The Top 10 Vaping Memes


The Top 10 Vaping Memes
  1. Because not every hit is a good hit; even if it tastes of custard pie


  1. Ever seen Lord of the Rings without special effects?


  1. Who needs to learn about Benjamin Franklin and electrons when OHM’s law is the only thing that matters?


  1. Say watt one more time…


  1. Did someone say selfie? Let me grab me mod, they MUST know how I candidly vape


  1. Does yours create waves though mate?

  1. You must unlearn what you have learned…


  1. Because Snapchat is for so much more than snapback selfies and vape tricks


  1. Who needs the gym when you can have an obnoxiously sized mod box?

 10. If my e-cig can taste of pizza, these curly fries can definitely harness electricity