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Celebrities with e cigarettes

Vaping and e cigarettes just gets bigger and bigger! So many smokers now have completely switched over from traditional cigarettes to vapour instead. Celebrities are no exception. Here are some of the celebrities we have spotted puffing on e cigarettes. 


Katherine Heigl

 Katherine Heigl Smoking an E Cig

 The actress and director caused quite a stir when she started vaping on the Letterman show in 2010. Many of the viewers were actually unfamiliar with what an e cigarette was back then. She announced on the show that the e cigarettes had prevented her smoking real cigarettes for 6 months. We wonder if she has still quit the habit. If you don't know about her then she is best known for playing Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens on ABC's medical drama Grey's Anatomy from 2005 to 2010.



Leonardo Dicaprio

 Leo Dicaprio loves E Cigs

 Leoanardo Dicaprio had all eyes on him when he pulled out an e cigarette at January's Golden Globe awards. At first many thought he was breaking the smoking ban, but on closer inspection they realised it was just an e cigarette. Leonardo regularly uses e cigarettes on set in between shooting his blockbuster movies.


Katy Perry

Katy Perry E Cig Starter Kit

Katy Perry was spotted with a funky purple vaper and chilling with a beer on Labour Day 2013. The pop star is regularly seen smoking so it is good to see her switch over to vaping. We think she'd love to vape some of our Grey Haze juice.



Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Vaping Under House Arrest


Not famous for looking after her health, it is a surpirse to see Lindsay Lohan in the list. Actually this Hollywood wild child is a huge fan of e cigarettes and was regularly seen using them when she was under house arrest. Well, she was probably getting them delivered to her door from Grey Haze!



Helen Flanagan

Helen Flanagan Promotes E Cigarettes

Helen Flanagan does not just like e cigarettes, she actually promotes them! This is a picture of the Coronation Street actress promoting in Manchester for another e cigarette company. The starlet wrote: "Jodes and I #kiklaunch" and posted a picture of her stylists vaping together. 


Cheryl Cole Vaping



You can't see her face but there is no mistaking that hand tattoo! Yes, Mrs Chery Vernadi-somethingorother is also partial to a cheeky e cigarette. Rumour has is she had to give up smoking to secure her X Factor deal! If you;re trying to give up smoking try our e cig starter kits they are sure to help.

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