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All you Need to Know about Vapefest Shrewsbury

All you Need to Know about Vapefest Shrewsbury


Vapefest is an annual event held in Shrewsbury in the UK during the month of August. Just like any other British outdoor festival it involves a full weekend of drinking, vaping and fun antics. It is a family friendly event with free entry and camping - the ideal weekend away for vaping fanatics to meet other vaping fanatics! (Side note: although children are welcome, there is no kids entertainment.)


This year it was held across the weekend of Saturday 6th August and Sunday 7th August 2016. Vendors close around 6pm. The venue is closed to the public from 10pm however those who are camping can remain on site. The festival is generally held during the first weekend in August to hopefully catch some decent weather!

Attendees are welcome to arrive from 4pm on the Friday to get their tents pitched.


Vapefest is held in the delightful, historical Tudor town of Shrewsbury, in the heart of Shropshire. It has 53 acres of land and borders the River Severn, attendees are welcome to camp on the premises.

The Greenhous West Mid Showground
Berwick Road
(Entrance on Gravel Hill Lane)
Shrewsbury SY1 2PF


You don’t need tickets! Vapefest UK is a free admission festival open to anyone and everyone. As it is an outdoor event, children and pets (on leads) are welcome. Though if you want to camp, to ensure they can provide enough space and security, you need to get tickets first to do so!


As mentioned, Vapefest is a great way for vapers to congregate, chat, discuss, experience and have fun. There is no VIP section - everyone is treated equally no matter if they have years of vaping experience or are coming along for the first time. You should be expected to join in the conversations though, and it’s likely you’ll get ask what you vape, when you vape it and how many devices you’ve owned and continue to own… it’s just the nature of the vaper.

There are catering vans with delicious food and two bars on the premises - they don’t want you going thirsty now do they? And for all the coil burns they have the NHS on site to treat all your aches and pains from carting around all the vaping gear you want to impress your new friends with. There will be freebies however, so if you’re loading your backpack up even more I suggest you’re careful with how much kit you bring in the first place!


  • If you are camping please bring all your own camping gear, though they don’t have electrical hook-ups.
  • Feel free to bring beverages (alcohol is allowed) and food.
  • There are free cash machines in walking distance so you may bring cash or card.
  • This is Britain, so no matter how well the weather pans out, you’ll be wanting to bring some waterproof clothing; wellies, umbrellas, coats and raincoats are highly advised!
  • Feel free to bring camera and film equipment so you can do some creative edits!
  • Bring your big personality!


  • Over 18’s raffle available to attendees (the raffle was called this year at 4pm Saturday) with some awesome prizes.
  • Musicians at the Sound Stage
  • Over 75 vendors selling merchandise and offering freebies.
  • Charity sponsorship to give something back - the charity this year was Tiny Hearts Appeal.

Make sure you go next year for an even bigger set-up! Don’t miss out!

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