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Its not that we are making fun of the newbies out there who are trialling vape tricks - but if you cant learn to laugh at your mistakes then youll never move forward! We love a good vape fail at the Grey Haze office; we all started somewhere - and even the experts fall flat on their face sometimes! Those of you brave enough to share your failing vids on YouTube and Vine brighten up our coffee breaks and help demonstrate that its ok to not be perfect - after all cloud making is a growing art form that can take a while to master!

As our community and vaping culture expands across the modern network of ex-smokers and vaping fanatics, we have seen the emergence of vaping tricksters turn our leisurely activity into intricate performance. Using their e-cigarettes and other vaping devices and routines of specific mouth and hand movements, tricksters have developed titled manoeuvres that depict clouds as animals and shapes such as the Jellyfish, Triangle, Vape bending, Ghost hit, Dragon, the Waterfall, the Bubble and blowing double and triple Os etc.

Here are a few of the worst vaping fails on the net, where vapers of all experience fail to produce one of our well known tricks. Sit back, relax, and dont feel so bad about yourself

These guys are trying their hand at the most basic vape trick: blowing Os. Once this particular manoeuvre is mastered, its a lot easier to pick up some of the more intricate tricks. Sorry K Rambo, youve got a little way to go - but keep it up and share the progress!

Lets talk about dry hitsthis compilation demonstrates just how easy it is to inhale a dry spell that sends you spluttering and in some cases, vomiting! A dry hit is an unpleasant burnttaste that occurs when you take a hit without any e-juice. Some have claimed it tastes like licking a dirty ashtray- not a recommendable past time, but weve seen some pretty disgusted faces that make for a good giggle! To avoid it, keep your equipment saturated and clean!

This one isnt even an attempted trick, but simply a first timer taking a hand to e-cigarettes! That face is priceless, thank you to YouTuber pa8lodia8lo for sharing his girlfriends epic look of disgust - Im sure she was thrilled at that upload!

Heres a cheeky one. YouTuber Karma Rx claims that, We were trying to be sexy but her cloud game is weak.

When youre trying to be a big shot and it comes round to bite you in the butt

This lady tried several attempts at some well known tricks and put this compilation together almost like a blooper reel! Its good to see stages of development, so dont be shy, share the fails!

This kid almost successfully pulls off the Tornado trick and then stealthily whacks his head on the oven fan! Hes going to bruise like peach

It went down the wrong way! See that little inhale? Yeah? Dont do that.

This geezers trying to impressby sticking his e-cigarette pen up his nose!? Is that how it works ladies? Were not too sure

When youre trying to perform in sync, theres always one that misses the memo

Remember kids, practice makes perfect!


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