A brilliantly mixed and flavoured e-liquid is great part of what vaping is all about! The thrill of find a new all day vape is what keeps vapers excited! From fresh menthol fruity flavours, to sweet and savoury, the amount of ejuice flavours currently on the market Is simply incredible, and we are at the zenith of E-Liquid manufacturing with new and innovative eliquid flavours being released almost every week. We are proud to carry some of the best e-liquid brands in the world, from pioneering industry leading brands like VGOD to incredible new brands such as Evil Cloud. We are proud of a massive eliquid collection, as avid vapers ourselves we are sure you will find a flavour to suite you, simply click the banner at the top and use our innovative e-liquid filter to find what suits you best! All our eliquids are broken down by their flavour category, you can find these in the main navigation If you wish to go ahead and start browsing our ejuice immediately. Or you can use the advanced filter by clicking the banner at the top of this page and filter by nicotine strength, bottle size and more!


What are Nic Salts? A Quick Guide

Vaping has come along a long way since the old days of clearomizers and 18mg PG based eliquids, the market trends have moved to sub-ohm devices and VG heavy eliquids to mechanical mods and now starting to shift to pod mods and salt nicotine eliquids. Vaping has always been a tobacco alternative, and every advancement in vaping technology has made vaping a more effective method to drop cigarettes for good. Although pg based liquids worked for some they didn't for many and not until more powerful devices hit the market did vaping have a serious effect. Similarly now, pod mods are having an effect on a market segment we at grey haze found almost impossible to help kick the habit.

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A Guide to E-Liquids

If you are new to vaping, or even a regular – the choice of e-liquids, sometimes known as e-juices can at first seem overwhelming. From the huge array of flavours, to the different types available, there can be so many options that you can find it difficult to know where to start, or perhaps you’ve got a little bored with your current flavour or e-liquid type and want to shop around for something new? Whatever your preference, there is bound to be an e-liquid available that will suit both your palette and preference from tobacco style flavours, to your favourite foods and desert (anyone for waffles and jam flavour?) We’ve got you covered!

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What are Short Fill eLiquids?

We have devised a solution for our customers to continue enjoying large bottles without breaking the law. This solution means some DIY work on your part. It consists of a TPD registered 10ml bottle containing Nicotine called QuickNic and a larger QuickNic ready bottle containing some base and flavouring that will only be completed and ready to vape when the 10ml of QuickNic is added to it. QuickNic is a 10ml bottle of e-liquid containing 20mg of Nicotine and no flavourings. QuickNic is not suitable to be vaped alone, and is designed for use with other e-liquids tagged with QuickNic on the product listing, or with QuickNic ready logo on the bottle.

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