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Lost Mary QM600 vs BM600

Lost Mary QM600 vs BM600

In this Lost Mary review, I'm going to be taking a close look at two of the best Lost Mary disposable vapes, the Lost Mary BM600 which is their flagship disposable, and the Lost Mary QM600 which is their new Lost Mary disposable. I’ll be comparing the two Lost Mary vapes to figure out which is the best and why. In my review of the Lost Mary disposables, I'll be comparing their flavour - Cherry Peach Lemonade - as well as their performance and their style - so which will be the winner? Keep scrolling to find out!

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1. Lost Mary QM600 vs Lost Mary BM600 - Design

Despite both being made by the same company (Lost Mary) the QM600 disposable and the BM600 disposable have very different designs. The BM600 vape is quite a bit shorter than the new QM600 and has more of a rounded square shape then the QM600 vape which is more elongated with a rectangular shape.

The Lost Mary BM600 also has a better grip to it in my opinion as it’s coated in a smooth outer casing with a slight silicone-like feel to it which prevented it from slipping out of my hand whilst I was using it. The Lost Mary QM600 on the other hand felt slightly cheap with its basic plastic outer casing and wasn’t as easy to keep a hold of - although the Lost Mary QM600 disposable does look flashier than the Lost Mary BM600 as the QM600 Lost Mary has brighter colours with the Lost Mary logo clearly displayed in holographic letters.

Generally speaking I like the design of both of the Lost Marys, but I preferred the simplistic style of the BM600 over the flashy futuristic look of the QM600. The BM600 is understated which makes it look more sophisticated and regal in my eyes, whereas the bright colours of the QM600 almost seemed a touch gimmicky.

Overall Rating 4.5
Lost Mary BM600
Lost Mary QM600


2. Lost Mary QM600 vs BM600 - Durability

The QM600 Lost Mary vape feels more durable than the BM600 Lost Mary as although it’s still pretty lightweight, it’s definitely noticeably heavier than the BM600. However, after using both of them for a few days, there doesn’t seem to be any real difference in their overall durability. 

Both the QM600 vape and the BM600 vape ran out of battery at about the same time, which makes sense as they both contain a 360mAh battery, but their flavour also ran out at the same rate, despite the QM600 Lost Mary vape featuring the new QUAQ mesh coil. Overall, in terms of durability I preferred the Lost Mary BM600 as it felt like it had a little more oomph to it and still lasted for almost 600 puffs, which is just as long as the new Lost Mary QM600.

Overall both of the Lost Mary vape pods were durable - but neither of them packed the power I was looking for; the BM600 Lost Mary was a little punchier than the QM600 but they were both a little underpowered for my liking.

Overall Rating 3.5
Lost Mary BM600
Lost Mary QM600


3. Lost Mary QM600 vs BM600 - Flavours

For the sake of fairness, I tried out the same flavour in both of the Lost Mary disposables - the Lost Mary Cherry Peach Lemonade.The Lost Mary QM600 Cherry Peach Lemonade features the new QUAQ mesh coil technology which you’d think would improve the flavour - however I found that this wasn’t the case. 

The Lost Mary BM600 Cherry Peach Lemonade doesn’t smell as strongly when you first open it, but the flavour in the original Lost Mary is a little stronger than the Lost Mary QM600 flavour - despite its mesh coil. The taste of the Cherry Peach Lemonade Lost Mary was pretty much exactly the same in both of the disposable Lost Mary vapes, but was more intense in the BM600 vape.

Overall the flavour is quite mild in both of the disposable Lost Marys - whilst the flavour is definitely there, it isn’t overwhelming and it doesn’t linger on your tongue like some other brands of disposable vape. I also found that the Cherry Peach Lemonade Lost Mary wasn’t overly sweet either, whereas some brands all you can taste is sweetener, these vapes were fruitier instead which made a nice change.

Overall Rating 3.5
Lost Mary BM600
Lost Mary QM600


4. Lost Mary QM600 vs BM600 - Nicotine Strength

Both the Lost Mary QM600 and the Lost Mary BM600 contain 2ml of nicotine salt vape juice in a 20mg nicotine strength. The nicotine salt in the vape juice made for a really smooth vape from both of the disposables and also rapidly satisfied my cravings. 

