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Discover our immense collection of E-Liquids at Grey Haze, with more than 2000 vape liquids to choose from. We’ve carefully selected the best e-liquid flavour from leading vape juice brands such as Nasty Juice, Bar Series, IVG, Elux, Dinner Lady, Vampire Vape, and many more to ensure our range of premium-quality e-liquids is suited to both first time vapers and more experienced vapers alike.

We have a collection of the best vape juice from UK and worldwide brands, so whether you’re using Starter Kits or Sub-Ohm Vapes, we have an e-liquid for you. For high powered vape kits we’d recommend one of our high VG blends in the form of Shortfill E-Liquids. For anybody using MTL Starter Kits we’d advise going for a high PG e-liquid in 10ml juices such as nic salts.

Shop our collection of premium vape juices with confidence knowing that any orders over £20 are eligible for Free Delivery within the UK!

Nic Nic Nicotine Salt Shot
Regular price£1.49
5 FOR £10
Basics Watermelon Nic Salt E-Liquid
Regular price£3.99£2.25
5 FOR £10
Grapetastic Nic Salt by Basics
Regular price£3.99£2.25
CUBANO Black - VGOD Short Fill 50ML
Regular price£14.99£9.95
Regular price£14.99£9.95
LUSH ICE - VGOD Short Fill 50ML
Regular price£14.99£9.95
Asbo - Grey Haze Blends - Short Fill
Regular price£8.99£4.99
4 FOR £10
Fizzy Cherry Nic Salt E-liquid by Elux Legend
Regular price£3.99£2.95
5 FOR £10
Mint Blast Nic Salt by Basics
Regular price£3.99£2.25
4 FOR £10
Gummy Bear Nic Salt E-liquid by Elux Legend
Regular price£3.99£2.95
5 FOR £10
BLK Reload Nic Salt by Basics
Regular price£3.99£2.25

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E-Liquid Information

What is an E-Liquid?

Vape Liquid, otherwise known as Vape Juice, E-Liquid, or E-Juice, is a flavoured liquid, often containing nicotine in the form of nicotine salt or nicotine shots, that is inserted into an e-cigarette. The Vape Juice is usually added to Vape Tanks or Vape Pods where the coil or heating element evaporates the liquid, turning it into an inhalable aerosol.

E-Liquid is made up of 4 main ingredients: Flavouring, Nicotine, Vegetable Glycerin, and Propylene Glycol. Each of these ingredients is pharmaceutical grade and safe to be inhaled; however, they can be dangerous if swallowed or if they come into contact with your skin. Always purchase your Vape Liquids from a reputable source to ensure their authenticity.

What are PG & VG ratios?

The 2 fundamental ingredients in each and every Vape Juice are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin; with most vape liquids being made up of a blend of approximately 70% VG/PG and the rest being Nicotine and Flavouring. Most Vape Liquids are a mixture of PG and VG, although you can also purchase high VG e-liquid in the form of shortfill e-liquids, usually found in 100ml e-liquid bottles for sub-ohm tanks and vapes. If you take a look at the packaging for your vape juices, you’ll see the VG/PG ratio clearly displayed - some may even be 50/50 VG/PG e-juices.

pgWhat is PG?

PG, short for Propylene Glycol, is one of the key ingredient in e-liquids; it’s a synthetic substance that’s used in order to carry flavour and nicotine, as well as provide users with the throat hit that they crave.

vgWhat is VG?

VG, short for Vegertable Glycerin, is another important ingredient in vape liquids, derived from vegetable oils, VG assists in the production of thicker vapour. Both are non-toxic and safe to inhale, they’re also used in a variety of products aside from vape juices.

What strength Vape Juice should I use?

If you’ve recently switched from cigarettes you’ll have a rough idea of how many you were smoking each day; you can use this number to estimate the amount of nicotine you’ll need in your vape liquid.

If you were a heavy smoker (15 - 20 cigarettes per day) we’d recommend an 18mg to 20mg e-liquid which are found in 10ml juices.

If you’d consider yourself a social smoker, we’d recommend somewhere between 3mg - 6mg, whereas if you smoked 5 - 15 cigarettes per day you’d likely get along better with an e-liquid containing 6mg to 12mg of nicotine.


How much do E-Liquids cost?

We have some of the cheapest vape liquids available within the UK, with our standard 10ml bottles starting at just £0.74. Some brands, such as Elux Legends or Elf Bar ElfLiq may be more expensive than others, and as the size increases, so does does the price. Our range of nicotine-free shortfills start at just £2.49; if you’re looking for an unbeatable bargain, check out our E-Liquid Outlet range!

How do you store E-Liquids?

To maximise the longevity of your vape juices it’s best to store them in a dark, dry place and keep them away from direct sunlight or heat; it’s also important that you always store your e-liquids safely, which means that they’re sealed and kept away from pets and minors to ensure a safe vaping experience. Remember to check the expiration dates regularly and dispose of any expired e-liquids responsibly.

What are the most popular vape juice flavours?

Currently, the most popular type of vape juice is bar liquids; vape liquids whose flavours are based on disposable vapes or pre-filled pod vape kits. Bar Liquids can be found in 10ml nic salt bottles and come in a variety of flavours, from simple blends such as menthol eliquids and tobacco e-liquid, to fruitier blends like strawberry e-liquid or a blueberry vape liquid. These types of vape liquids are best used in vape kits such as pod kits, vape pens, and vape starter kits.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a certain flavour just because it’s trending; there are also dreamy dessert flavour e-liquids, as well as creamy custard flavours and other fruity flavoured vape juices.

Is Vaping without Nicotine safe?

Absolutely, there’s nothing wrong with vaping nicotine-free e-liquid; adding nicotine to your vape juices is entirely optional when it comes to 100ml or 50ml e-liquid bottles. Most 10ml e-juices come with nicotine already in them, but it’s possible to find 50/50 VG/PG vape liquids that are also nicotine-free.

Can I refill Disposables and Pre-filled Pods with E-Liquid?

No, Disposable Vapes and Pre-filled Pod Vape Kits are closed systems, meaning that they aren’t designed to be refillable or to be opened up in any way. Once they’re depleted, safely dispose of them and start your next one.

If you’re specifically searching for a refillable vape kit that you can put your own e-liquid in, explore our collection of refillable pod kits; you’re bound to find the style and size that suits your tastes.

Grey Haze Vape Store

Why Buy E-Liquid from Grey Haze Vape Store?

As one of the biggest Vape Stores within the UK, we stock only the best vape juice from the UK and worldwide brands, as well as the latest vape liquids to hit the market. Our range of leading vape juice brands are all TPD Compliant and pass rigorous safety checks before we approve them, so you know you’re safe and secure with Grey Haze.

Grey Haze is without a doubt the best Vape Shop where you can stock up on the latest liquids with our incredible e-liquid offers and multi-buy deals.

If you need help with your purchase, you can get in touch with a member of our Customer Service Team or if you’re looking for flavour recommendations, check out our blog for an e-liquid buying guide, or just for some inspiration.

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