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SKE Crystal Disposable Vapes


Crystal Bar 600 Disposable Vape
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SKE Crystal 4 in 1 Prefilled Pod Vape Kit
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SKE Amare Crystal One Disposable Vape
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Buyer's Guide: SKE Crystal Bar

As soon as you remove an SKE vape from its packaging you’re instantly met with its intriguing, first of its kind design. Each Crystal Bar produced by SKE, from the Amare Crystal vape to the Crystal Pro, features a clear crystal-like design that perfectly encapsulates the sense of sophistication and elegance that Crystal Bars personify. The design and style of the SKE Crystal vape isn’t its only iconic feature though as style is shallow, whilst a Crystal disposable vape is full of hidden depths and untold potential.

Any Crystal Bar vape would be the perfect vape to introduce you to the realm of vaping, as SKE vapes such as the Amare Crystal or Crystal Bar 4000 are such user-friendly, simple disposable vape devices. The Crystal Bar vapes don’t have any complex settings or adjustable features as they’re inhale activated - this means that using the Crystal SKE is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. Remove the SKE disposable vape from its packaging. 2. Inhale on the mouthpiece to activate the SKE Crystal vape. 3. Enjoy intensely satisfying clouds of vapour to your heart’s content!

Aside from their appealing aesthetic and daring design, one of the reasons that we’re drawn to the SKE Crystal vapes is because of their selection of high quality Crystal Bar flavours. Crystal Bars flavours cover every different type of blend imaginable, from ice-cold minty mixes, to indulgent desserts, traditional tobacco and sweet fruity fusions - there are Crystal Bar vape flavours to please every palate and satisfy every sweet tooth, allowing them to appeal to wide variety of tastes and cater to a broad range of customers.


What are Crystal Bar Vapes?

A Crystal SKE vape, such as the Crystal 600 puffs, is a disposable vape with the perfect balance between convenience and commitment to customer satisfaction. The Crystal puff bar offers users an unparalleled vape experience, with style and simplicity as its cornerstones. Each Crystal e cig is inhale activated, which makes using them one of the easiest things in the world - just draw on the mouthpiece and the SKE Crystal Bar vape will activate and begin to produce vapour which you then inhale. It really doesn’t get much easier than this!

As the Crystal Bar SKE are disposable vapes they come preloaded with e-liquid and are also precharged, featuring a 500mAh internal battery.These single use devices are not refillable or rechargeable as they’re a Crystal Bar disposable - once they’ve run out of power or vape juice they’re intended to be discarded and replaced with a new one.

The 600 puff disposable vapes such as the Crystal Bar 600 have been prefilled with 2ml of SKE Crystal e liquid, and all of the new vapes by SKE are available in a nicotine strength of up to 20mg (2%). There is also the option of a low nicotine disposable vape as most of the Crystal ecig range are also available in 10mg as well as nicotine free (0mg/0%).

SKE Crystal Bars such as the 4000 puff Crystal Bar, Amare Crystal One and Crystal 600 flavours are perfect for mouth to lung vaping, which in turns provides vapers with a similar sensation to smoking - when combined with a high nicotine strength this makes the Crystal disposable vapes the best alternative to smoking. The tight inhale and high nicotine strength can help smokers switch from cigarettes to vaping, and the vast array of flavours available makes the experience even more enjoyable.

How many types of Crystal Vapes?

At Grey Haze we stock a number of different Crystal Vape Bars, from the 2% Original Crystal Bar Disposable, to the nicotine free Disposable Crystal Bar as well as the Crystal Amare One by SKE. Each range offers a diverse range of flavours for you to choose from, including popular blends such as the SKE Crystal Bar Tobacco disposable vape and the Blueberry Cherry Cranberry SKE Crystal Bar disposable.

How long does the SKE Crystal Bar last?

Each SKE Disposable Crystal is intended to last for up to 600 puffs per device, which is longer than the average pack of cigarettes. Most MTL vapers will get 2 - 3 days out of a Crystal Bar Disposable, but it does depend on the type of inhale that you prefer and the frequency with which you vape. Those that tend to go for Direct to Lung vapes may only get a day out of a disposable due to their significantly longer and heavier style of inhale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much are Crystal Bars?

A: The Crystal Bar vape price can vary massively depending on where you purchase your SKE Crystal vapes from and the vape that you choose. At Grey Haze we stock all Crystal Bar flavours, with some costing as little as £2.95 whilst others can cost as much as £3.95.

Q: How many cigarettes in a Crystal Bar?

A: A TPD compliant Crystal Bars vape like the Crystal Original vape will last for approximately 600 puffs, depending on their usage. This is roughly the same amount of puffs that you’d receive from a pack of 20 average cigarettes, however there are far fewer harmful chemicals in a Crystal disposable than in cigarettes or other tobacco products, and so they’re much safer.

Q: How long do Crystal Bars last?

A:  A Crystal Bar 600 will last for approximately 600 puffs, but the amount of time can vary due to several different factors - the frequency with which you vape and your style of vaping are two of factors that will affect how long it lasts.
If you’re a mouth to lung vaper that takes shorter inhales or you don’t vape frequently your Crystal 600 puffs flavours could last as long as 3 - 4 days. If you prefer a direct to lung style vape where you take larger draws, or you vape more frequently, your SKE disposable may last as little as around a day.
To make your box of Crystal vapes or single Crystal flavour last longer we’d recommend taking vape breaks - try to avoid carrying your vape around with you as you may continue vaping without realising, which would deplete your Crystal Bar battery much quicker.

Q: How to charge a Crystal Bar?

A: Unfortunately you cannot charge a SKE Crystal disposable vape as they’re single-use devices that are neither refillable nor rechargeable. The only rechargeable Crystal vape are their prefilled pod kits which support the use of prefilled pods and are reusable; the majority of these pod kits will charge using USB Type-C cables and take approximately 30 - 40 minutes to recharge.

Q: How many Crystal disposable vape flavours are there?

A: We currently stock all Crystal vape flavours, which is more than 50 different flavours in the Crystal disposables, ranging from SKE Crystal flavours like the widely considered best Crystal Bar flavour - Crystal Bar Rainbow - to lesser known flavours like the Crystal Bar Strawberry Raspberry and Crystal Bar Blueberry Cherry Cranberry.

Why Buy from Grey Haze Vape Store?

At Grey Haze we’re committed to providing you with high quality, authentic vapes at low prices - which is why our Crystal Bars are part of our for 3 for £10 disposable vape deals! This means you can buy more of the vapes that you know and love for a fraction of their usual price, and to top it off they’re mix and match so you can shop all of your favourite flavours and brands for less!

We also offer free delivery across the UK if you spend £20 or more on your order!

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