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Everyone loves a good chuckle, and in our office we have a bunch of jokesters who each fall into their own category of humour. Some of us enjoy short and snappy one liner, others crease at those long winded, never ending stories, some like a fully crude Im just putting it out therejoke, whilst others prefer an intelligent punch line. Whatever styles we enjoy, we can all lean back in our chairs and heartily snicker at a decent vaping joke! Because its what we do and what we love, very often we look at each other and go Yes! I know exactly how that feels! Har-har, however, if youre not familiar with our glorious past time, you probably wont understand. But thats ok, you can smile and nod politely and continue thinking were strange idiots. Its what we have to do when others talk about how great tobacco cigarettes are

Now, Im in no way saying these vaping jokes are brilliant, nor atrocious. There is a nice little mix, you know, to keep it interesting. Im sure as the vaping culture grows, so will the humour - there are plenty of comical memes out there already surrounding popular puns, e-juices, mods and devices - its only a matter of time before the comics come flooding in. But here we have it, the top 10 vaping jokes from around the web

1. Q. If a vaper has been robbed, which detectives are assigned to the case

A. Sherlock Ohms and Doctor Watson.

2. Q. What’s the difference between a cocksure man and a vaper?

A. One's ego is unbearable and the others is in a lanyard.

3. Q. What do you call advice from a vaper?

A. Drip tips

4. I’m pretty bummed about the new vaping TV show, I heard it got kanthaled

5. Q. What do you call a hip vape?

A. Mod.

6. Q. How many vapers does it take to change a light bulb?

A. Three; one to recoil it, one to review it and one to video the tutorial.

7. Q. What did the vapes do when he saw a rat in his house?

A. He recoiled in horror

8. Is that a mechanical mod in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?

9. What is a Vapers favourite fantasy film?

A. Cloud Wars Episode I: The Phantom mod.

10. Q. What is a Vapers favourite story book?

A. Harry Vaper and the Deathly Clouds

You know when you sit around the dinner table at Christmas reading the terrible one liners from inside the crackers, then your uncle pipes up I can do better than thatand you all sit there wanting to shove the pigs in blankets into your ears? Yeah we get it.


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