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A Beginner's Guide To Pod Kits

A Guide to pod kits, Vape

The Vape Industry is fast-paced and ever-growing, full of innovative designs and ideas - as such, vapes have evolved repeatedly, with each manufacturer racing to outshine its competitors and produce the next best vape.

This demand for convenient vapes and their increasing popularity has led to such diversity and, eventually, the birth of the Pod Kit.

What Is A Vape Pod Kit?

A Vape Pod Kit, also known as a Pod Kit or Pod Mod, is incredibly convenient and petite. They tend to be much smaller than their cumbersome counterparts, not to mention they feature a small plastic pod that inserts into the vape rather than a glass or plastic tank that you attach to the top.

How Do Pod Vapes Work?

Pod kits work similarly to any other vape device; you have a pod that contains a heating element which you fill with vape juice. This connects to the vape device, which contains a battery. The soaked heating element at the core of the pod itself will begin to heat up and produce vapour that you inhale, but there are different ways that activation can occur, depending on the device you choose.

One common activation method across many different vape kits is holding down the on/off button as you inhale. Although some pod vapes have an "auto-draw" feature, the device detects the user is inhaling and therefore activates automatically.

Open Pod System - Refillable Pod KitClose Pod System, Prefilled Pod Kits

Why Use A Pod Vape?

The reasons you should choose a pod vape are plentiful, but unfortunately, I would keep you here for hours trying to explain them all, so here are a few of the most notable.


Pod vapes are often so small in stature that they take up much less room than other types of vape and are easier to fit into pockets and bags. Their diminutive size also means they weigh less than most vapes, which makes them even easier to carry around!

Ease of Use

These adorable little handheld devices are also super easy to use; they're easy to refill, and many don't require changing coils! When the pod burns out, you place the whole pod and insert a new one instead of fussing about taking the pod apart and replacing coils.

Cigarette Replication

One of the best things about pod vapes is how closely they replicate the sensation of smoking; the draw on these bad boys can't be beaten when it comes to MTL devices! The fact that pod vapes replicate the feeling of smoking so well increases the chances of you being able to cut down or quit cigarettes, too!


Pod vapes are incredibly good value! If you're looking for a cheap and cheerful device that won't cost you a fortune to maintain, look no further! Pod vapes are inexpensive and impressively well-made for the price, as they're both hard-wearing and durable.


I've said it before, and I'll repeat it; Pod kits are so convenient! They're small, discreet and easy to use; refilling them is easy peasy, they're less prone to leaking, and many also have fast-charge capabilities!

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Pod Kit Care For Better Experience

Is A Pod Vape Refillable?

One of the questions we encounter the most in our line work is whether a pod vape is refillable, which is a bit tricky as there are 2 different types of pod kit; Open System and Closed System.

Open System Pod Kits

An open system pod vape has a removable pod that can be refilled using Vape Juice. Some open system pod kits will also have replaceable coils. One of the benefits of using this type of pod vape is that it gives you more control and choice, as you can choose the flavour of e-liquid or vape juice you want to use and the strength of the nicotine. These devices are suited with higher PG e-liquid (50:50 VG/PG Recommended).

Closed System Pod Kits

A closed system pod vape, such as the Juul or Voom, will still have a removable pod, but they're pre-filled with a specific flavour and high dose nicotine salt e-liquid. You can't fill them with your vape juice once they're empty. Whilst this may seem like a more straightforward method of vaping, it leaves you with fewer options in the long term, so you're trading control for convenience.

Can Pod Vapes Use Vape Juice?

If you're using a refillable pod kit, like the open system pod kits mentioned previously, they can use vape juice! The best part is that there's such a variety of different vape juice flavours available these days that you'll likely never grow tired of trying them all!

When To Refill Your Vape Pod

Refilling your removable pod is a super simple process that can often be overlooked. You must keep your pod topped up to avoid issues such as that nasty burning taste or messy liquid leaks!

The best time to refill your Vape Pod is when it's approximately half-full (or half-empty, depending on your perspective). If you let your pod become too empty, it can dry out the coil inside, which will cause your pod to need changing more frequently.

When To Change Your Vape Pod

Does your vape leave you with a bad taste in your mouth? Is your juice starting to discolour as soon as you fill your pod? Or are you finding that your vape pod isn't giving you much flavour? These indicators indicate that you need to replace the pod on your Pod Kit.

When your Vape Pod leaves a bad taste in your mouth, such as burning, or your vape juice doesn't taste right, it's usually down to the fact that the cotton within your pod has deteriorated and that the pod needs replacing. This can occur anywhere between a week to 2 weeks from the day you start using the new pod.

Do Vape pods expire?

Although it's improbable that your pod will expire if left out in the open, the nicotine or vape juice within the pod can expire, especially in closed system pod vapes. However, vape juice and nicotine take months, if not years, to go bad, so you don't need to worry about it happening overnight!

We recommend that if you're not going to use your pod for a while, remove it from your vape pod kit, as the cotton inside your pod can become over-saturated with vape juice and begin to leak. If this vape juice gets into your device, it can potentially damage the pod vape beyond repair.

Pod Kit vs Advanced Vapes

Is A Pod Kit Better Than An Advanced Vape Kit?

There is no simple or easy answer to this question, as vaping is such a subjective experience. However, I can tell you some of the major differences, and you can make up your own mind!

What's Difference Between Advanced Vape Kits Vs Pod Kits

Pod Kits

  • They are smaller, lighter and easier to slip into pockets or bags
  • Charge quicker due to a smaller battery capacity
  • Use less juice and less power
  • Better replicate the sensation of smoking
  • Cheaper to buy and simpler to use

Advanced Vape Kits

  • Are bigger, bulkier, and less likely to get lost
  • May have removable batteries, so if the USB port breaks, they're still usable.
  • Have adjustable airflow and power settings which gives you more control over your vape experience
  • Has a removable tank with replaceable coils, which can be less convenient but does give the user more choices of customisation

Still Unsure after reading all the above? Get in touch with us. Our professional staff will help you to choose your very first pod kit.

Author: Taz Dean

Taz Dean has had a ten year career in the vaping industry. He has helped build business', develop products and create e-liquid lines globally. As an ex smoker, avid vaper and vaping advocate, he has years of knowledge and experience on aspects of the vaping industry, from the shop floor all the way to distribution . This unique insight helps with his unique perspective and engaging informational content.

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