There was no real difference in the effects of the nicotine between the BM600 Lost Mary vape and the QM600 Lost Mary vape as the nicotine hit from each felt the same - the only difference, as i pointed out earlier, was that the BM600 vape Lost Mary seemed to have a bit more of a punch in terms of power.

Overall the throat hit from the nicotine in both Lost Mary Cherry Peach Lemonade disposables was exactly as you’d expect from a disposable vape - although if you’re not used to vaping such high strengths of nicotine you might feel more of a hit of feel a little dizzy due to the rush of nicotine entering your system.

Overall Rating 4.5
Lost Mary BM600
Lost Mary QM600


Lost Mary BM600 Review

The Lost Mary BM600 disposable vapes are an all-rounder and a firm favourite in my opinion; the flavour is pretty good as it isn’t too weak or too strong, and it’s not overpoweringly sweet as some disposables can be. The Lost Mary BM600 flavours also came though accurately, they didn’t taste synthetic and had a pleasant authentic fruity flavour.

I quite liked the design of the Lost Mary BM600 as well as it's a small, compact vape that I can easily fit into my pocket or bag and it’s really comfortable to hold too due to its slight silicon feel. Although I think my favourite part of the Lost Mary BM600 aesthetic is the way the colours seamlessly blend together in a nuanced gradient - it’s eye-catching without looking childish or immature.

The slim mouthpiece of the Lost Mary BM600 and their relatively low power output makes them ideal for mouth to lung vaping, paired with their 20mg nicotine content and these are the perfect type of vape for anybody looking to switch from smoking to vaping. The fact that the BM600 Lost Mary disposable vapes also have no settings or need for maintenance makes them great for first time vapers as they’re incredibly easy to use.

In summary, I was really pleased with the way that the BM600 Lost Mary vape performed and I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a strong disposable vape with a mild fruity flavour that’s going to last - especially as they’re relatively cheap Lost Mary vapes.

Overall Rating 4.0

Lost Mary QM600 Review

The Lost Mary QM600 disposable vapes are almost as good as the Lost Mary BM600 vapes but it felt as though they just weren’t quite as good as Lost Marys BM600.

I was disappointed with the strength of the flavour in the QM600 Lost Mary vape as I expected that with the QUAQ mesh coil the flavour would be stronger than the original Lost Mary, but instead I found the flavour to be lacking. It’s not all bad news though -  I could still taste the flavour and from what I could taste it was just as good as the BM600, it’s just that the intensity that I expected wasn’t there.

The design of the QM600 Lost Mary disposable could be considered stylish by many with its vibrant colours and distinct logo.  My tastes however are a little more sedate, so I preferred the sleek and slightly subtle look of the BM600 vs QM600 as it seems elegant and classy by comparison.

The wider mouthpiece of the QM600s does provide a more comfortable experience than the BM600s, but again, it felt like the QM600 was lacking. Usually with a larger area to inhale from, there’s more power to go with it, but that wasn’t the case with the QM600 vapes as they appeared to have less power and a slightly tighter inhale which reminded me of a vape starter kit.

In conclusion, I was a little underwhelmed by the Lost Mary QM600 disposable vape kit, as I thought it would be an upgrade to the BM600 with a variety of improvements, but he only real difference is that the QM600 has slightly less power and flavour than the the BM600 disposable vape kit. That’s not to say that the Lost Marys QM600 is a bad disposable vape, because it isn’t, it’s actually pretty good - it just didn’t meet my expectations.

Overall Rating 3.5

Lost Mary - What’s Next?

I think if I had to choose just one I’d end up picking the BM600 Lost Mary disposable vapes as they were better for me in almost every sense - but that may change as Lost Mary have just released their own 1200 puff disposable vape - the Lost Mary DM1200 disposable vape (previously known as the Lost Mary DM600 X2 disposable vape). 

The DM1200 vapes by Lost Mary contain the same strength of nicotine as the BM600 and QM600 and feature many of the best Lost Mary flavours but there also seem to be some new ones mixed in too. Although new flavours aren’t the only big change revealed with the DM1200 Lost Mary vapes - each of the DM1200 disposable vapes comes with two 2ml prefilled pods that slot into the disposable vape battery in a design that’s similar to the Lost Mary Tappo, but non rechargeable.

Check back regularly to find out everything you need to know about the new Lost Mary DM1200 vapes in our next Lost Mary review!

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