best Nicotine Pouches of 2024

Nicotine pouches are a relatively new niche within the UK market, but they’ve already become pretty popular as a discreet method of consuming nicotine without vaping or smoking. In recent years there has been a spread in nicotine pouches UK wide as they’ve become more well known and more and more people are seeing the benefits of using them in places where smoking or using vapes is forbidden. 

If you’re looking for an alternative to vaping or an alternative to smoking that’s still packed full of flavour and won’t leave you with a bunch of nasty side effects, nicotine pouches are your way forward. Keep reading to discover my list of the top 10 best nicotine pouches.

Product Name Price Action
1. Elf Bar Tacja Cherry Ice Nicotine Pouches £3.39 Buy Now
2Killa Blueberry Nicotine Pouches £2.95 Buy Now
3Nordic Spirit Mint Nicotine Pouches £5.52 Buy Now
4Velo Tropic Breeze Nicotine Pouches £5.52 Buy Now
5Pablo Bubblegum Nicotine Pouches £3.49 Buy Now
6Siberia Original Nicotine Pouches £4.49.50 Buy Now
7Killa Watermelon Nicotine Pouches £2.95 Buy Now
8Elf Bar Tacja Blue Sour Raspberry Nicotine Pouches £3.39 Buy Now
9Nordic Spirit Elderflower Nicotine Pouches £5.52 Buy Now
10Velo Ruby Berry Nicotine Pouches £5.25 Buy Now
What are Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches, sometimes called nic pouches or snus nicotine pouches are small, slim tobacco free nicotine pouches that contain nicotine and flavouring. These pouches are usually white pouches that are placed into the mouth for a quick nicotine fix that’s sure to satisfy your cravings.

How do Nicotine Pouches work?

Nicotine pouches, such as Zyn nicotine pouches, are designed for oral use only. To use nic pouches you simply take one from the tin and slip it into your mouth between your upper lip and gum. Once the nicotine pouch is situated it will slowly release nicotine into your system as well as flavour; a nic pouch can be used for up to an hour before it needs to be discarded, but of course you don’t have to use them for an entire hour if your needs are met sooner.

What are the best Nicotine Pouches?

Now that you know what nicotine pouches are and how to use them it’s time to take  a look at the best nicotine pouches UK (in my opinion) - which includes all of the best nicotine pouch brands and best flavour nicotine pouches as well as other types of nicotine pouches.

Elf Bar Tacja Cherry Ice Nicotine Pouches

Key Features:

  • Flavour: Cherry Ice
  • Nicotine Strength: 12mg/18mg/20mg/33mg/36mg

Cherry Ice Elf Bar TACJA Nicotine Pouches are one of the latest nicotine pouches by Elf Bar and are absolutely bursting with sweet cherry notes and a cool icy kick that leaves you feeling fresh! The Elf Bar TACJA Nicotine Pouches are available in a range of different nicotine strengths, from moderate strengths such as 12mg to strong nicotine pouches like 36mg. TACJA Nicotine Pouches by Elf Bar aren’t the cheapest nicotine pouches on the market but they’re definitely one of the best thanks to their wide range of flavours and nicotine strengths!

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Killa Blueberry Nicotine Pouches

Key Features:

  • Flavour: Blueberry
  • Nicotine Strength: 16mg

Blueberry Killa Nicotine Pouches made it to #2 on my list because not only are they cheap nicotine pouches (unfortunately there’s no such thing as free nicotine pouches) but they’re also some of the best tasting nicotine pouches i’ve ever tried. Their sweet blueberry flavour floods across your tongue from the very first moment, making Killa nicotine pouches an absolute pleasure to use - they’re also not too strong and feature a moderate 16mg nicotine strength per pouch, so they won’t overwhelm first timers and will satisfy more experienced users.

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Nordic Spirit Mint Nicotine Pouches

Key Features:

  • Flavour: Mint
  • Nicotine Strength: 6mg, 9mg, 12mg

Mint Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches definitely deserve their spot at #3 - they’re one of the cleanest, freshest tasting nicotine pouches I've tried so far, with a powerful pure mint taste that cleanses the palette whilst also satisfying your cravings. Nordic Spirit are better suited to newer users or those who don’t need an awful lot of nicotine as their nicotine strengths tend to be on the lower side with 6mg, 9mg and 12mg currently available.

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Velo Tropic Breeze Nicotine Pouches

Key Features:

  • Flavour: Mandarin, Passion Fruit, Mango
  • Nicotine Strength: 4mg

Tropic Breeze Velo Nicotine Pouches are a tropical delight and have more than earned their spot at #4 on my list of the best nic pouches. Tropic Breeze Nicotine Pouches by Velo are fully of exciting exotic flavours like mandarin, passion fruit and mango which work so well together it’s almost like sipping on a smoothie as you get your nicotine fix. I really enjoyed the Velo Nicotine Pouches but as they’re just 4mg per pouch i’d only recommend them for those that don't use much nicotine or are only just starting out with nic pouches, otherwise they may be a bit weak.

