Bad Practices You Thought Were Good For You!

By:bilal mahmood

Bad Practices  You Thought Were Good For You!

Bad Practices  You Thought Were Good For You!

Nowadays, some may say that usage of 18650 batteries such as Sony VTC 5 or Samsung 25R or LG HD2 25A are 100% safe for vaping but they do not educate new vapers regarding how s/he can look after these reliable batteries because if a battery gets used when its protective wrapper is torn/damaged or if a vaper carries a battery in his/her pocket/bag with keys and other mental objects without protective battery case then it can be very dangerous.

Back in the olden days, we were told that a lot of things were good for us, when they REALLY weren’t! Take a look at this cool infographic that highlights products that were, at the time, supposed to help cure everything from coughs and colds to even cancer.


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