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Double Fresh Cuba Black Nicotine Snus Pouches

Double Fresh Cuba Black Nicotine Snus Pouches

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Introducing the Cuba Black Double Fresh Nicotine Pouches - Mint flavoured nicopods by Cuba. The Double Fresh Cuba black nic pouches are a mellow mint blend containing a powerful pure mint flavour with just a touch of coolness that creates an invigorating mint flavour nicotine pouch that’s sure to leave you feeling fresh after every use. This is a nicotine pouch for fans of fresh mint flavours - if that sounds like something you’d enjoy, check out this pleasant pure mint Double Fresh Cuba black nicotine pouches today.

Cuba Black Double Fresh Nic Pouches are a pack of 20 nicotine pouches with a potent nicotine content. These strong nic pouches hold 43mg/g nicotine per pack, which is strong enough to cause a pleasing prickle along your palette with each pouch that you use. As the Cuba black nicotine pouches contain such strong nicotine they are not appropriate for beginners and we’d advise against anybody that is not used to strong nicotine strengths using them.

Double Fresh black nicotine pouches by Cuba don’t contain any tobacco, so aren’t classed as Nicotine Snus Pouches. Cuba nic pouches aren’t just tobacco free; Black nic pouches by Cuba are also free from smoke, odour and vapour, so you’re able to use Cuba nicopods whenever you want, which is perfect for use in places where you aren’t allowed to use vape kits, disposable vapes or tobacco products such as IQOS.

Getting to grips with the Cuba double fresh black nic pouch couldn’t be much simpler - take a nic pouch and place it between your upper lip and gum. Next, let the nicotine pouch release nicotine into your system gradually for up to an hour. Lastly - dispose of the nic pouch once you’re done with it!

Note: Cuba black nicotine pouches have a high nicotine content and are not suitable for beginners.

Double Fresh Cuba Black Nic Pouch Specs

  • Flavour Profile: Mint, Cool
  • Nicotine Strength: 43mg/g
  • 20 Pouches per Can
  • High Nicotine Content
  • Tobacco Free Pouches
  • Best Suited to Users of Strong Nicotine

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