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Pablo Bubblegum Nicotine Pouches

Key Features:

  • Flavour: Bubblegum
  • Nicotine Strength: 30mg

Wow, the Bubblegum Pablo Nicotine Pouches really pack a punch! At 30mg per nicotine pouch (50mg tin) these are some seriously strong nicotine pouches and are not for the faint of heart! The bright bubblegum flavour was a sweet treat for the taste buds and the strong nicotine pouches satisfied my cravings for nicotine quicker than I would have thought possible. Pablo nicotine pouches are some of the strongest nicotine pouches and as such should only be used by those who are experienced with or used to strong nicotine.

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Siberia Original Nicotine Pouches

Key Features:

  • Flavour: Mint
  • Nicotine Strength: 24.75mg

Original Siberia Nicotine Pouches came in at #6 on my list due to their smooth flavour; they’re an ice cold mint flavour that’s like a breath of fresh air in the middle of the arctic. Siberia nicotine pouches all feature the same intensely icy mint flavours but come in a range of sizes and nicotine strengths - the 24.75mg Siberia Original Pouches were a touch too strong for me personally but unlike some brands of nicotine pouches the strength of the nicotine didn’t make them unpleasant to use or put me off in any way. If you enjoy extra strong mint flavours with extreme nicotine, you’d absolutely love these! 

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Killa Watermelon Nicotine Pouches

Key Features:

  • Flavour: Watermelon
  • Nicotine Strength: 16mg

Watermelon Killa Nicotine Pouches are another incredible nicotine pouch filled to bursting with the mouthwatering taste of juicy watermelon, they’re an invigorating flavour that almost had me licking my lips after each one. If you’re going to buy nicotine pouches i’d highly recommend Killa - they’re one of the best tobacco free nicotine pouches available right now. As with the rest of the Kill Nic Pouches range, they contain a moderate amount of nicotine at 16mg per pouch - a perfect middle ground suitable for many different people.

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Elf Bar Tacja Blue Sour Raspberry Nicotine Pouches

Key Features:

  • Flavour: Blueberry, Raspberry, Sour
  • Nicotine Strength: 12mg, 18mg, 20mg, 33mg, 36mg

Blueberry Sour Raspberry Elf Bar TACJA Nicotine Pouches are a one of kind flavour that almost came in at #7 on our list - but just didn’t quite make it. If you love sour flavours or are bonkers about berries, this is definitely the flavour for you. The Elf Bar TACA nic pouches also come in 5 different nicotine strengths, so there’s plenty of choice - although I will say the 36mg nic pouches are very strong!

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Nordic Spirit Elderflower Nicotine Pouches

Key Features:

  • Flavour: Elderflower
  • Nicotine Strength: 6mg, 9mg

The Elderflower Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches have such a unique, sweet floral flavour that I just had to put them on my list - I’ve never tasted anything like them before! If you fancy a nicotine pouch with an altogether different flavour, you really need to check out the Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches! These nic pouches are available in 6mg and 9mg, which means that the nicotine isn’t too intense for those that are new to nic pouches.

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Velo Ruby Berry Nicotine Pouches

Key Features:

  • Flavour: Strawberry, Sharp
  • Nicotine Strength: 4mg, 6mg, 10mg

Whilst I enjoyed the sweet strawberry flavour of the Ruby Berry Velo nicotine pouches, I did find that they were a little sharp - which is why they aren’t higher up on my list. If you enjoy a slightly acidic flavour that’ll also fulfil your need for nicotine, then you might prefer the Ruby Berry nicotine pouches by Velo. As you may have noticed, Velo are one of the low nicotine pouches with strengths as low as 4mg available - this makes them a great place to start for those who haven;t used nicotine pouches before.

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Are Nicotine Pouches safe?

Nicotine pouches are not entirely risk-free. While marketed as a safer alternative to smoking, they carry potential health concerns. Nicotine addiction is associated with the use of nicotine pouches, and as they’re a newer product the long-term health effects remain uncertain. Caution is advised, and individuals considering nicotine pouches should be aware of the addictive nature of nicotine and the potential risks involved in using these products. However, compared to smoking cigarettes or other traditional tobacco products nic pouches are much safer as they don’t contain any of the carcinogenic chemicals found in tobacco smoke, as they’re completely tobacco free!

Nicotine Pouches side effects

Nicotine pouches can cause side effects such as increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure. The nicotine content may lead to addiction as well if not managed correctly. Side effects may vary among individuals, and long-term consequences are not fully understood due to the product's recent introduction to the UK. It's crucial to recognize that while nicotine pouches may be perceived as a less harmful option than smoking, they are not without risks, and users should be mindful of potential health implications.

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Author: Taz Dean

Taz Dean has had a ten year career in the vaping industry. He has helped build business', develop products and create e-liquid lines globally. As an ex smoker, avid vaper and vaping advocate, he has years of knowledge and experience on aspects of the vaping industry, from the shop floor all the way to distribution . This unique insight helps with his unique perspective and engaging informational content.

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