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Veeba Disposable Vape Kit

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Veeba Disposable Vape Features - Best Disposable Vape Eco-Friendly

The Veeba is an environmentally-friendly disposable vape with an incredibly compact and slim design. Each device is prefilled with 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid and 20mg nicotine strength, bringing you the best MTL vaping experience with every inhale.

Features a 280mAh ISO-certified battery to deliver 500 puffs (approx.) similar to a pack of cigarettes. Thanks to the small form factor, measured at 115 x 17.9 x 9.4mm, the Veeba is a highly portable vape that can be easily stored in your bag or pocket without worrying about weight and space.

Manufactured by Philip Morris International, the Veeba is an excellent choice for those new to vaping or looking for a portable and hassle-free device that is easy to use on the go.

Enjoy your favourite flavours and fuss-free vaping experience without charging or refilling the device. Utilizing inhale activation, you can puff right out of the box. Simply open the box, take out your disposable pen and inhale from the mouthpiece. Once you are done, simply dispose of it and purchase a new one.

Available in 9 Vibrant Flavours

Veeba Disposable Vape Best Flavours

Classic: It gives you a classic cig a like vape experience. Spiced with dark tobacco flavours that offer a toasted aroma with slight earthy notes, this traditional flavour is appreciated by those who want to quit smoking without compromising taste.

Torquios: This minty flavour with a velvety texture and cooling finish delivers a refreshing inhale.

Mauve: A perfect blend of Blueberries and Strawberries is a real treat for vapers who look for a sweet and cooling fruity vaping experience.

Summer: A refined combination of your favourite fruity notes containing apples, watermelon, and bananas that will be balanced by minty undernotes. So you will fulfil your fruit craving with this disposable vape pen.

Coral Pink: It is an exotic and refreshing mix of watermelon and melon notes of flavours, and a menthol undernote aroma will offer an ultimate vape.

Red: You can enjoy a vaping experience yielding with dragon fruits and strawberry notes topped with cooling menthol undertones.

Gold: This exotic flavour is a mixture of apple, strawberry, and orange aromas crowned with cooling and can offer a delightful vaping experience.

Yellow Green: The sweet and sour hints combined with chilled green apples will satisfy your taste buds.

Indiblue: A satisfying vape venture defined by the blueberries and pomegranates aroma mixed with sour cream will fulfil your taste requirements.

Veeba's Key Features

  • Prefilled with 2ml and 20mg of nicotine salt e-liquid, deliver a smooth throat hit
  • 9 vibrant flavours to choose from, fruit, tobacco, mint/menthol and aromatic
  • Up to 500 Puffs, equivalent to 40 cigarettes
  • Features a 280 mAh ISO Certified integrated battery
  • Premium aluminium body with a soft touch that can be recycled
  • Equipped with inhale activation technology, so you can use the device right out of the box without any complicated settings
  • Convenient pocket-size and comfortable shape | 115 x 17.9 x 9.4mm
  • Eco-Friendly - Recycle Return Programme

What's in the box?

1 x Veeba Disposable Vape Pen


Product name:Veeba Vape
Size:115 x 17.9 x 9.4mm
Battery capacity:280 mAh
E-liquid capacity:2 ml
Nicotine strength:20 mg (1.8%) nicotine salt e-liquid.
Puffs:Approximately 500
Flavours:9 Vibrant

Recycle and Return Programme

*Remember, do not throw it with your household waste, as you can easily recycle this. Learn More Easy Recycle Scheme Coming Soon To Greyhaze
Veeba Eco-Friendly Disposable Vape Recycle Programme

Why should I try VEEBA?

Superior product quality, design and flavour exploration presented in a mindful and responsible way to address adult nicotine users’ needs.

Flavour Enjoyment

  • A wide range of flavours to meet both disposable vape users and LA smokers’ needs who are open to switching vaping. From rich and balanced fruity notes to refreshing, mellow exotic aromas.
  • Continuous new news & flavours to come.

Quality Reassurance

  • High-quality, food-grade flavour ingredients and pharma-grade nicotine.
  • Developed to avoid dry puffs and deliver a consistent experience. With each puff as enjoyable as the next.
  • Designed in the U.S. with PMI standards on ingredients, aerosol emissions and safety.

Sustainability & Responsibility

  • Premium, sleek design in subtle graphite colour targeting adult users.
  • The aluminium case can be recycled. More taste, less waste.
  • Devices are to be returned and recycled through our take-back programme.

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